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Sometimes people do terrible things, and in these circumstances, they may go to prison for many years. At other times, individuals may go to jail and/or prison for crimes they did not even commit. In between these types of cases, there are so many cases where the governments can wrongfully impose cruelly harsh, degrading, unlawful sentences that unfairly hurt many people and cause excessive harm to them and their families.

Sadly, juries, judges, and the prosecutors who press the charges in the first place often dole out sentences to minorities, the financially impoverished, etc. Commutations, pardons, aging prisoner applications, and clemency requests for death penalty cases offer a way for people to get a reduced sentence or even forgiveness for the crimes the courts convicted them of/they pled guilty/no contest to, so they can apply for criminal expungements. Reducing the overcrowding and overall excessive prison sentences and death penalty punishments saves society enormous amounts of money with fewer families and workplace employment forever disrupted.

Many people do not know how, where or when to apply for commutations, pardons, aging prisoner applications, and clemency requests for death penalty cases, which is where attorneys and death penalty private investigators and commutation private detectives in Oklahoma from the best private investigation agencies near me can come in especially handy. Most individuals do not know the difference between the types of applications and requests, so our pardon private investigator and aging prisoner private detectives in Oklahoma will elucidate on them and their qualifying legal requirements below as follow:

Commutation Application Requests:

The State of Oklahoma has a special application system for commutations of those in prison for state crimes in Oklahoma, except for those who are under the sentence of death, for “excessive and unjust” sentences. But really, are not ALL sentences in Oklahoma unjust, excessive, and cruel? At any rate, if Oklahoma’s state courts have sentenced you or a family member to an unjust an excessive prison term, our commutation private investigator and private investigators of pardon and parole in Oklahoma from our private detective agency in Edmond will be happy to help you apply for a commutation. By helping you complete a commutation application and gather relevant and necessary information to go along with it, you can increase your chances of obtaining an earlier release date. 😊

Pardon Application Requests:

Anyone seeking to have their rights restored after a criminal conviction, many rights of which disappear after felony convictions, can request a pardon from the governor of Oklahoma. Pardons can restore rights that the government has previously and vindictively taken away from people who have made mistakes, so the government cannot otherwise punish the offender for her/his/their entire life/lives. Some of the rights that ex-felons can have restored via a pardon from the governor are listed as follow below:

Property Rights

According to our criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma City and death penalty private detectives in OKC at our private investigation agency, a felony conviction does not deprive you of owning property, though anyone convicted of first-degree murder, manslaughter in the first degree, or murder in the second degree is ineligible for insurance proceeds from the person’s death. Of course, there are other complications associated with property rights, when living in the United States.

Many property management companies, landlords/property owners, etc., run background checks on potential tenants. People with many misdemeanors and/or felonies on their record often face harsh discrimination when seeking to rent or lease a business office or secure an apartment, etc. This is often unfair and cruel, making it even more difficult for ex-convicts to properly re-integrate back into society. Indeed, many places do not differentiate between a DUI that happened 50 years ago when you were eighteen, and a conviction for first degree murder or rape that a person just got released from prison. ☹

Since pardons are a form of forgiveness from the government, these can often help overcome some of the discrimination in housing and business office leasing/rentals that ex-felons might seek out. Our commutation private investigator and criminal private detective from our private investigation agency near me also note that pardons are especially helpful, when you combine them with an expungement, to help erase a criminal record from public view and get a clean start in life. 😊 


Our private investigators of pardons and clemency private investigator at our private detective agency in Oklahoma often assert that securing meaningful employment with a felony conviction is next to impossible. Any profession requiring a professional license has its hands bound by Oklahoma’s barbaric laws which punish ex-felons and even many non-felons with certain misdemeanor convictions for their entire lifetimes.

Even in non-professional compacities, persons with felony convictions seeking employment will often find it near impossible to secure even the most basic, menial jobs will find themselves brutally locked out of opportunities in this wretched state we call Oklahoma. This is why our commutation private detectives and death penalty private detectives at our private investigation agency in OKC recommend that you hire a clemency private detective and find the best pardon private investigator in Oklahoma as you locate the best private detective agency near me to help you secure a pardon application, clemency request, aging prisoner application, or commutation application.


For those Oklahomans who enjoy owning and using firearms in this gun-happy state we call Oklahoma, our clemency private investigator and private detective for death penalty cases at our private investigation agency near me that conduct death penalty investigations stress that a pardon is necessary to restore rights to those the State of Oklahoma has convicted of a “felony” crime.

Liquor Licenses

Persons in Oklahoma with felony convictions are prohibited from obtaining liquor licenses which would otherwise enable them to operate bars, liquor stores, etc. Thus, persons with these felony convictions need to obtain a pardon from the governor of Oklahoma, to have their liquor license rights restored. By choosing to hire a private investigator from a private detective agency in Oklahoma City and a criminal defense attorney in OKC to help with the pardon application, your chance of receiving a favorable decision from a decent governor could very well improve.

Voting Rights

Voting is the cornerstone right of our democratic republic here in the United States, and yet somehow the population in the USA views the right to vote as a mere “privilege” for the citizens here. According to our private detectives of commutation requests and criminal private investigator at our private detective agency that conduct death penalty private investigations, a felony conviction can prevent you from voting for a period equal to your sentence once you get out of prison. Thus, if you were incarcerated for 15 years or otherwise received a 15-year prison sentence, once you completed the sentence you would be ineligible to vote for another FIFTEEN years. ☹

Thus, if you want your voting rights restored, you need to hire a criminal private detective and should find a private investigator for pardon applications from our private investigation agency in Oklahoma to help you get a pardon and have your voting “privilege” and other things that should be RIGHTS lawfully and rightfully restored. Please call us now at (405) 593-3515 to see how we can help you. 😊

Aging Prisoner Application Requests:

According to our clemency private investigator in OKC at our private detective agency near me, people convicted of non-violent, non-Oklahoma sex offender registry crimes, it is possible for inmates in Oklahoma who have served at least 10 years of their sentence in prison or at least 1/3 of their sentence and who are at least 60 years old to get out early. This application is especially helpful to society, because older people who are in for non-violent reasons tend to pose lower risks to society and tend to cost more in medical costs to incarcerate. Our death penalty private detective and Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board private investigator from our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City can help you apply for early release as an aging prisoner and will help you gather the evidence you need to have a greater chance of success.

Clemency Application Requests for Death Penalty Cases:

Licensed attorneys in Oklahoma City from law firms in Oklahoma City can help Oklahoma prisoners under the sentence of death by the State of Oklahoma apply for clemency and argue your case before the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board (OPPB). Likewise, your choice to hire a death penalty private investigator in Oklahoma and to locate the best death penalty private detective in Oklahoma City from the best private detective agency in OKC to conduct death penalty private investigations on your behalf. From tracking down new witnesses to gathering up other evidence to support why you deserve clemency, our clemency private investigators near me and private investigators of pardons at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City will work diligently to try to get you clemency for your death sentence and hopefully spare your life.

Final Thoughts:

Whether seeking to hire a commutation private investigator or to find the best pardon application private detective from our private investigation agency to conduct clemency private investigations on your behalf, you have come to the right place. Our friendly staff will gladly help you with clemency private investigations, pardon application private investigations, commutation private investigations, and aging prisoner private investigations, in conjunction with our civil attorneys in Oklahoma City and criminal defense attorneys near me. 😊 Please just call or come by today for the latest information on how we can help you try to regain your freedom. 😊

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