How Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is an Experienced Jury Consultant



How Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is an Experienced Jury Consultant

A jury consultant is a professional who is hired to assist a client and their legal team in choosing jurors that are favorable for their jury trial and to help in coming up with trial strategies that will be good for their legal case. If you are looking for a jury consultant in Tulsa, OK, who will help you by offering profiler consulting and jury consulting services, then you should reach out to Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing who is an experienced trial consultant in OKC.  Over the years, Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing has become an expert in juror behavior, jury selection, and developing effective trial strategies for a jury trial. When you hire the best jury consultant in Edmond, Oklahoma, like Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing, you will be getting an expert and the best in the jury consulting field. She has knowledge in psychology, sociology, communications, public opinion research, and law to understand how to carry out her job effectively. So, here is all you need to know about Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing and why she is the best trial consultant in Del City, OK.

Area of Specialization

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing works at a jury consultant firm, and over the years, she has gained expertise in several areas as it relates to jury consultation. Dr. Saramosing specializes in the jury selection process. Her clients can agree that she has the eye and expertise to choose jurors who are favorable to a case. Due to jury research and study that she does, she is well equipped to identify biases in potential jurors that will hinder the case and in coming up with good jury selection strategies.

Dr. Makayla also has a specialty in coming up with effective case narratives and arguments that will resonate with jurors. She is the jury consultant in Moore, OK. You need to collaborate with your legal team because she understands how jurors think and will help your attorney present arguments in a way that will be effective. She works closely with their clients’ lawyers to prepare witnesses for trial by coaching the witnesses on how to give their testimony, act in court, and present evidence in a way that enhances their credibility and will help the members of the jury reach a favorable decision. Your lawyer has the responsibility of coming up with their opening and closing statements but some attorneys in Oklahoma City do not know how to craft statements that will move the jurors, and that is why you have to locate the best jury consultant in Midwest City in the person of Dr. Makayla Keefe Saramosing because she will work with your lawyer and tell them the tweaks they need to make in their statement that will resonate with the jurors.

Dr. Saramosing also specializes in conducting mock trials and focus groups with their clients’ lawyers, during which she analyzes witness testimonies, narratives, and arguments to share which parts are working or not, and the changes that must be made. Since her job is jury consulting, she researches to understand potential juror’s demographics, attitudes, and behaviors and develops profiles to inform the jury selection and case strategy that she comes up with. Where necessary, Dr. Makayla collaborates with the legal team in creating effective visual aids, graphics, and exhibits to support case presentations and witness testimony before the court. In requested instances, a jury consultant in Bethany, Dr. Makayla, conducts interviews and gathers feedback from jurors to improve future case strategy and trial approach which will be helpful to your legal team if you want to appeal your case. In cases where you need a jury consultant expert witness in Yukon, Oklahoma, she can give expert testimony for you. Lastly, through the perspective of a jury consultant in Norman, OK, she analyzes cases, points out areas of strengths and weaknesses, and shares what can be done.

Approaches She Uses in Jury Consultation

As a jury consultant in Mustang, Oklahoma, who has worked in a trial consulting firm offering jury consulting services Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing has developed several approaches in jury consultation and jury selection processes that have given her success over the years:

  • Identifying potential biases in a juror and challenging them during voir dire to ensure a fair and impartial jury.
  • Creating profiles of ideal jurors based on demographics, attitudes, and experiences to help in her jury selection process.
  • Makayla Keefe-Saramosing observes and analyzes potential jurors’ behavior, body language, and verbal cues to assess their suitability for the case.
  • She develops effective voir dire questions and strategies to uncover potential biases and assess juror attitudes.
  • Saramosing works with legal teams to develop specific criteria for selecting or challenging jurors, which helps her pick the best jurors.
  • She identifies themes and narratives that resonate with jurors and incorporates them into case strategy.
  • Makayla Keefe-Saramosing analyzes nonverbal cues, such as body language and tone, to assess juror attitudes and potential biases.
  • Before making decisions in jury selection processes, she uses data and research to inform her decisions.
  • She works closely with legal teams to integrate the jury selection strategy with the overall case strategy, which helps the case.
  • Where necessary Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing makes use of online tools to help speed up jury consultation processes.

How Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing Prepares Witnesses For Testimonies

When you want to locate the best jury consultant who has offered jury consulting services over the years, you want Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing because she is good at preparing witnesses to give testimonies in a jury trial.

How Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing Prepares Witnesses For Testimonies

The testimony a witness gives plays a crucial role in the outcome of your case. So, you need to hire a jury consultant in OKC who can help you prepare your witness for testimony. She usually starts her witness preparation process by looking out for the strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of vulnerability in the witness testimony. This helps your legal team plan ahead for the rebuttals the opposing legal counsel will throw. Through the assessment of the witness testimonies, Dr Makayla is able to come up with strategies that can effectively maximize the area of strength in the testimony. The feedback she gives regarding the testimony and the witness helps both the witness and the legal counsel work on areas that need improvement.

With your legal team present, trial consultant Dr. Saramonsing conducts mock testimony sessions. The purpose is to give the witness an idea of what to expect during the actual trial. Where the witness is not communicating well to the audience, she will tell them how they can enhance their verbal and nonverbal communication skills because the aim is to ensure that the jury and judge hear the witness’s testimony.  Even when a witness is fully prepared for their testimonies, trial consultants can agree that opposing legal counsel during cross-examination can throw questions at the witness and when they do not answer the question satisfactorily, their credibility and honesty may be called into question. So, Dr. Malaya tries to avoid this in her client’s case and works with her client’s attorney in OKC to come up with answers to potentially challenging questions. Before presenting testimony in court, she works with her client’s legal representative to ensure that their witness reviews relevant facts and evidence to refresh memories. Overall, the reason why Dr. Makayla takes the witness preparation process seriously as a jury consultant in Ardmore is to ensure that the anxiousness a witness will have before and during the presentation of their testimony in court is minimized because they are prepared.

Her Experience With Damages Assessment

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is a jury consultant in Norman, Oklahoma, who is experienced in carrying out damages assessment in a particular case. She does this by carrying out research that will better understand the perspectives of the members of the jury towards damages. She also analyzes data that will help her come up with effective damage strategies. She also conducts focus groups and mock trials to test arguments for damages and assess mock juror reactions. This helps her have an idea of what the reaction will be during the actual trial. Dr. Saramosinhg understands the importance of collaborating with legal teams. So, she collaborates with her client’s lawyer to develop effective damages strategies and themes. If there is a need to bring expert witnesses in Yukon, Oklahoma, to give their expert testimony or opinion before the jury, she will prepare these expert witnesses in Oklahoma City to effectively communicate and explain complex financial information to jurors.

If it is necessary to create visual aids to help the jurors understand and visualize the damages that occurred as a result of the case, she will collaborate with the legal team, animators, and graphic designers to come up with the visual aids. She also assesses arguments for damages and their effectiveness with mock jurors. Based on the background of a person, how they view things are different. So, the best trial consultant in Edmond, Oklahoma, Dr. Makayla Keefe-Sramosing carries out juror profiling to come up with strategies that will resonate with each of these jurors. She also provides research and strategic guidance to support settlement negotiations to her client’s legal team.

Dr. Saramosing Trial Approaches

As a jury consultant in Ardmore, Oklahoma, Dr. Saramosing knows how important it is to develop unique trial approaches for each case because no two cases are the same, even when they are similar. Besides carrying out the jury selection process, she works closely with the legal team to come up with a persuasive and compelling manner for the lawyer to present their argument in court. Sometimes, when people are talking to us, we may lose focus or concentration. This is why it is important for people to reemphasize important facts from their discussions that they want you to remember. Jurors and judges are not an exception.

With an understanding of how jurors think and with the experience of working with them for years, Dr. Makayla always stresses the importance of lawyers highlighting and reinforcing key ideas to jurors in the court.

While it is the duty of an attorney in Bethany, Oklahoma to come up with their opening and closing statements, Dr. Saramosing helps their clients’ legal team to hone their statements because she knows which ones will resonate with the jurors and which ones wouldn’t. Before trial, she also gives the lawyer in Tulsa, OK, tactics to effectively challenge opposing witnesses, and ways that evidence that will be presented during the course of the trial can be done in an organized and compelling manner. Additionally, all through the trial, she will be available to give her assistance and support like coming up with ways in which statements, arguments, and evidence can be presented in a manner that will appeal to the emotional aspect of the jurors.

How Dr. Makayla Conducts Mock Trials

A mock trial is a simulated trial or hearing, conducted to prepare and rehearse for an actual trial. It is necessary because legal teams can gauge whether their evidence presentation l, arguments, case strategies, and witness testimonies will work during the actual trial. Trial consultant in Midwest City, Dr. Makayla helps in conducting these mock trials by choosing people who will act as members of the actual jury pool. She works with the legal team to create realistic trial scenarios. This means arguments will be made, testimonies, and evidence will be presented as though it is a real trial. Since Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing loves bringing strategies to the mock trial that will make the mock trial seem like the real one, she helps with witness preparations and gives feedback on the mock trial performance and areas that need adjustments. She also guides the mock jury on how to deliberate and reach a verdict during the mock trial.

There are so many reasons why Dr. Makayla participates in these mock trials for her clients and their legal teams. Through the perspective of the best trial consultant working in a trial consultant firm in Lawton, Oklahoma, the legal team is able to see the witnesses’ vulnerabilities. With her feedback, it is easier to come up with effective evidence presentations and persuasive arguments that will resonate with members of the jury. She can easily point out jury biases and concerns that may come up during the real trial while letting the legal team know the strengths and weaknesses of the case. So, as a jury consultant in Altus, OK, she can help her client’s legal teams refine their strategy, improve witness testimony, and enhance their chances of success in the actual trial.

Dr. Makayla’s Success Rate in Cases

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is a jury selection consultant in Tulsa, Oklahoma who has worked with several clients over the years. However, it is difficult to quantify what the success rate in cases may mean because it depends on various factors such as case complexity, jurisdiction, and legal team performance. However, as a jury consultant in Del City, her success rate in offering her jury consultant services to clients has been nothing short of amazing. This is evidenced by the testimonials and reviews her clients leave and the referrals and recommendations she gets for her services. In most cases, she has helped in the jury selection process and trial strategies there have been higher wins than loss records.

Dr. Makayla’s Success Rate in Cases

Most of her clients are repeat clients or referrals gotten from her clients which shows that she is the perfect jury consultant in Nichols Hills, OK for your case. The number of cases settled favorably before trial, due to her strategic input has been numerous. Based on the jury persuasion strategies she gives her client’s legal team, they have experienced more favorable jury verdicts than ever before. In cases where a compelling favorable verdict is impossible, her input has helped the legal team to minimize damages in the case. Witness preparation for the actual trial has been more favorable leading to better verdicts by the judge and jury. Part of the ways Dr. Makayla has succeeded in her client’s cases is that with the collaboration of her client’s lawyer, she is able to successfully implement case themes, narratives, and strategies. She has also helped in the increased performance and confidence of legal teams because she helps them by giving her opinions and trial strategies.

Why Dr. Saramosing is Different From Other Trial Consultants

Currently, in Oklahoma City, there are several people offering jury consultation services. But, among the jury consultants in Lawton, Oklahoma Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing stands out. She stands out from other trial consultants in Edmond, Oklahoma, because of the unique approach she brings to each case which has contributed to her excellent track record over the years. She is able to communicate effectively with her clients and their legal teams which helps them know what to expect and the ideas she is bringing to the trial. With her background in psychology and sociology, she is able to understand jurors’ perspectives, which helps her make informed decisions that will be in favor of her client’s case.

Additionally,  Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is Different From Other jury consultants in Guthrie, OK because she has worked in the jury consulting field for years, which has helped her gain expertise and knowledge. She knows that lawyers, witnesses, and private detectives in Mustang, Oklahoma, all contribute to the success of a case which has helped her develop a collaborative mindset that has been working for her. She is also sensitive when it comes to diverse perspectives and experiences. Over the years, Dr. Saramosing has developed a mastery of technologies that will help her become more effective in her work. She is continuously learning and growing in her field which has helped her come up with the best jury selection processes and trial strategies. With a genuine commitment to helping clients achieve fair outcomes and emotional intelligence, she has been able to help her clients effectively while being adaptable and flexible where necessary. Her utmost level of professionalism has made her stand out from other jury consultants.

How Dr. Makayla Stays Updated in Recent Trends

In any field, be it law, science, engineering, production, or jury consulting it is essential to stay updated on recent trends. Doing this as a jury consultant in Del City, Oklahoma, helps you stay informed and makes it possible to give your best to your clients. Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing understands this and this, is why she is always staying Updated in her field. She regularly attends conferences, seminars, and workshops to learn from other jury consultants in Oklahoma City and network in the process. There are several publications, journals, and blogs in the jury consulting industry that she reads to help her stay current on the latest research, trends, and best practices. She also takes online courses and webinars to enhance skills and knowledge in areas like psychology, communication, and trial strategy which shows when she is working with her clients and their legal teams.

Some people feel that they should be in competition with each other in a particular field. While it is good to maintain a healthy dose of competition it is even better if you can seek ways to improve the current version of yourself. This knowledge has enabled Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing to build good relationships with other trial consultants in Bethany, OK, share knowledge, and stay informed in her field. She also doesn’t fail to stay up-to-date with the latest research in psychology, sociology, and communication studies, and apply data analysis techniques to understand juror behavior and decision-making. In some cases, she conducts mock trials and focus groups to test strategies, gather feedback, and refine techniques, which helps her when working with each client. Over the years, Dr. Makayla has collaborated with other jury consultants in Yukon, Oklahoma, legal professionals, and experts to share knowledge, best practices, and innovative approaches. She also takes the time to stay informed about changes in laws, regulations, and legal precedents that impact jury consulting.

Can She Work With Cases of Any Size or Complexity?

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is one of the jury consultants in Mustang, OK who has offered her services and worked with cases of all sizes and complexity. The reason she is able to do this flawlessly and effortlessly is that she has grown in expertise and knowledge which helps her easily adapt her skills to each unique case. So, from large to small-scale civil lawsuits, criminal trials, and high-stakes cases, Dr. Saramosing has offered her expertise as a trial consultant in Moore, Oklahoma. So, when you hire Dr. Makayla, the best jury consultant in Broken Arrow,  Oklahoma you are sure of getting a trial consultant who would tailor their expertise and services to the needs of your particular case.

Can She Work With Cases of Any Size or Complexity?

With her knowledge in jury consulting, psychology, human behavior, communication, trial strategies,  etc she can bring a fresh perspective to a case and come up with strategies that will handle the challenges in each case. She also works closely with her client’s lawyers to come up with strategies that will work regardless of the complexity or size of the case. She also offers strategic guidance on jury selection, witness preparation, and trial presentation, while also adapting her approach to suit the specific needs of each case. Dr. Saramosing doesn’t fail to use innovative technologies, such as data analytics and virtual focus groups, to support cases of varying sizes and complexities. Her expertise makes it easy for her to handle complex, multi-party, small-scale, high-stakes, class action, high-profile civil and criminal cases.

How Does She Handle Sensitive or High-profile Cases?

As a jury consultant in Lawton, Oklahoma, who has handled sensitive and Hugh profile cases over the years, Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing handles these cases with the utmost level of professionalism, discretion, and expertise. She ensures that all case materials are kept confidential and that only authorized people have access to them because she understands the sensitivity of a high-profile case and her job. Some jury consultants in Nichols Hills,  Oklahoma make the rookie mistake of engaging the media or providing public commentary regarding the high-profile case they are offering their jury consulting services, and this is something she will never do. She also brings specialized knowledge and objectivity to the case, avoiding emotional or personal biases. She works closely with legal teams to develop effective strategies and witness preparation.

Additionally, Dr. Saramosing is aware that there are cultural nuances and sensitivities in certain cases. So, she tailors her approaches to each case to accommodate these nuances. In the course of her work, she implements security measures to ensure data is secure and safe from unauthorized third-party access. She consults with her client’s legal team to come up with strategies to manage media attention and public perception, if necessary. This is important because some members of the jury get a perception that ultimately affects their decision-making process because of the public’s opinion of the case. Since Dr. Makayla has experience and expertise in working on high-profile cases, she understands the pressures involved in those cases and will not be fazed. She also possesses high emotional intelligence to navigate complex, sensitive situations and build trust with clients and witnesses. Where expert knowledge or support is needed in certain areas or cases, she can leverage her professional network to help out.

Dr. Saramosing’s Approach to Working with Legal Teams?

When people hire a jury consultant in Enid, Oklahoma they are most times afraid that they will not fit in well with their legal team, especially if their lawyer in Oklahoma City was not the one who recommended the jury selection consultant.

Dr. Saramosing’s Approach to Working with Legal Teams?

Dr. Saramosing is a jury consultant in The Village, Oklahoma who has a good reputation for working with their client’s legal team with little to no friction. She does this because she has an open mind of seeking to collaborate with the legal team. Since her goal is the success of the client’s case, she knows that is what the legal team also wants, so it is easier to put aside differences and work towards that collective goal. She maintains open and clear communication to ensure seamless integration of jury consulting services. So, the legal team can easily reach out to her when they want explanations or ideas regarding the trial. Dr. Makayla is big on trust and respect in addition to mutual understanding in order for any professional working relationship to be beneficial, and she brings this into the team.

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is a jury consultant in Tulsa, Oklahoma who is flexible and adaptable to accommodate changing case dynamics and legal team needs. Though everyone has a bias, she doesn’t allow her personal or emotional bias to affect the case. So, she brings her expertise and objectivity to the case. There are cultural sensitivities and nuances in each legal team which Dr. Makayla is aware of because of her years of expertise which helps her approach the legal team with the mindset of accommodating diverse perspectives and thought processes. She also provides data-driven insights and analysis to support legal strategy and decision-making. The importance of fitness preparation to help with effective testimony presentation in court cannot be overemphasized and this is the reason why Dr. Saramosing works with the legal team closely to prepare witnesses for trial. She also offers trial strategies and support throughout the trial which is helpful to the legal team. She is always professional and discreet while carrying out her job as a trial consultant in Bixby, Oklahoma.

Ways She Handle Last-minute Case Changes or Unexpected Developments

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is no stranger to unexpected developments or last-minute case changes when it comes to carrying out her job as a jury consultant in Lawton, Oklahoma. How she handles these changes is by:

  • Quickly assessing the case details, key issues, and legal team’s needs.
  • She focuses on high-impact tasks, such as witness preparation, jury selection, and opening statements.
  • Makayla offers streamlined or expedited versions of their services, tailoring them to a limited timeframe.
  • She is very good at communicating concisely and effectively with the legal team, focusing on critical information and strategic recommendations.
  • Where Dr. Saramosing has made a commitment to her client, she is available to work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate the tight deadline.
  • She uses digital tools and platforms to facilitate remote work, jury consultation services, profiler consulting, data analysis, and communication.
  • Saramosing works closely with the legal team to identify priorities, allocate tasks, and maximize efficiency.
  • She draws on past experience with last-minute cases and expertise in high-pressure situations.
  • Makayla provides brief, actionable reports and recommendations to support the legal team’s decision-making.
  • She also thinks creatively and adapts strategies to address unique challenges and time constraints. 

Dr. Makayla’s Experience With Jury Research

As a jury consultant in Norman, Oklahoma, jury research is an integral part of their job if they want to make informed decisions. Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing has conducted jury research throughout her career. During her jury research, she facilitates focus groups and mock trials which helps her test case themes, arguments, witness testimonies, and mock jurors’ reactions to know strategies that work and those that don’t. She also analyzes demographic and psychological data to identify ideal juror profiles and inform voir dire strategies. although public opinion of a case should not matter because it is the jury and judge that gives the verdict. But, we cannot also negate the part they play in influencing the jury decision sometimes. So, as a jury consultant in Bethany, Oklahoma Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing carries out survey research that helps her to understand public opinions, attitudes, and beliefs relevant to cases. While carrying out jury research, she investigates how members of the jury make decisions, process the information presented before them in court, and what trial strategies will work on them. She also identifies and tests effective case themes and narratives to resonate with jurors.

Dr. Saramosing’s experience with jury research also includes evaluating the credibility,  effectiveness, and persuasiveness of the witness when it comes to the judge and jurors. She also conducts interviews and surveys with actual jurors to gain insights into their decision-making processes and this helps her bring the knowledge gotten from these post-trial interviews into the next case she handles. She also looks at juror decisions and figures out some things that influence their verdicts. Most importantly she is always keeping abreast with the recent developments in jury research so that she can continually bring valuable insights to any case she handles for her clients.

How She Uses Technology in Her Work

Jury consultants in Piedmont, Oklahoma leverage technology to enhance witness preparation, trial presentation, and juror engagement during their work and Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is not an exception. With the help of technology, she is able to analyze juror demographics more easily, past behaviors of potential jurors, and go through social media profiles of jurors to understand how they think their perspectives, and their biases. This makes it easier for Dr, Saramosing to predict the behaviors and reasonings of members of the jury during trial. There are advanced simulation tools that Dr. Makayla makes use of which helps her recreate trial scenarios. A jury consultant in Broken Arrow like her understands how important it is to test different trial strategies to arrive at a strategy that will help persuade jurors to rule favorably so she uses these tools to know strategies that will work and those that will not work. Where necessary, trial consultant Dr. Makayla uses technology to also assist in creating compelling visual presentations that engage jurors and help convey complex information in a more understandable manner during trial proceedings. This ensures that the juror is not lost, and is comprehending all that is being said in court.

Does She Work With Cases in Any Jurisdiction?

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing has provided jury consulting services for clients whose cases are in different jurisdictions. As a jury consultant in Oklahoma City, over the years she has familiarized herself with the specific legal framework, court rules, and cultural nuances of various jurisdictions which has made her a highly sought-after jury consultant. In helping her jury selection process she has familiarized herself with the demographics, attitudes, and biases of potential jurors which helps her tell her client’s legal team which juror should be selected and which one shouldn’t. Dr. Makayla has worked on several cases in several jurisdictions which has made it possible for her to provide valuable insight and expertise to her clients. Based on her work experience, she understands the needs and preferences of local legal teams and she can fit with them easily which leads to no friction while working on the case and offering her jury consulting services.

Does She Work With Cases in Any Jurisdiction?

She has also adapted her approaches to accommodate the unique requirements and challenges of each jurisdiction. So, if you need a jury consultant in OKC who has offered her services to clients whose cases were in federal courts, state courts, or international tribunals, you should reach out to Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing.

How Does She Handle Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Cases?

As a jury consultant in Moore, Oklahoma, Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing has seen cultural and linguistic diversity in the cases she takes on. While offering her services as a jury consultant in Enid, Oklahoma she is always careful to handle these diversities with her expertise and sensitivity. With her training in cultural competence, bias awareness, and cross-cultural communication she has no problem handling cultural and linguistic diversities. On her team, she has interpreters, translators, and language experts to ensure accurate communication and understanding where necessary. This ensures that there is no miscommunication of any kind. She has also been willing in the past and present to engage expert witnesses in Norman, Oklahoma familiar with the relevant cultures to provide context and insights where it is lacking. Since jurors come from different backgrounds, and she has helped in jury selection processes, she is able to advise her client’s lawyers on the narratives they can use that will resonate with jurors. Additionally, it is good to have inclusive members of the jury, so she ensures that her client’s legal team can make the jurors feel included and seen while arguing their case in court. Dr. Makayla also prepares witnesses to communicate effectively with jurors from diverse backgrounds. During mock trials where trial strategies are tested, Dr. Saramosing ensures that cultural diversity is incorporated in these mock trials. She works with legal teams, reflecting the diversity of the case and jurisdiction. Most importantly she is willing to adapt and make changes that will accommodate linguistic and cultural diversity.

Dr. Makayla’s Experience With Trial Strategy Development

The bulk of Dr. Makayla’s work as a trial consultant in Midwest City, Oklahoma, involves developing effective trial strategies. While it may not be easy it is important because it affects the trial and plays a crucial role in how a trial may turn out. She has experience in developing effective trial strategies over the years, and what she does first is to carry out pre-trial research. She gathers information on the biases, backgrounds, and credibility of the witnesses through her extensive research. The answers she gets from this research enable her to give the legal representatives of her clients strategies that will work in questioning and cross-examining these witnesses. She comes up with effective communication techniques and strategies that witnesses can use in addressing challenging questions. So, she takes absolute care in the witness preparation process because she understands the role witness testimonies play in the outcome of a trial. As a trial consultant in Piedmont, Oklahoma, Dr. Makayla often organizes mock trials or focus groups to simulate the trial environment and gauge how potential jurors may react to difficult witnesses. This allows her to collaborate more effectively with her client’s attorneys to identify potential issues and develop strategies to address them.

Verbal communication is important, but non-verbal communication is also as important. This awareness helps Dr. Saramosing to give witnesses and lawyers ideas on how their body language and non-verbal cues may be interpreted by jurors. So, lawyers and witnesses who will be speaking in court can improve their presentation in court, composure, and demeanor so that they can be seen as credible by the judge and jury. She also helps her client’s attorneys in Oklahoma City to craft a compelling narrative that presents the case in a way that resonates with jurors. They assist in structuring witness testimony to effectively convey key points and counter any negative perceptions created by difficult witnesses. Some witness testimonies may have loopholes that may be preyed on by the opposing counsel, which can lead to the witness’s credibility being questioned. As a jury consultant in Moore, Oklahoma she anticipates these and helps the witness prepare for the possibility of it happening. She also understands the emotional dynamics at play during witness testimony. So, she provides lawyers and witnesses with strategies on how to manage emotions, diffuse tense situations, and maintain a professional demeanor throughout the trial.

How Dr. Saramosing Manages Multiple Cases

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is a jury consultant in Oklahoma City whose services are well sought after. If you are considering hiring her, you may be wondering how she can handle your case while also handling other cases. She is able to do this easily because she makes use of specialized case management software to keep track of case details, deadlines, witness information, and other important data. This software helps them stay organized and ensures that critical information is easily accessible when needed. She works with a team of attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals to help her carry out her job as a jury consultant in Piedmont, Oklahoma, more effectively. With these collaborations, it is easy to share responsibilities and tasks which helps her manage multiple cases effectively. Team meetings and constant communication ensure that she and her team members are in the loop about any changes in the case and that all are working towards the common success of the cases. As a jury consultant in Edmond, Oklahoma, with years of experience, she understands the power of prioritization. The deadlines, client needs, and case complexities determine the way the cases are handled. Cases that require immediate attention and those that can be handled later are grouped, which ensures that all cases are handled professionally and smoothly.

Additionally, Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing handles multiple cases by managing time effectively. She sets realistic goals, creates schedules, and allocates dedicated blocks of time to work on each case. She ensures that all deadlines are met. Her team members have tasks delegated to them based on their level of expertise and workload capacity. Though she manages her team members, she does not micromanage them, which gives them the freedom to carry out their tasks effectively without her hovering around them. Effective communication is key to managing multiple cases simultaneously. So, Dr. Makayla maintains regular communication with clients, attorneys, and team members to provide updates, discuss strategies, address concerns, and ensure that everyone is informed and aligned. She also ensures that she and her team members are always learning so that they can get the skills and expertise they need to be more efficient and the best at their jobs.

Dr. Makayla’s Approaches to Jury Selection in High-stakes Cases

Dr. Makayla's Approaches to Jury Selection in High-stakes Cases

The jury selection process for any case is taken seriously by trial consultant Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing. But, when it comes to high-stakes cases, the stakes are figuratively and literally higher because the outcome of the case has significant consequences that cannot be toyed or played with. The approach Dr. Saramosing takes in selecting members of the jury in high-stakes cases includes:

Pre-Trial Research: she conducts extensive jury research to gather information about potential jurors. This includes reviewing public records, and social media profiles, and conducting background checks. This research helps identify potential biases, affiliations, and personal experiences that may impact a juror’s decision-making. Where it is necessary to remove the jurors based on the findings of her jury research, she ensures her client’s attorney removes them.

Questionnaire Design: she works with her client’s legal representative to develop comprehensive questionnaires that provide important answers and information from potential jurors. These questionnaires help identify attitudes, beliefs, and experiences that may affect their ability to be objective when listening to arguments in court and making a just decision. By analyzing the responses, she is able to identify potential biases and make informed decisions during the jury selection process.

Voir Dire Examination: During the voir dire process, Dr. Makayla assists attorneys in questioning potential jurors to uncover biases and assess their suitability for the case. They may use various techniques, such as open-ended questions, hypothetical scenarios, and group discussions to gauge jurors’ attitudes and beliefs. She provides guidance to attorneys on effective questioning strategies to reveal potential biases that can impact the case negatively.

Demographic Analysis: Consultants analyze during the course of the jury study, Dr. Saramosing analyzes demographic data to understand how factors such as age, gender, race, and socioeconomic status may influence juror attitudes and decision-making. The report from this analysis helps her make informed decisions during jury selection.

Jury Profiling: Based on the collected information, Dr. Saramosing creates profiles of ideal jurors for the case. These profiles consider characteristics such as values, experiences, and beliefs that align with her client’s interests. She uses these profiles to guide the selection process and strike potential jurors who may be unfavorable to her client’s case.

Jury Simulation Exercises: In high-stakes cases, she may conduct mock trials or focus groups to simulate the trial environment and gather feedback on juror reactions. These exercises help attorneys assess how potential jurors might respond to different arguments or evidence. Dr. Makayla then uses this feedback to refine the jury selection strategies.

Collaborative Decision-Making: Dr. Saramosing works closely with her client’s attorneys in Oklahoma City to analyze potential jurors’ responses and make informed decisions during the selection process. She provides insights into jurors’ behaviors, biases, and potential risks, helping attorneys make strategic choices that align with their case strategy.

How Dr. Saramosing Handles Juror’s Biases and Prejudices

Dr. Saramosing is a jury consultant in Edmond, Oklahoma who plays a crucial role in uncovering jurors’ biases and prejudices and handles them effectively. It is true that based on our backgrounds, we all have implicit biases and prejudices. But, as a juror, that should not affect the case you are deliberating on. So, Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing works with her clients’ lawyers to come up with questions that will cover any prejudice and bias that these jurors may ask. She has seen that open-ended questions usually work because it gives jurors the opportunity to express their beliefs and opinions freely. Based on the responses these jurors give, she probes further to pinpoint the biases that will affect the juror’s objectivity. As humans, there are some implicit biases we have that we may not even be aware of. This is something that she uncovers by bringing up hypothetical scenarios. The response of the jurors to these hypothetical scenarios helps her know the jurors’ implicit bias.

If a potential juror exhibits clear bias or prejudice, Dr. Saramosing assists attorneys in making challenges for cause. She helps provide her client’s lawyer with evidence and the lawyer will come up with a persuasive argument that will be presented to the judge which demonstrates the juror’s inability to be objective. As a jury consultant in Tulsa, OK she helps the lawyer articulate their concerns effectively, increasing the chances of removing biased jurors from the jury pool which will be beneficial to their client. Additionally, during the course of her work, she advises lawyers on the strategic use of peremptory challenges to strike potential jurors who may exhibit bias or prejudice. While peremptory challenges do not require a specific reason, she helps her client’s lawyer in Broken Arrow, OK to make an informed decision because she has carried out jury research on the potential jurors.  To come up with a compelling, concise, and clear instruction that will address the prejudices and biases that the jurors have, Dr. Makayla collaborates with lawyers. She ensures that the instructions she comes up with remind jurors of their duty to be fair and impartial and provide guidance on how to evaluate the evidence without being influenced by personal biases. With the permission of the court most times, she educates the jurors on the implicit biases they have and steps they should take to ensure that their biases do not affect them while making jury decisions.

How She Handles Expert Witnesses in Piedmont, Oklahoma

Expert witnesses in Piedmont, Oklahoma are needed to explain complex information to the judge and members of the jury. Some of these expert witnesses in Nichols Hills have had experience in giving their expert testimony in court while some have no experience. As a jury consultant in Broken Arrow, Dr. Saramosing handles expert witnesses in Del City for their testimonies in court. She does so by training them on how to communicate better and more effectively. As earlier stated, the role of an expert witness in Yukon, OK is to explain complex concepts and issues in a layman’s way, so she helps ensure that these expert witnesses in Norman can convey their expertise easily which will build their credibility before the jury. Before the jury trial, she conducts a mock testimony with the expert witnesses in McAlester, Oklahoma. It gives these expert witnesses a feel of what will happen in the court. So, the expert witness in The Village is able to become more comfortable while testifying, can address opposing questions that will be thrown at them, and answer questions well.

Based on the expert witness’s performance during the mock testimony, Dr. Makayla is able to give honest feedback and help them do better. Their composure, presentation style, and behavior while being cross-examined are all being taught by her. There are instances where having visual aids will be better to distill complex information. Dr. Saramosing works with these expert witnesses in Mustang, Oklahoma to ensure that the visual tools are understandable and relevant to the explanations that will be given. This ensures that confusing or irrelevant visual aids are not used which can confuse members of the jury. Additionally, she also helps expert witnesses in Bixby, Oklahoma prepare for cross-examination by anticipating potential lines of questioning from opposing counsel and developing strategies to respond effectively. By conducting mock cross-examinations and providing feedback on their performance, she helps the expert witnesses in Guthrie, OK  feel more prepared and confident when facing challenging questioning in court. She also works with her client’s lawyer to develop a cohesive trial strategy that leverages the expertise of expert witnesses in Lawton effectively. She provides insights on how to integrate expert testimony into the overall case narrative and ensure that the expert’s testimony aligns with the legal arguments that will be favorable to her client.

Dr. Makayla’s Approach to Opening and Closing Statements

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is a jury consultant in Broken Arrow, OK who has worked with jury consultants and knows the kind of opening and closing statements that will resonate with them in the courtroom. While it is a lawyer’s responsibility to come up with an opening and closing statement, as a jury consultant in Mustang, Oklahoma she helps her client’s lawyer to fine-tune it so that the members of the jury feel an emotional connection to the statements. Her approach to opening statements includes:

Dr. Makayla’s Approach to Opening and Closing Statements

Storytelling: as a jury consultant in Norman, Oklahoma working with attorneys to come up with their opening statement she advises them to develop a compelling narrative that frames the case in a clear and engaging way. By weaving together key facts, themes, and evidence into a coherent story, attorneys can capture the jury’s attention from the outset and set the stage for the trial. According to Dr. Makayla, this is something that must not be taken lightly.

Establishing Credibility: Dr. Saramosing knows the importance of establishing credibility before the jury. When you are seen and perceived as being credible, it is easier for the jurors to believe what you are saying in the court and this works for your benefit. So, she helps attorneys establish credibility with the jury by emphasizing the strengths of their case, highlighting key evidence, and presenting the client’s position in a confident and persuasive manner. This helps build trust with the jury and lays the foundation for a successful trial based on the opening statement that was presented.

Setting Expectations: as a jury consultant in Edmond, Oklahoma she assists her client lawyers in managing jurors’ expectations by outlining the key issues, evidence, and arguments that will be presented during the trial. By previewing the case and providing a roadmap for the jury, attorneys can guide jurors through the complexities of the case and help them stay focused on relevant information during the trial which will help them during their jury decision-making process.

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing’s approach to closing statements includes:

Summarizing Key Points: as a jury consultant in The Village, Oklahoma she helps her client’s lawyer in Bethany, OK summarize the key points of the case. They also have to reinforce the themes presented in the opening statement and highlight the most compelling evidence that supports the client’s position. By simplifying complex information into simple and memorable statements, attorneys can leave a lasting impression on the jury and they will take these key points into consideration.

Emotional Appeal: she helps attorneys incorporate emotional appeals into their closing arguments to connect with jurors on a personal level and evoke empathy for their client’s situation. By humanizing the case and appealing to jurors’ emotions, attorneys can strengthen their persuasive impact and influence jurors’ decision-making.

Call to Action: she also helps her client’s attorneys craft a strong call to action that clearly articulates the desired outcome for the jury and reinforces why the ruling should be in favor of their client. By providing a compelling reason for jurors to rule in favor of their client, attorneys can motivate jurors to take action and deliver a favorable verdict.

How She Handles Jury Deliberations

Jury deliberations are a crucial aspect when it comes to the jury decision-making process. While Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing cannot influence what the jury decision is going to be, there are some ways she has helped jury deliberations over the years. The first thing she does is to understand the jury. It is easier for her to understand the jury when she has carried out jury research before the trial begins. During the jury research, she understands their backgrounds, demographics, backgrounds, and potential biases they may have regarding the case. Armed with this information, as a jury consultant in Bixby, Oklahoma she can help her clients’ attorneys tailor their arguments and presentation style to resonate with the specific jurors in the deliberation room. She also conducts post-trial feedback. Why Dr. Saramosing conducts these interviews and feedback to understand the minds of the jurors and what they paid attention to during their jury deliberation. They can inform their client’s attorneys about the strengths and weaknesses of the case and what the jurors took into consideration so that when handling another case, they have improved strategies that can resonate with jurors.

Another way Dr. Makayla handles jury deliberations is by assisting lawyers in educating jurors on complex legal concepts, evidence, or procedures during the trial. By providing clear explanations and simplifying complex information, she helps members of the jurors make informed decisions during deliberations. Sometimes, with the permission of the court, she monitors the jury deliberation process through audio recordings or a one-way mirror. When she does this, she is able to understand the arguments that resonated with the jurors, how the members of the jury are discussing the case, and implicit biases that may affect the jury deliberation process. As a jury consultant in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Dr. Saramosing provides strategic and expert guidance to her client’s lawyers in OKC  on how to address potential issues or challenges that may arise during jury deliberations. Since she has years of experience working in her industry she helps lawyers address jurors’ concerns, coming up with good closing and opening statements, ensuring that the juror’s attention is on key arguments and evidence that supports the case.

Her Experience With Post-trial Interviews

Post-trial interviews are important because it helps trial consultants in Piedmont, Oklahoma to get valuable feedback on the decision-making process of the jury and the process and factors that influenced their decisions. Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is also one of the jury consultants in Mustang, OK who has experience in conducting these post-trial interviews effectively.  When she conducts these post-trial interviews, she comes up with answers regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the case from the juror’s point of view, she can gauge how effective the trial strategies were, and she also knows how the members of the jury viewed the evidence presented, witnesses and lawyers in OKC working on the case. Some jurors may not give these answers straightforwardly. So, Dr. Saramosing knows the techniques to use to get her answers during post-trial interviews with the jurors. She can have one-on-one discussions with the jurors, and ask them open-ended questions which will encourage the jurors to open up, she may also carry out surveys. Through these post-trial interviews, Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is able to give feedback to her client and their lawyers. If an appeal is made, the lawyers will be able to prepare better. Lawyers in OKC can use the feedback to know presentation style, trial strategies, and other biases or concerns that must be addressed in any other legal case they work on.

How Dr. Makayla Develops Case Themes and Storytelling

Dr. Makayla is a jury consultant in Enid, Oklahoma who knows how important it is that lawyers presenting their arguments in front of a jury do that with case themes and storytelling. When a client hires her for her services, she collaborates with the lawyer in Guthrie, Oklahoma to identify case themes that will resonate with members of the jury during trial. As a person, you are most likely to remember discussions or points that have a clear beginning, middle, and ending. Including this narrative structure when presenting arguments in the court is also important. While arguing and stating facts of the case, she often tells lawyers to ensure that what they say is relatable, and memorable and can create an emotional connection with members of the jury.

While arguing the case, attorneys in Broken Arrow are often advised by Dr.Makayla to highlight the key evidence because it shows that they are talking with evidence to back up their points. The testimony the witnesses give should also align and be relevant to the facts of the case. Where it will make it easier for jurors to understand the case, graphics, exhibits, and visual aids should be used while explaining complex information. To enhance jurors retention and make them know parts of the case that are important, a lawyer should repeat them and also be consistent with their narration.

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing’s Approaches to Working With Clients

As you are looking for a jury consultant in Lawton, Oklahoma you need the best in the field that will carry out their job effectively. Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is just the jury consultant in McAlester you need because she collaborates effectively with her clients, ensuring that her clients are heard, their needs and goals for the case are known, and she can help them in the best way possible. No two individuals are the same, Dr. Makayla knows this and this is why her approaches are tailored according to the needs, priorities, and concerns of each client. She also communicates with her client and their legal representative throughout the jury consulting process so that everyone is informed and changes can be made where necessary. Based on the client’s needs and what each case requires, Dr. Saramosing is able to come up with strategies to achieve these needs.

A legal case can be difficult, emotionally, and psychologically tasking for people, especially when they have no idea how a case will turn out. So, as a jury consultant in Ardmore, Oklahoma, she offers her jury consulting services, and trial services and is empathetic during the whole process while providing support and guidance where necessary. There are always updates and changes in any industry including the jury consulting industry. The aim of Dr. Makayle Keefe-Saramosing is always to offer the best services to her client as a jury consultant in Bixby, OK. So, she ensures that she stays abreast of the changes in her industry. Additionally, she makes use of her knowledge and expertise in each case to ensure that the services she renders to her client are from an expert’s point of view. A client and case may need a completely different approach during the course of rendering jury consulting services. Dr. Makayla is open to making these changes because she is adaptable and her client is her priority. Since one of her primary goals is to deliver successful outcomes and achieve clients’ desired results, she maintains the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct to ensure her client gets only the best.

How She Handles Confidential Information

How She Handles Confidential Information

If there is a jury consultant in Midwest City, Oklahoma working at a jury consultant firm that you do not have to worry about in regards to keeping information concerning a case confidential is Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing. Like all trial consultants in Tulsa, OK she is bound to follow ethical standards and confidentiality agreements to ensure that sensitive details about her client’s cases are not leaked. But, Dr. Saramosing takes it a step further by:

Confidentiality Agreements: Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing understands that some clients have their misgivings about jury consultants in The Village, OK keeping details of a case confidential. So, to put the minds of her clients at risk, she willingly signs confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements. In the agreement, the obligation to maintain confidentiality and keep all case-related information private is clearly stated. She also agrees to ensure that unless there is express authorization by her client to share details of the case, she won’t.

Secure Communication Channels: As a jury consultant in Nichols Hills, Dr. Makayla uses secure communication channels. She knows how important it is to keep things confidential so the file-sharing platforms she uses are secured, her emails are encrypted and free from access by third parties, and the documents regarding cases are password-protected so that even when someone tries to access the document, they will need a password to open the sensitive data.

Limited Access: the mistake some jury consultants in Altus, Oklahoma, working at jury consultant firms make is granting access to documents and sensitive information to everyone and anyone which shouldn’t be so. Dr. Saramosing understands the need to restrict access to confidential information only to those team members who have a legitimate reason to access it and people her clients have given authorization to access. These protocols may seem strict but they help her monitor the sensitive data, prevent leaks, and if a leak does happen, she knows who caused the leak.

Secure Storage and Disposal: Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing stores physical and electronic case materials in secure locations and ensures that sensitive documents are securely disposed of when they are no longer needed. She follows these best practices for data retention and destruction to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure. So, even when her jury consulting services are completed with a particular client, they can still be sure that sensitive data will stay hidden.

How She Handles Last-minute Trial Preparation

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing is no stranger to handling last-minute trial preparations; this is because, in her years of offering jury consulting services, some clients reach out to her for her services when their jury trial is near. So, she handles such last-minute trial preparation with calmness under pressure which enables her to think clearly and make good decisions for her clients who are already under pressure. She goes into work mode by prioritizing critical tasks that need to be handled quickly and effectively, and where necessary she delegates to her team. She works closely with her client’s legal representatives to develop strategies that will strengthen the arguments of the case during the jury trial.

Additionally, Dr. Saramosing carries out a swift and critical review of the case documents, materials, evidence, and potential jurors to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case. She knows how crucial witness testimony is in a case, so she prepares the witnesses for their testimony to ensure that they are confident when giving their testimony before the judge and jury. As a jury consultant in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, she understands how important it Is that witnesses and lawyers communicate effectively to the jury so she ensures that the legal team, witnesses, and expert witnesses in Del City know how to use verbal and nonverbal cues when communicating. Where necessary she makes adjustments to plans and strategies based on changing circumstances and needs. Dr. Makayla also leverages technology to enhance productivity and outcomes in the trial while also effectively managing time for a favorable outcome of the case. With her years of experience as a jury consultant in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma she makes use of her expertise to make informed decisions in last-minute trial preparations.

Misconceptions That Dr. Saramosing Has Corrected

There have been so many misconceptions about jury consultants in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma that Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing has corrected over the years about jury consultants. The first misconception is that jurors are always impartial and unbiased. In the course of her work, she has seen members of the jury bring in their implicit bias either consciously or subconsciously into the courtroom and the case. As a jury consultant in Broken Arrow, OK she tries to mitigate these biases. Another misconception is that jury selection is solely based on random selection. This is not true because lawyers in Oklahoma City have a say in the jury selection process and this is why jury selection consultants in Del City are always needed. As a jury consultant, Dr. Makayla works on carrying out the jury research necessary to determine the jurors’ backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences to assess their suitability for the case.

Misconceptions That Dr. Saramosing Has Corrected

 Another misconception that she points out and addresses with their client is that jury selection is not important in determining case outcomes. Jurors have a key role to play in the final verdict given by the judge because their decision influences the verdict. So, it is important for clients and their legal teams to select members of the jury who will be favorable to their case and their argument. Another misconception she has heard over time is that jury consultants in The Village, Oklahoma only focus on selecting a sympathetic jury. While jury consultants in Edmond, Oklahoma can assist in selecting sympathetic jurors, their role extends beyond that. Dr. Makayla has helped her client’s lawyers understand how to present their cases in a way that resonates with the jury, anticipate potential biases or challenges, and develop effective trial strategies. The last misconception is that jury consultants in Piedmont, Oklahoma can guarantee a favorable outcome. The reality is that as a trial consultant in Bixby, OK, Dr. Saramosing can provide valuable insights and strategies to improve the chances of success, but she cannot guarantee the outcome of a trial because there are so many things come into play when concerns the outcome of a case.

Reviews From Clients

There are so many clients who have used Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing’s services as a jury consultant in Broken Arrow, OK. All of them have one thing to say, and that is hiring her for the jury selection process and offering trial consulting services was the best decision they could ever make. With her expertise and strategies, even the legal team felt more prepared going into the courtroom because trial strategies were used. Jurors who were favorable to the case, and even the ones who weren’t, lawyers had an idea on how to present their arguments in a way that would resonate with them. One client went as further to say that her attention to detail, strategic advice, and understanding of jury dynamics were instrumental in navigating a complex legal process. If you want these kinds of testimonies from hiring the best jury consultant in Yukon, Oklahoma who will deliver and give you your money’s worth, then you should not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing today.


A jury selection service in Moore, Oklahoma and a trial preparation service in Edmond, Oklahoma have special training, degrees, and other specialized knowledge to help take the burden and stress of the voir doir/jury selection process off the shoulders of lawyers. Besides, many a criminal defense lawyer in OKC and civil trial lawyer in Oklahoma are not specialized in jury selection services and trial selection services, and many of our specialists have more advanced training and skills than their law firm counterparts do anyway.

You might sometimes wonder why you would ever need to hire a jury preparation service or to find a trial preparation service in OKC from a private detective agency in OKC, OK during the voir dire/jury selection process. Well, there are many reasons you might want someone to help you with jury selection and trial preparation. We have outlined those reasons below as follow:

Juries Can Be Totally Unpredictable:

Ever think you have a “can’t lose” case? Well, think again! Both judges and juries can prove to be extremely unpredictable. No matter how solid you think your legal case might be, you might still lose it even though you are in the right and have all the facts and evidence in your favor. This is why you should locate a jury preparation service and find the best trial consultant near me to help you choose the right jury and to add more predictability to your legal case’s outcome.

All Jurors Have Individual Biases:

All jurors are human, and thus each juror sees life through her/his/their own rose-colored lenses via both their subjective experiences and genetic factors like intellectual capabilities, etc. Some jurors are more likely to side with the defense if they are persons of color, while a rape victim might be more likely to side with the prosecution. When you hire a jury selection service near me and find a trial preparation service near me from a private investigation agency in Oklahoma to help you navigate these intricacies, you help put the odds of a favorable outcome back in your favor.

Juries Can Be Fickle:

Juries are so unpredictable, and you never really know what they will do. The flimsiest criminal case can end in the death penalty for an innocent criminal defendant, and a civil case that looks like a “sure thing” can end with the wrongful termination of parental rights for a doting dad or a catastrophic loss for a business, insurance company, etc.

Jurors Are Not Always Very Bright:

Prosecutors and certain plaintiffs tend to pick off the most intelligent people from juries, because they do not want anyone on a jury who can think or who is educated. People with the ability to think divergently and use highly toned critical thinking skills might end up with more reasonable doubt in their minds. Prosecutors and many plaintiffs want simple-minded individuals whom they can easily control and manipulate. Many people do not know this, which is why when you find someone to help with jury preparation and trial selection from a private investigation agency near me before a big civil or criminal trial you help tilt the odds of a successful outcome back in your favor.

Jurors Do Not Always Speak English Well:

Not all jurors speak English well, and some will even try to hide it so that others cannot detect this about them. While sometimes it is obvious when someone does not speak English well enough to understand basic court proceedings, at other times it is more difficult to discern whether they do. This can require a bit more effort, and a jury selection expert and trial selection expert from the best private detective agency near me expert can help accurately assess the linguistic proficiency of each would-be juror.

Jurors Can Lie:

Yes, as sad as it might seem, it can be true indeed that some jurors lie. Whether on their jury questionnaires or under preliminary questioning during voir dire, jurors can have all kinds of motivations to deceive one side or the other. When you locate a jury preparation consultant in Norman or find a trial preparation consultant in Edmond from a private detective agency in Norman to help you with your civil or criminal trial, then you have someone on your team with special training in deception detection and voir dire who can help you discover the truth by catching deceptive would-be jurors and striking them from the jury pool.

Dr. Makayla Keefe-Saramosing and her team of jury selection and trial preparation service providers have been providing jury preparation services in Edmond and trial consultant services in Oklahoma for many years. She and her resolute team use social science-based techniques to help clients select a jury who will be the most likely to side with you during your civil or criminal court proceedings. This is because Dr. Makayla Keefe has many advanced degrees and specialized training in how to read juries, catch liars, and to know which people on a jury will be most likely to side with the defense or the plaintiff/prosecution during court proceedings.

The overall merits of your legal case can affect your legal outcome, whether desired or not. How strong is your criminal or civil case? The stronger your legal case is on its merits, the better the chances that our jury selection service and trial selection services will benefit you and the greater the chance of your overall success in your civil or criminal trial. There are, of course, many factors which affect the outcomes of both civil and criminal trials. Some of these include, but are not limited to, the following:

Which Judge You Have:

The judge can also make a stark difference in the outcome of your civil or criminal trial, because he/she/they can determine what evidence you will get to present, what legal defenses, witnesses, etc., you will get to proffer, etc. Additionally, some judges are very harsh on defendants while others are much more lenient. Sometimes it is possible to “forum shop” and judge shop by dismissing and refiling a judge who might be more favorable to your cause if the automated judicial selection system assigns you a bad judge, but this is not always possible or extremely easy.

The Jury You Select:

Jury selection is crucial and requires much trial preparation and skillful voir doir, when you are about to go to trial in a civil or criminal case. You can hire a jury preparation service or locate a trial preparation service with experts in the field of psychology, voir doir, etc., who use their knowledge of social science, deception detection, etc., to help you select the best possible jury for your civil or criminal trial proceedings.

Witnesses’ Availability & Credibility:

Which witnesses you call and how believable the judge and jury find them to be will also greatly influence the outcome of your legal case. Some witnesses may not show up for court even though they have received a subpoena, while a judge may very well limit how many witnesses each side may even call – for expediency purposes of the trial.

Amount, Type, & Reliability of Evidence Presented:

Which evidence did each side present in court? DNA? Expert witnesses? Eyewitnesses? Jailhouse snitches? Video footage and photographs? Bloody weapons? Dead bodies? The amount and type of evidence each presents to sway the judge and jury as to the merits of their case can have a huge influence on the outcome of their case and their concomitant level of happiness or disdain.

Pre-trial Media Exposure/Court of Public Opinion:

Whether fair or not, there are many media sources which can influence public opinion on the guilt or innocence of an accused criminal defendant or other plaintiff or defendant in a civil trial. The sad fact is that many media sources sensationalize the information they distribute for rating purposes. What is worse, this information can also be grossly incorrect and can thus be very negligent misinformation that can hurt one or even both parties in a civil or criminal legal case. Social media has only exacerbated this problem, because too many would-be, so-called toilet “sleuths” think they know everything and can irreparably damage people’s reputations in the process via defamation and slander.

As you can see, there are many factors which can negatively or positively affect the overall outcome of criminal and civil proceedings. Our trial selection services and jury selection services will have a trained expert to help guide you through voir dire and the entire jury selection process. Lawyers are not required to follow the advice and counsel of our expert staff during the jury selection process, but those who do not often soon regret not having done so.

Before you go into a legal battle, make the smart decision, and choose to hire a jury selection service near me or find the best trial preparation service from the best private investigation agency to help you with all your voir doir jury selection and trial preparation procedures. Do not regret the end of the trial with a verdict that is not what you wanted. Do not risk your financial or criminal future by leaving the jury selection to chance – call now!

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