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Cameras vs Security Guards: What Are Reliable and Effective?

Technology plays an important role in society by making our lives easier and shaping the future. One of the incredible advancements in technology is security cameras. The use of security cameras has become viral all around the world because of the broad set of options they provide under different circumstances. The presence of a security camera system for surveillance helps in reducing thefts, vandalism, and trespassing because of the fear of getting identified on security cameras.

Cameras vs Security Guards

For instance, if a person met any incident on the job site, security cameras will be beneficial by providing evidence that can be shown in court as proof. A person can be a great multitasker, but can’t be everywhere at the same time. You can be anywhere in the world, but through security cameras, you can maintain oversight of your organization and its people.

Professional Security Guard Services Review Guide:

Professional security guards have those features as their extra features, which security cameras can alone provide to your business places. Security guards provide your business place with more intense protection than make the security cameras.

Advantages of Security Guards:

Trained Guards:

During the tough training years of security guards before guarding a certain area, they give great details about the area they will be working in. The chance of missing the “Blind spots” is relatively less in the case of the appointment of security guards than camera systems. The cameras have a general rotation function, which we cannot customize as per our needs. So, this factor gives a great advantage to security guards over camera systems.

Strong Role in Mitigating Crimes:

Recently, researchers have found that appointing professional security guards caused more reduction in crimes than the installation of camera systems did.  The idea that people don’t take the risk knowing that they are being monitored by the cameras around is essentially not correct, as people fear more of being caught by the security guards roaming around having authority to do anything with them.

Irregular Security Threats:

Having a trained security guard patrolling your business location has more benefits than just deterring crime. Random and scheduled foot patrols will be conducted by experienced security agents. They will be able to detect anomalies across your property as a result of this.

  • Irregular security threats include:
  • Presence of smoke in the area
  • Misplacement of stuff
  • Damage to the property
  • Access to information without authorization

Quick Action Against Criminals:

Having cameras installed at your business place would only help you to capture the full footage of the scenarios and keep sound evidence. If in the middle of the night, any crime scene happens at your business place, the cameras there would only be able to film the whole crime scene and not stop it.

Whereas, if your business place is being guarded by professional security guards, they would take rapid action and inform the law enforcement agencies to stop the crime. This gives an advantage to security guards over security cameras. Having cameras at your business place won’t assure the rapid action against the crime, whereas the presence of security guards does.

Disadvantages of Security Guards:

Having listed the advantages of professional security guards’ services, it is also important to look at the downsides of their services to come up with a conclusion about their services.

Insufficient Evidence:

The first thing which we need to consider as the drawback of security guards is the absence of complete evidence. If a security guard was not there for the events in question, either due to injury or vandalism, they could not act as a witness. And in such cases, you are left with no proof to either show to insurance companies or lawyers or in the process of catching the criminals.

Not Being Able to Keep everywhere:

As being humans, security guards cannot guard every single corner of your business place. There may be places that can get unnoticed by the guards while guarding the area. And this is where another downside of the security guards comes into play, not being able to monitor all the places at once.

Apart from what was mentioned above, the professional security guard services have some other advantages for protection purposes that cameras lack to provide. Some businesses can be protected by installing camera systems, but in those cases, the greater efficiency of those systems needs to be assured. But in those cases where any bodily injury is possible, the cameras are of no use.

Security Camera Systems Review Guide:

Surveillance Cameras or CCTV frameworks are an innovation-based way to deal with business security. Surveillance camera frameworks are viral in the United States. Reason being, their expansive arrangement of choices for various conditions, climate conditions, and spending plans.

Benefits of Security Cameras:

1. Decrease Insurance Cost:

Numerous organizations’ proprietors love the way that surveillance cameras regularly assist with decreasing protection costs. For instance, in case somebody is shockingly harmed at your place of work, it will be helpful to have a video record of exactly what happened. This is particularly obvious in a circumstance where your obligation is tested, and you need to guard yourself in court.

2. Admittance to Remote Checking:

Notwithstanding how great you are performing various tasks, it’s not possible for anyone to be anywhere on the double. However, that is alright in light of the fact that surveillance cameras permit you to keep up with consistent oversight into your association and its kin, paying little mind to where you turn out to be.

3. Preventing Intruding and Defacing:

Intruders can cause a huge amount of dollars worth of harm in a shockingly brief time frame. Miscreants may not be keen on looting your business. However, they might be keen on causing harm for the sake of entertainment. Unapproved guests will run at seeing a camera. There is a greater danger of being recognized by the surveillance camera framework.


Obviously, nothing, unless there are other options, is to say that surveillance cameras are an ideal arrangement – on the grounds that they’re not. They do carry with them a large group of possible impediments, including one’s like:

Make a decent attempt as you’d like; you can’t cover each square inch of your working environment with cameras. There will consistently be preferable points over others, and a few regions probably won’t have inclusion by any stretch of the imagination.

Security cameras all alone are basically insufficient to dissuade cheats and different crooks, notwithstanding what you might have heard.

Final Verdict:

Employing security officers was the ideal way of securing your property or friends and family for seemingly forever. However, that is not true anymore. For centuries, monitors were the ideal choice accessible when you required insurance.

However, surveillance cameras and recording gadgets (DVRs and NVRs) are associated with keeping on improving. They have turned into better decisions by an always developing edge.


1. Can security guards be proficient enough to work effectively?

Research has shown that having security faculty on a property, or watching through a local area, can go about as a way of preventing crimes.

2. What is the distinction between security and safety cameras?

Surveillance cameras, otherwise called CCTV cameras, are utilized to pass on signals from one specific spot to a screening arranged a way off. However, safety cameras ordinarily work on IP networks that connect the camera from the far-off region to the allotted security area.

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