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You are going along enjoying your day and minding your own business, when all of a sudden someone smashes her/his/their vehicle into yours. Your car crumples into half its former size, and your body jerks from the crash as the pain starts to sink in. This is, of course, if the crash itself does not kill you or dismember your body. Indeed, death and dismemberment are all too common during automobile accidents. ☹Life as you know it has just changed for you and those you love.


Between all the wrangling with car insurance companies, drivers pointing fingers and thus blame at one another, visits to the doctors, lose wages from time off work, and medical bills piling up, etc., chaos often ensues. When this happens and it becomes too much to handle, smart people hire the best car accident attorneys and hire the best accident investigations private investigators at our private detective agency near me that conduct accident investigation private investigations. Indeed, by choosing to hire a vehicle accident lawyer in OKC and hire a car accident private detective from the best private detective agency near me to help you with your automobile accident, you will put yourself in the best hands possible to get your life back on track.

Sadly, many people do not know what motorcycle accident attorneys are or what they do. Thus, the owners of our agency have put together this series of FAQs to help our readers better understand what they are and what they do. The questions and their accompanying answers for these FAQs are listed as follow:

Most frequent questions and answers

Big rig injury attorneys from big rig injury law firms in OKC represent clients in court during big rig accident cases. These types of legal cases typically occur against the other driver(s) involved in the accident itself, and those drivers’ insurance companies are often dragged into them as well to cover the costs of the auto accidents. When working for the plaintiffs in these cases, these auto accident attorneys typically try to ensure that their clients get fair compensation from the other driver(s) and/or their insurance companies for things like damages to their property, medical bills, time off work, pain and suffering, etc.

When working on behalf of the defendant(s) and/or their car insurance companies, they often try to limit the financial liability and other exposure that their clients face during these incidents. By limiting the legal liability their clients face and often charging their clients an hourly rate, our attorneys work against the plaintiff(s) and making their path to victory as difficult as they can. Vehicle insurance companies hope that they will end up paying less out of their pockets overall with a lower settlement amount or court judgment despite the hourly fees, than they would have if they had hired no personal injury attorneys.

These agents help reconstruct the scene of the auto accident, locate and interview witnesses via their skip trace service, run criminal background checks on the drivers of the vehicles, and so much more. Without the assistance of them, they would ever experience as much success as many of them do. 😊

Likewise, defendants in truck accident cases and their associated insurance companies will often hire private detectives from the best truck accident private investigation agencies to help limit their liability. Perhaps they think that the victims of the vehicle accidents are merely pretending to be injured, so they may hire the best specialist to conduct surveillance and follow them around to see if they are restricting their activities or are out running, playing sports, and lifting heavy objects – something truly injured persons would be unable to do.

As noted earlier, many of the clients from plaintiffs of car accidents and motorcycle accident cases in Oklahoma. For personal injury private investigators in OKC, many of their clients are the best motorcycle accident lawyers who represent these plaintiffs in court. In these cases, these best ones work together to complement each other’s respective skills and abilities to help secure a larger settlement or court judgment for the plaintiff in these cases.

As noted elsewhere in this set of FAQs, sometimes defendants involved in auto accidents and/or their respective vehicle insurance companies will often hire the best official to represent them in court on their behalf. As noted earlier, these defendants and/or their respective car insurance companies are seeking to limit their liability and pay out as little as the State of Oklahoma requires them to.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident or have found that someone is suing you because of one, then you need to hire an agent to represent you in court and to help you navigate the often frigid and tumultuous waters of the legal arena and protect your financial interests. Hire the best ones today to represent you. 😊

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, then you need to locate a specialist to help protect your financial interests.  Generally speaking, both defendants and their car insurance companies, as well as the plaintiffs involved in such cases usually fare much better and enjoy better outcomes when they find the best lawyers to represent them in court on their behalf. Are you willing to go into battle without armor and reinforcements? Better think twice, if you think it is okay to do so. 😉

Yes, you always need to hire the best representative to represent you in this case, regardless of whether you are at fault or not. Why is this so? There are many reasons to hire the best one on your behalf.

Firstly, many drivers do not truly know whether they are at fault in an accident. Thus, if you do not fully know your rights and understand the other factors involved in fault during an auto accident, you can truly sell yourself short of your due financial compensation. By choosing to give this job to a professional on your behalf, you will have them on your side that will guide you step-by-step through the turbulent legal waters. 😊

As mentioned earlier, our best specialists can tell you that many drivers involved in this simply do not know what their legal rights are. The average driver is not trained in any legal field, and insurance companies and even others will take advantage of this and will exploit your rights to their benefit and your detriment. ☹ Thus, you need to hire the best agent to protect your legal rights and to show you the way.

The other big reason to hire them is that whether you are at fault or not, even auto insurance companies know it helps to have a lawyer on your side to limit your financial liability and to get you back on your feet. Indeed, many defendants in vehicle accident lawsuits choose to hire the best vehicle injury attorneys to conduct vehicle accident private investigations on their behalf. 

While it may be possible to get a settlement from an insurance company without choosing to hire an automobile injury lawyer on your behalf, your settlement amount is often higher than you would get if you choose not to hire the best one. This is especially true if the insurance company is screwing you around and is trying to give you very little financial compensation or perhaps nothing at all for your losses.

Even though big rig accident attorneys often take about a third of your settlement as their fee, most people seem to end up better off if they have chosen to hire the experienced professional. Even after paying the 1/3 fee for your lawyer, the amount of your settlement is often higher than it would have been otherwise despite the fee.

Also, please keep in mind that the insurance company may choose not to settle the matter out of court. When mediation fails and communication breaks down, the courts may ultimately have to decide who wins the legal case. Thus, this is yet another reason why it never hurts to have one to fight for my rights and interests. 😊

If you or someone you know and love has been involved in a such a case, then you need to give this job to someone trained on your behalf. Our professionals will work hard to protect your rights and fight for your best interests. 😊


Auto accident lawyers often charge about 33.3% or 1/3 of your award amount for these cases that get settled out of court. When the matters must proceed to court, the award amounts are often somewhat higher but require more work and effort. Thus, the fees you will pay to your agent should be about 40% of your total award amount. Some will try to charge 50% of the award amount, but that is too much and you should avoid them.

It is always important to carefully read over any contract you sign with them, before you choose to hire them. If you have any questions or simply need a second opinion, please contact one of our officials to conduct car crash private investigations. 😊

Successful and experienced auto accident private detectives with thriving legal practices can easily earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Indeed, they can enjoy financially lucrative careers, if they follow ethical business practices, know how to market themselves, are honest and fair, and try hard and do their very best.

If you or someone you know and love has been involved in a motorcycle injury, then you need private detectives to represent you in court. Contact our personal injury lawyers in OKC to represent you and conduct private investigations today. 😊

No, the state laws of the State of Oklahoma and the federal laws of the United States of America do not require anyone to give this work to represent me in court. Of course, are you okay with getting less financial compensation than you deserve, if indeed anything at all? Are you sure you okay with not having legal representation from the best? Please think on that, would you? 😉

If you are wise enough to be reading the information contained within the pages of this website, then you have already been able to find the number one person to do this job on your behalf. All you need to do is to hire one by calling us on at (405) 593-3515 to represent you in court. 😊

Double indemnity is when an insurance policy allows an insured individual and/or her/his/their beneficiary to collect double the amount of the face value of the policy. In life insurance it typically means that the payout amount is doubled, if the death of the insured individual happens due to an accident rather than a health condition or incident. As our officials can attest, double indemnity applies in somewhat of a similar fashion yet slightly different application, when it comes to auto insurance.

Our insurance lawyers state that Oklahoma is one of only states in the USA that offers double indemnity for auto insurance policies. Indeed, whenever you opt for the medical bills portion of auto insurance to cover them while in your car or because you hit them and are at fault, these laws of the State of Oklahoma typically allow someone who has such a medical bills policy and who was not at fault in an accident to collect their cost both from the person/insurance company of the person at fault in an automobile accident and from her/his/their own car insurance company under the medical bills portion of the auto policy.

Thus, our investigators state that if you end up with $25,000 in medical bills – about the norm for many medical bill policies in accident insurance legal cases – then you can require the other party that is at fault to pay all your medical bills and make your own auto insurance company pay you $25,000 cash. This amount is exclusive of all other forms of financial compensation for the auto accident. This law stinks for insurance firms but can be amazing for savvy consumers who want a few extra bucks for their medical injuries. Sadly, most of the consumers have no idea that Oklahoma is one of the only double indemnity states when it comes to automobile insurance, so they do not know they are entitled to such compensation and their insurance companies are not about to mention this to their consumers because they do not want to have to pay out the extra money. 😉

Do you see now why it is important to hire attorneys on your behalf? Indeed, our personal injury lawyers are standing by to assist you with all your these types of legal cases. Please make the right choice and contact one of our agent on your behalf today. 😊


No, as your car accident, private detectives can tell you, the laws of the State of Oklahoma do not allow victims to directly sue the insurance companies of the defendants or even the plaintiffs in lawsuits. Instead, our experienced professionals say that this State requires all parties in car accident lawsuits to file lawsuits directly against one another.

Yes, according to the professionals, any time you are in an automobile accident you should always contact the police department and file a report. Why is this? This is because police officers can help document that the accident occurred and assign guilt to one or both parties. This makes it more difficult for either party to dispute the auto accident occurred, and thus keeps both the drivers and their insurance companies on the hook for the damages suffered.

In fact, according to our professionals, every state in the United States of America has laws on their books requiring parties to an automobile accident where any sort of injury or death occurs to report it to the police right away. In fact, they can tell you that the parties in such a case must report the incident to police if the damage to the vehicles involved exceeds $300.

If you have found yourself injured in a car accident, please hire the best agent to represent you in court. Our auto accident private detectives from our best private investigation agency will work hard to protect your rights and to help you win your case. Never settle for less than you deserve; hire the best auto accident lawyer in Oklahoma City today! 😊

According to our private investigators, victims are entitled to a variety of types of financial compensation. They state that this financial compensation includes, but is not limited to, the following.

  • Rental Car Reimbursement – Insurance companies must provide for your transportation while an auto repair facility or auto body shop is fixing your vehicle.
  • Cost to Repair or Replace Your Vehicle – Insurance companies must pay to fix your vehicle back to how it was before it got damaged. Many companies try to place a value upon your vehicle that is lower than the amount it is worth. Thus, many people hire auto injury attorneys from the best auto injury law firms in Piedmont, OK to help them get what they deserve. Many of our lawyers often know of the best places to get your cars repaired at. 😊
  • Payment of Medical Bills – Many persons injured in car crashes and other automobile accidents find themselves struggling in debt from mounting medical bills, unable to work, without a working vehicle to drive, etc. Life as they know it turns from one of bill to one of entropy.

When you locate a car injury attorney to conduct car injury investigations on your behalf, you help ensure that the insurance company and the defendants in the lawsuit know you mean business and want to feel better. Indeed, you can find those who can help give you referrals to competent medical doctors and other medical professionals who are sympathetic to victims of vehicle accidents and who specialize in their treatment.

  • Physical Pain and Suffering, PTSD, Anxiety, Etc., Stemming From the Automobile Accident – As anyone involved in it can tell you, there is often a lot of physical and mental pain associated with them. Sadly, insurance companies and the defendants they represent often do not like to compensate people fairly for their pain, suffering, and medical treatment. Most insurance companies only focus upon one thing: Their financial bottom line.

You need to do the right thing and find a professional to represent you and ensure that many of these atrocious auto insurance agencies do not take advantage of you . . . unless you prefer that the defendants in these cases and their car insurance companies hire the best agents to work against you and on their behalf instead . . .? Feeling lucky alone and unprotected? 😉

  • Lost Time Off Work –Many persons involved in it lose time off work, and they need this money to help pay bills. With bills mounting up quickly, many car insurance companies try to force victims into quick lowball settlements by dragging out the payment process, making terrible settlement offers, and delaying justice in the courts. Desperate for cash to pay bills and other obligations, many victims accept much less than they deserve for their injuries, lost wages, etc.

You need to hire the best personal attorneys to do this job on your behalf. Do not let the insurance companies or the people who hit you in the motorcycle accident cause you serious financial harm when it was not your fault in the first place.

  • Cost of Items Lost Inside Your Vehicle During the Accident – most car policies have options to cover items damaged in an accident that were inside your vehicle at the time of the automobile accident. Ensure that you locate a professional to conduct auto accident investigations on your behalf and to help ensure no one violates your rights.
  • Future Lost Wages, if Permanently Disabled – Some big rig truck accidents are so damaging and cause so much harm – or even death ☹ – that the victims are no longer able to work for the rest of their lives and might even be dead. In these situations, motorcycle accident lawyers in Moore, OK that can help make sure that the insurance companies do not violate your rights and pay you and your loved ones monthly payments to cover the cost of your living expenses.
  • Deaths Occurring Due to the Automobile Accident, if Applicable – Sadly, sometimes car accidents are so terrible that people perish in them. ☹ When someone you love has died due to the negligence of another individual, you need to sue them for everything you are due to make sure the loved ones who got left behind are not suffering financially. Our best staff will work to ensure that the family members of the deceased individuals will get all the financial compensation they are due. 😊
  • Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses – Sometimes there are other miscellaneous expenses that victims incur that they need the other drivers and/or their insurance companies to reimburse them for. In these instances, our truck accident attorneys will do everything within their power to see that these items are replaced without cost to our clients.

Think you do not need to hire one on your behalf? If so think again! Do not make a serious mistake by thinking you can go it alone after an accident. Make the right choice and find the best personal injury lawyers today. 😊

All the detectives have sadly seen this incident occur too often. Indeed, they will assert that Oklahoma has far too many people out driving on the road without car or other vehicle insurance.

When you give this job to a professional, they will tell you that in instances such as these that you will either need to utilize your insured motorist insurance and medical policy, if applicable, and/or sue the driver and owner of the vehicle that hit you.

Hopefully you were wise enough to obtain uninsured motorist vehicle insurance and a medical policy for accidents that occur because of your vehicle, because our automobile injury attorneys at our automobile injury law firm can tell you that many people who lack automobile insurance often do not have any money or other property to sue for, in the event that they hurt others in a car accident. People like that often do not think that far ahead and may lack a capacity to care about how their actions may harm others.

When you hire the best personal injury private investigators to represent you and pursue your legal interests, they can help you deal with the insurance companies and sue people who have injured you and those you love and who have damaged or even destroyed your property. Facing insurance companies in an automobile accident without first making the best choice to hire the agent to represent you is like going into battle without a competent general leading the charge. Do you really want to risk going to war by yourself? Feeling lucky? If so, you better think twice. 😉

Our detectives have seen many insurance companies try to screw over the drivers of vehicles who are younger. They do this by taking advantage of how persons younger than about age 21 years of age. Instead, they can assert that many insurance companies instead pay a special “group rate” to the younger individuals in cash compensation that is equal to what they would have paid to the car rental companies for a special group rate price. Unfortunately, they can tell you that this tactic is intrinsically flawed and unfair to younger drivers.

According to them, younger drivers who are not yet 21 years old in Oklahoma are often most vulnerable to abuse from auto accident companies. This is in part because of their lack of experience, naivete, and often less access to financial resources and legal counsel, but it is also because many car insurance companies try to exploit the fact that they are not old enough to rent a car or other vehicle while a repair shop is fixing theirs. Ergo, the problem.

They can tell you that younger people often have responsibilities, university studies, jobs they must work at, social lives, siblings/parents to care for, and so much more that require the daily use of a car or other vehicle to get them to and from each location. Without the use of their vehicles, their lives can come to a sudden halt, thrown into utter chaos and turmoil. ☹

This is where our attorneys can come in to help. When you hire one, they can help you navigate the difficult legal waters and will help guide your ship in the direction of justice you want at the knot speed you desire. 😊 Please find an auto accident lawyer from our private investigation agency today for more information.

According to our car accident lawyers, sometimes vehicles involved in an automobile accident are so badly damaged that the insurance company feels it will cost more to repair them than the vehicles are actually worth. Thus, in this situation they assert that the insurance companies will try to just compensate the claimant for the amount the vehicle is worth rather than pay to have it repaired.

Sadly, they have seen all too often how many vehicles that insurance companies “total out” are often difficult or impossible to replace from the often-modest amount of money the insurance companies often provide the victims of auto accidents in Oklahoma for them. They may be able to assist you when this happens, so you can get back in the driver’s seat of life.

According to our personal injury attorneys, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit against the other driver in an auto accident is two years. Thus, whenever you or someone you love are involved in it, you should immediately hire one for assistance with your legal case.

It is vital that you protect your rights as an injured person and to get the fair and just compensation you deserve to get your life back on track after the incident. Thus, please hire an agent today to represent you in court and to conduct auto injury private investigations on your behalf. 😊 Find them here today. 😊

Our personal injury private investigators from the best private investigation agencies in Oklahoma can attest that the “modified comparative fault” rule allows for plaintiffs in car accident to only obtain compensation from the defendants if their plaintiff’s level of responsibility is less than that of the other driver/defendant in an auto accident. If you have any questions about car accidents and would like to find a car accident attorney to do this job, then contact one of our professionals to represent you.

According to our best personal injury attorneys, insurance companies do whatever they can to limit their losses and potential liability. Indeed, many insurance companies would rather spend tens of thousands of dollars or more to hire a car crash attorney to limit how much they pay out on a claim than to just pay the claim itself. ☹ Thus, many insurance adjusters rush out to meet with people involved in accidents, before they have the chance to hire the professional to help protect your rights to fair and reasonable compensation.

As our investigators, many times insurance adjusters try to limit how much compensation victims receive for the damage done to their vehicles. And pain and suffering and medical bills? Ha. Forget it. Time off work? Nah. Rental cars while the owners’ vehicles are undergoing repairs? Preferably not.


There are so many things that insurance companies are legally responsible for covering that they simply prefer not to, and they rely heavily upon the ignorance of the average consumer to get away with this. Therefore, they do not want consumers to hire an experienced agent, lest they become informed. 😉

No, according to our officials, you should never speak with any representative of an automobile insurance company, even your own, without legal representation. Without first making the smart choice to hire a private detective, you could potentially jeopardize your entire legal case! Most average people do not always know when they were at fault in accidents and other considerations to consider, but our motorcycle accident private investigators at our private detective agency do! 😊

Any decent personal injury lawyer in OKC from the best private detective agency that conducts car crash private investigations will tell you that most people never fully understand whether they are at fault in a vehicle accident. Thus, it is important that you hire one to fully explain your rights, represent you in court, prior to any settlement with your insurance company and the other party.

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