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When your loved ones go missing or when the government charges you with kidnapping or other crimes related to making someone go missing, time is of the essence. Many people find that they do not know what to do or how to go about getting help. This is why the profession of missing persons private investigators from private investigation agencies that conduct missing persons private investigations to locate missing children came about. Of course, many people do not even know what they do. ☹

The owners of our private investigation agency have put together a series of questions and answers to help those who are trying to locate missing children and who wish to find missing kids. These questions and their accompanying answers should be very helpful to those who need to hire a specialist. Thus, they have listed the information below as follows:

Most frequent questions and answers

A missing persons private detective conducts missing kids private investigations. Thus, whenever any person goes missing for any reason, it is his duty to locate missing persons.

If someone you love and care about has disappeared and you need to hire an agent to find children quickly, then contact us today for more help! 😊

It is the effort made by law enforcement, nonprofit organizations, and missing Kids private investigators to locate missing persons. This is basically an all-encompassing term that includes the whole process from start to finish.

Well, technically, yes, police officers from local police stations are supposed to look for and help recover missing kids. However, in reality, many police departments, especially smaller ones, find that they often do not have the manpower, experience, resources, and/or desire to complete this mission. This is why many family members and friends of persons choose to instead find a private agent to conduct missing kids investigations.

To stay hidden, they have numerous options to help them. Some of the ways that they use to stay hidden include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Tinted Windows: Tinted windows help each specialist to stay unseen, while in a vehicle conducting surveillance. In addition, tinted windows can help keep them cooler during hot days with less UV sun exposure. 😊
  • Use of Informants: Informants can also help provide them with information without having to get too up close and personal. This, of course, assumes that the informants are not working as double agents and do not tell others they are helping provide the private detective with the information.
  • Using TOR, DuckDuckGo, & VPNs: TOR and DuckDuckGo.com are both Internet search systems that help enable the agents to not get tracked while searching things out online.

Likewise, VPNs help protect them from hackers and other online security threats. VPNs are especially important when sex trafficking private investigators are trying to find victims of human trafficking and sex trafficking on the dark web/The Hidden Wiki.

  • Use of Binoculars/Conducting Surveillance from a Distance: Many specialists will use binoculars while out on surveillance. Binoculars help those who find missing people stay far away from a person of interest (POI) while still watching her/his/their activities.

In this way, binoculars officials stay unseen while conducting missing person’s private investigations. Staying on the down-low is key for each detective to stay discreet throughout the investigation. 😊

  • Creating Fake Profiles for Social Media Monitoring: By creating fake user profiles to monitor someone’s social media and to catfish them, the private investigator can help remain more anonymous. If he is using her/his/their own social media profiles while monitoring a person of interest’s (POI’s) social media accounts, it could potentially place him in danger and might jeopardize the investigation itself.
  • Catfishing: The reasons and methods for them to remain unseen during catfishing are the same as they are for one who is monitoring a POI’s social media accounts by becoming a “friend” online.
  • Use of Disguises During Surveillance: During surveillance, he might possibly be seen by the person of interest (POI). By using disguises/changing clothing and even changing vehicles, when possible, he can help stay undercover and on the down-low.

If you need to locate a child abduction private investigator to conduct missing persons private investigations, then you have come to the right place. Our private eyes are the best at remaining discreet and unseen during this mission. Find the best agent for your job today. 😊

People of all ages disappear for many reasons. According to our staff, some of the most common reasons that people go missing include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Adult Kidnapping/Child Abduction/Parental Abduction, Etc.
  2. Sexual Assault/Rape
  3. Murder
  4. Kids Accidentally Wandering Away
  5. Runaway Children/Adults
  6. The Persons is Attempting to Flee a Civil/Criminal Case.
  7. The Individual Wants to be Left Alone/Not Bothered.
  8. A Victim of Domestic Violence/Abuse is Fleeing the Toxic Situation.
  9. Witness Protection Program (WPP) Participation
  10. Amnesia
  11. Elderly Wanderings-Off/Silver Alerts
  12. Hostage Situations/Ransoms Demanded
  13. Cult Followings
  14. The Person Found a Better Job/State/Country Elsewhere
  15. The Individual is Seeking Asylum in Another Country
  16. Human Trafficking/Sex Trafficking

Obviously, the reasons above do not constitute an all-inclusive list of reasons. Our investigators from our private investigation agency in Mustang, Oklahoma who conduct parental kidnapping investigations are adept at finding missing persons, so if you need to hire one, then look no further but with our private investigation agency in Nichols Hills! 😊

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and its NCIC (National Criminal Information Center) typically handles it at the federal level, especially when interstate boundaries and young children are involved. The U.S. Department of Justice also assists with it, and do local law enforcement agencies and police stations. But do you feel safe and confident leaving the fate of others in the hands of government bureaucrats? Are you sure? Really?

If you would like someone who works directly for you, then you should hire a private investigator to do this job done for you. When you find the best parental abduction private investigator on your behalf, you are putting the best legal team available to your benefit. 😊 So, do not delay! Hire a detective to locate a missing child. 😊

Our detectives point out that there are several categories of missing persons. These are listed below as follow:

  • Disability – This term basically describes a missing person of any who have a confirmed/verifiable disability which makes it likely that the he/she/they will harm or kill himself/herself/themselves and/or others.
  • Endangered – According to our private eyes, this is the term used to describe disappeared persons of any age who are with someone which will likely place their lives in danger.
  • Involuntary – Our private detectives from our private investigation agency in El Reno, OK that locate missing kids state that this term is used to describe anyone who is missing against her/his/their will. The reason for their absence is not due to their own will, but instead is due to kidnapping, child abduction, parental abduction, etc.
  • Juvenile – As one would expect, our professionals note that this category includes minors under the of 18 and who is unemancipated who has gone missing.

At least in terms of missing persons within the United States of America, our detectives note that a staggering 8%-11% of them in the USA never return/have someone find them. ☹ Sound like a high number? Well, if it is your loved one who has disappeared for any reason, any number is a high number. ☹

If you need to locate a loved one, then you need to hire our professional. Do not delay! Time in such cases is vital and is one of your most valuable assets. Let us help you find them on your behalf today. 😊

As each of specialist can attest, about 8%-11% of people who disappeared in the United States go missing every year without anyone finding them. ☹ This is why you need to hire the best agent to help you to find missing children.

While most people will never go missing in their lifetimes, our private investigator at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma who find missing children nonetheless recommend creating an “If I go missing” folder nonetheless. According to our representatives, this information is extremely helpful to have for the purpose of helping to locate you should you go missing.

So, what should go into an “If I go missing folder” you might ask? Our agents say that each “If I go missing” folder should include photocopies of all the following:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical & Dental Records
  • Car/Truck/SUV Registration Information & Photographs of Your Vehicle(s) & Associated Plate(s)
  • Medical & Dental Insurance Information
  • Medical History Form
  • Several Different Updated Photographs of Yourself

Our detectives always recommend that each individual keep the documents above in a special “If I go missing” folder, because none of us know when we could be kidnapped. As each of them can attest, these documents could potentially prove invaluable in securing you safely and unharmed.

According to each nationwide skip tracing, yes, the creation of a “missing child” or “missing person” poster can indeed be effective in local areas if people pay attention to them and look for them. Thus, it is helpful for their families and friends to also hand out the flyers to others and to post them online, according to each agent.


It goes without saying that no one likes it when their beloved pets, such as their cats or dogs, go missing. Many people choose to create a missing cat poster or a missing dog poster, to aid them with their search and to increase the likelihood of safely recover their missing pet. Indeed, our investigators point out that some sites like this even make it easier to make these posters.

Some of the information you need to list on a missing pet poster should include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. The words MISSING or LOST should be noted at the top and/or bottom in capital letters.
  2. Name(s) & Nicknames
  3. Breed
  4. Color
  5. Age
  6. Sex Assigned at Birth
  7. Size
  8. Distinctive Features/Markings
  9. Date & Location Where Last Seen
  10. Your Name & Contact Information

There are also places online where you can post these posters, and missing cat private investigator at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma that conduct missing cat private investigations also recommend making notices on Facebook groups, in homeowner association (HOA) groups, and checking with your local animal shelters and veterinarian offices. You can also pass out missing cat flyers and missing dog door-to-door for added benefit.

Please be careful and watch out for scammers online though, as some try to take advantage of depressed humans of missing cats and dogs by preying on them with false claims of sightings and even possession of them. ☹ Not every person who claims to have seen your pet, especially if they want money to reveal the location, is telling the truth.

Some people also choose to hire an agent to help find missing pets. Indeed, some detectives are very adept at locating them. So, if you need to hire one, then please speak with one of our private eyes at our private investigation agency in Piedmont today for more information about missing pet investigations. 😊

California by far has the most kidnappings in the United States, but keep in mind that it is also one of the largest states in the USA, is right next to the ocean, and that California borders Mexico. Thus, if someone you love and care about has gone missing and you need to locate a person or need to find someone who has been kidnapped, then please hire a kidnapping private investigator to help you get this job done.

Our staff assert that the most common reason people go missing is from kidnapping or parental abduction. This is especially true of kids under 6 years of age. ☹

Thus, if you need to a private agent, then you need to do so without delay to solve your case. 😊

Most of them – almost 75% – turn up or have someone find them within 24 hours of the time they go missing. Our private eye note that after the first 24 hours and especially after 72 hours since individuals first went missing, the chances of successfully locating them alive drop substantially.

Thus, whenever someone disappears, it is imperative that you do not delay in making the right decision to hire a detective. Find the best agent to avoid any mishap to your loved ones. 😊

Lol. You call a missing person . . . missing! 😊 But, if you are looking for actual synonyms to use, our investigators have made the following list for your benefit:

  1. Runaway
  2. Hunted Person
  3. No-Show
  4. Skiver
  5. Truant
  6. Bond Jumper
  7. Outcast
  8. Absentee
  9. Exile
  10. Lamster
  11. Stray
  12. Fleer
  13. Escaper/Escapee
  14. Recluse
  15. Runagate
  16. Maroon

These are actually just a few of many such adjectives that our kidnapping private investigators put together. If you need more information about how to locate them, then please find the best private investigator in Guthrie, Oklahoma to help you with all your missing kids private investigations. 😊

There are many governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations that help with such cases. As mentioned earlier, the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice are two major governmental agencies which help find missing children safely. Of course, there are also nonprofit organizations that help you with that.

According to our detectives, some of the most common nonprofit organizations that help you with these cases include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
  2. We Help the Missing
  3. Missing Persons Foundation

Despite these resources above, nothing really compares to choosing to hire a missing person private detective and making the right choice by letting him conduct missing child private investigations on your behalf. 😊 If you need to locate an agent to do this job on your behalf, then please call our private investigation agency in Oklahoma today for more information. 😊

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