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Hire the Best Private Detective to locate Missing Persons

Many people disappear every year, and sadly many of them remain lost, abducted, or otherwise missing. Unfortunately, law enforcement does not have sufficient time, resources, or even the desire to fully investigate crimes and missing persons cases. Thus, this is why many people choose to hire the best missing persons private investigators from the best private investigation agency to conduct missing persons investigations on their behalf. Indeed, in the private sector, just like with private criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma City versus public defenders, our child abduction private detectives often have more time and resources to conduct fully thorough parental kidnapping private investigations.

Many people do not know how to hire one or even that these legal professionals exist. Thus, to help answer questions about them, the owners of our best private detective agency have put together this series of Hire the Best Missing Persons Private Investigations FAQs to help answer many common questions that potential and current clients have about how to hire one on their behalf. Those questions and their accompanying answers are as follow:

Most frequent questions and answers

When you choose to hire one to do your job, they have many tactics at their disposal to help locate missing people. Some of the many methods that experienced professionals use to find missing persons include, but are not limited to, the following:

Nationwide Skip Trace Service:

Our licensed agents often conduct a skip trace service as a part of their child abduction private investigations. Nationwide skip tracing by a skip tracer, a process server, or a missing persons investigator is one of the fastest, least expensive ways to locate people. Our agents conducted tens of thousands of skip trace services as a part of their efforts to find missing persons for many years.

To conduct skip tracing, they will first ask each client for as much of the following information she/he/they has/have about the person of interest (POI) as possible:

  • Full Legal Names, Including Previous Names & Aliases
  • Social Security Number or Last Four Digits of the SS#
  • Date of Birth, Year of Birth, or Age Range
  • Race
  • Former & Current E-mail Addresses
  • Former & Current Residential & Employment Addresses, Including Dates & Those Addresses
  • Former & Current Phone Numbers
  • All URLs to Social Media Links
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Usernames/Login Names

They fully understand that most people do not have all this information. That is totally understandable, and many of our professionals understand this and can often even find much of this information on their own.

In return, our runaway teen private detectives will attempt to provide you with as much of the following information as possible about the person of interest (POI)

  • Full Legal Name
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Number/SS#
  • Current & Former E-mail Addresses
  • Current & Former Residential & Work Addresses
  • Current & Former Phone Numbers
  • Professional Licenses
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Gun Licenses
  • UCC Filings
  • Names of the POI’s Neighbors, Family, & Friends & Their Info
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • Marriage License Records – California Only
  • Global Watch Lists
  • Employment History
  • So Much More! 

Do any of these items above sound like information that would be helpful for you to know about another person? If so, then you need to hire the best agent on your behalf. Our child abduction private investigators at our private investigation agency in OKC truly are the BEST! 

License Plate Checks:

Our professionals can also run any Oklahoma license plate of vehicles which are unknown to our clients or which are otherwise suspicious. Whenever you hire one to run the license plates of vehicles, you can rest assured that you will receive the name and address of the vehicle’s owner(s) expeditiously.

If the address associated with the owner of the vehicle turns out to be old of if you simply need additional information about the person of interest (POI), you can also hire a skip tracer, process server, or hire a parental kidnapping private detective to conduct nationwide skip tracing on your behalf. As mentioned earlier, our skip trace service by a licensed them can provide you with all kinds of valuable information about the POI that can prove to be very helpful in your court case against her/him/them.

Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches:

Our investigators can also conduct social media scans/deep Internet searches on persons of interest (POIs). These social media scans/deep Internet searches that our detectives run can show any public posts that the POI has made or about whom others have made. These social media scans/deep Internet searches that they can help give a clearer perspective and more insights into the whereabouts of missing persons.

Monitoring of the POI’s Social Media:

Another way to locate missing persons is by choosing to hire a missing persons private investigator to actively monitor the social media of a person of interest (POI). Indeed, many people post their whereabouts, activities, and whom they are with and at what time all over their social media. Thus, if you need to locate missing people quickly, you can hire them to closely watch a POI’s social media on your behalf. Eventually most people just give their whereabouts. 

Surveillance of the POI:

One of the best ways to find missing people is to hire the best agent to conduct surveillance on a POI. By waiting and watching the residence, place of employment, or even the homes or places of employment of friends and family members of the POI. Indeed, POIs tend to like to visit family, friends, and familiar areas, so if you need to locate missing people then this can be a great way to do it.

GPS & Other Tracking Devices:

Unfortunately, as of 2019 not even licensed private investigators may place tracking devices onto the vehicles or persons of others. Why is this so? A missing person’s private eye placed one onto the car of one of Oklahoma’s state legislators, and he got and helped pass a bill prohibiting the use of tracking devices. 

Canvassing Neighborhoods, Businesses, Etc.:

One of the most important methods to locate missing persons is to canvass neighborhoods, businesses, etc., where the person of interest  (POI) might frequent or where people could be that have seen the POI. This method does include a greater amount of time and financial resources than something less expensive and quicker like a skip trace by a skip tracer, but it also has its own benefits.

Skip tracing by the best skip tracer, while expensive and conducted quickly, also takes time to register new addresses for a POI. It can often take months or even years for POIs to rent a new P.O. box, pay taxes, register a new car or driver’s license, register new utilities, etc. When you need to find a person quickly but the person has only recently disappeared, then it is likely that the new address may not yet register on the nationwide skip trace. This is especially true if the POI has no stable home or work address.

While choosing to hire the best missing persons private detective does cost money, they can start this work quickly. Because the owners of our private investigation agency in Nichols Hills, OK have built this women-owned private detective agency up to be the largest Oklahoma-owned agency, you can hire many detectives to work quickly to cover large areas.

Reviewing CCTV Video Footage:

Another popular tactic you can hire them to review CCTV cameras around neighborhoods and businesses, especially in areas very close to where the person of interest (POI) could be or where she/he/they has/have recently been. By choosing to hire one to review video camera footage, you are covering yet another base in helping to locate a missing person.

Post Office Box Checks to Locate Physical Addresses Associated With USPS P.O. Boxes:

Sometimes all our clients have when trying to find a disappeared person is that person’s United States Postal Service’s (USPS’s) P.O. box number. While interesting, no process server can serve papers upon a post office box. However, our missing kids private investigators at our private investigation agency can request to see the physical address associated with the post office box number

Forwarding Mail Address Checks:

Whenever someone moves from one home or work address to another, they can also file a mail forwarding request form to have the USPS send their mail from their old address to their new one. That way they continue to receive all their mail. You can hire private detective to conduct missing kids private investigations by requesting that new address from the United States Postal Service


When romance scams occur or you suspect marital infidelity, you can hire the best infidelity private investigator to conduct romance scam private investigations on your behalf via catfishing. Catfishing occurs when our investigators to create fake romance and sex profiles and reach out to the POI for romance and/or sex. Not only can catfishing help catch cheaters, but such a method can also help to draw out a POI and find a missing person! 

Hiring Paid Informants:

Ah, there is nothing quite as nice as a paid informant. Even law enforcement officials use paid informants to gather intelligence and data they want. As such, one method an experienced professionals is to use money or other goods to loosen the tongues of people who might have knowledge of a missing person’s whereabouts. Indeed, many people will gladly turn on one another and take larger risks for money, so sometimes our agents try this method. 

The chances of locating disappeared people within the first 72 hours of their disappearance is 75%-94%, whether alive or dead. Indeed, most “findable” are located by law enforcement, and/or by runaway teen private detectives within this time period. After 72 hours, the chances of being able to find them drop significantly, because memories start to fade and leads begin to disappear.

Thus, it is vital that you choose to hire one. Each hour that passes makes it less and less likely that someone will find them for you with a high degree of success. If you need to get this job done, please contact one of our specialists today to conduct child abduction investigations on your behalf.

When a friend or family member goes missing, it can prove to be extremely stressful because you do not know where they are, what they are doing, or if they are even okay. Many people choose the best option, which is simply to hire the best investigator to conduct missing persons private investigations to find them. However, other options also exist, so the owners of our agency have listed them below as follow for the benefit of persons who need such advice and assistance:

  • You may contact law enforcement personnel to help find loved ones.
  • Sometimes the coroner or medical examiners in areas where the missing person might be or might have been could help you locate them by telling you if they have any dead bodies that match the person you are seeking.
  • In cases where kids disappears, it can also be beneficial to contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the National Runway Safeline to help you out with this case.
  • Another option is to contact the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).
  • You can always contact other nonprofit organizations to help find missing kids.
  • To locate missing people, you can also check the person’s cell phone location.
  • Taking to social media to spread the word can be another great way to get this job done.
  • You can always call local hospitals and jails to try to find missing kids, as some people end up in jail and/or in hospitals and these places usually have a record of them.
  • You can always hire the best specialist on your behalf. Our licensed detectives can help you solve your case with the following services:
  1. Nationwide Skip Traces
  2. Vehicle License Plate Checks
  3. Canvassing Neighborhoods & Businesses for CCTV Footage
  4. Social Media Searches/Deep Internet Scans
  5. Actively Monitoring a Missing Person’s Social Media
  6. Surveillance on the Missing Person & People Who Might Know Where She/He/They is/Are Located
  7. Catfishing Missing Persons in Romance Scams Private Investigations & Cheating Spouse Private Investigations
  8. Forwarding Mail Checks to See Where People Have Had Their Mail Forwarded to
  9. Post Office Box Checks to See What Physical Address is Associated With Someone’s USPS P.O. Box
  10. Helping You Perform the Other Time-Consuming Tasks Listed in This Question
  11. Much More! 

These are just some of the many things you can do, when a friend or family member of yours goes missing. You should pay careful attention to #9 above because choosing to hire a missing persons private investigator on your behalf.

There are a ton of things you can do to locate them. Indeed, our specialists can perform all the tasks listed in the question/answer above to help you find missing persons. Please scroll up and read all of the possibilities for service that our process servers, private investigators, and skip tracers can help you with to find a them who does not wish to be found. 😊

A person who is a “high risk missing person” is an individual whose present location remains unknown and who is likely in a very precarious situation where she/he/they is/are at a high risk of injury or death. ☹

When he/she cannot be located, many people take the steps listed above to try find them. You can find these in a question/answer a few questions above. There are many things you can try to help find them, such as choosing to give this job to an agent on your behalf. However, sometimes despite their best efforts, these best efforts simply are not enough and the case goes cold.

When such case goes cold and you suspect foul play, you might need to consider whether to hire one that others have not been able to find. If you need the best agent on your behalf, then please contact one of the owners of our private investigation agency today. 😊

Well, about 75%-94% are eventually found, but that does not mean people always find them alive. Indeed, many of them who are found are found dead, too. Of course, for those who are never found, most of those end up dead, but of course some remain alive and are found later or may never have anyone find them but might nonetheless remain alive. People who go missing on purpose with intention who cannot be found are often alive but just hiding out.

As of the date of this publication, Texas has the most child abductions it the USA each year, followed closely by California in number 2 and New York in third place. Of course, all 3 of these states also have higher populations relative to other less populated states in the USA, so people should take this into account when considering those statistics.

The person in the USA who is known to have been missing the longest is Marvin Alvin Clark. As of the date of this writing, he has been missing for almost 100 years from Oregon. No one knows what happened to him. ☹

Some people are just jerks, and they do not care about those they hurt. They lack empathy and only care about their own selfish, narcissistic feelings. Of course, there are usually reasons why these people go missing/are kidnapped, and some of the many reasons people go missing include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Extortion/Ransom Demands
  • Prisoner Exchanges/Political Reasons
  • Demanding People Withdraw Money at an ATM
  • Sex/Rape/Murder
  • Parental Kidnapping/Child Custody Issues
  • Policy Changes
  • Military/Political Propaganda
  • Forcible Human Trafficking/Sex Trafficking Purposes
  • Gangs/Intimidation
  • Retaliation for a Variety of Reasons

These are just some of the many reasons why people might kidnap others. If someone has kidnapped a person you know or love or the state or federal government is accusing you of kidnapping, please hire a private investigator from our private investigation agency today for more assistance in these investigations.

It occurs when parents or legal guardians who do not have the legal custody rights to a child or kids or who only have partial custody prevent the other parent or legal guardians from having the kids during their allotted time(s). Many persons who commit parental abductions move far away and try to hide out so that people cannot locate missing persons.

If someone has absconded with your child(ren) or if a person or governments are accusing you of parental kidnapping, then please choose to hire an agent to conduct child custody private investigations on your behalf today. Our specialists also have access to the best criminal defense attorneys in OKC and the best bail bondsman in OKC that writes bail bonds in Oklahoma City.

Yes, parental kidnapping is very illegal. Why on earth do you think they call it “kidnapping” in the first place? If you do not have the legal right to have possession of children, then please do not do so. If you are involved in a situation where another guardian/parent has unlawfully kidnapped your kids or if the government or a person is accusing you of having done so, then you need to hire the best parental kidnapping private investigator today to conduct child abduction private investigations on your behalf. 😊

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