Hire the Best Rape Private Investigator Near Me



Hire the Best Rape Private Investigator Near Me

No one has the right to force another person to have sexual intercourse against her/his/their will. Sadly, rape, child molestation, and forcible oral sodomy, etc., affect too many victims worldwide of all ages, genders, sexualities, socioeconomic classes, races, etc. Because such crimes have existed via unscrupulous perpetrators around the globe throughout history, so, too, the need for rape private detectives and sexual assault private investigators from private investigation agencies that conduct rape private investigations and sex crimes investigations.

To assist both current and future clients with sexual assault private investigations, the owners of our private detective agency near me have put together a series of Rape Private Investigations FAQs to help answer questions about specialists that some people may have. Thus, the questions and their accompanying answers about them that conduct are listed as follow:

Dr. Makayla Keefe and her other licensed agents have many years of experience for a wide variety of clients. Dr. Makayla Keefe has put together a series of commonly asked questions (FAQs) that proffer important information for those needing their services in Edmond, OK or anywhere throughout the State of Oklahoma. They are as follows:

Most frequent questions and answers

He help both families, friends, and victims of sexual assault, rape, child molestation, etc., as well as criminal defendants the government has charged with sex crimes in Oklahoma. All our officials are highly trained, skilled, and experienced.

When working on behalf of families, friends, and victims of sexual assault, they do everything possible to try to help solve the sexual assault private investigations. By working collaboratively with law enforcement and nonprofit agencies as well, they will advocate for the family, friends, and victims and will do their best to find out what happened.

When working on behalf of criminal defendants the government has accused of committing sexual assault, rape, child molestation, etc., our rape detectives will work closely with the criminal defendants, their criminal defense lawyer, and perhaps some with their bail bondsman in Oklahoma that writes bail bonds to help solve their case. Their goal  is to help secure a dismissal or acquittal for the criminal defendant that hired them. 😊

To identify child predators, you must first examine behavioral traits most associated with child molesters. Our investigators assert that the following are some of the most common signs that someone might possibly be a child sexual predator:

  • Any Stated Desire by the Person for Children/Young Teens as Their Sexual Orientation
  • The Person States She/He/They Has/Have Sexual Fantasies About Kids & Young Teens.
  • The Person Grants the Kid Special Privileges & Gifts Without a Good Reason.
  • The Individual has Techniques She/He/They Has/Have Developed to Access Victims.
  • Hugging Kids, Wrestling With Them, Tickling Children, Holding the Kids in Their Lap
  • Staring at Kids or Excessive Watching of Children
  • Disrespectful of Children’s Boundaries of Not Wanting Hugs, Kisses, Etc.
  • Always Dates Romantic Partners With Kids & Immediately Wants to Learn All About Them

These are just some of the many possible indicators that someone might be a child sex predator. If you are concerned that an individual is or several persons are sexually abusing someone you know and love or if the government is accusing you of sexual offenses, you need to hire sexual assault private investigators to conduct sexual assault private investigations on your behalf. Contact our agents today to conduct sex crimes private investigations on your behalf. 😊

If you reading this, you have already been able to find the best person for sexual assault case on your behalf. So, look no further! 😊 To hire one on your behalf, please contact a sex trafficking private detective today! 😊

Sexual predators can be of either gender of any age, but most are men who are over the age of 18. Most child molesters are middle-aged white male adults with a higher level of education/intelligence. There are certain characteristics to be on the lookout for when identifying potential rapists and child molesters. These statistical characteristics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Rapists and Child Molesters Tend to Exhibit Very Controlling & Jealous Behaviors.
  • Sex Offenders Often Use Language Which is Very Manipulative.
  • Rapists & Sexual Assaulters Often Create a Sense of Dependency Within Their Rape & Sexual Assault Victims.
  • Sex Offenders & Rapists are Often Known for Pushing Sexual & Physical Boundaries.
  • Child Molesters Often Associate Themselves With Young Kids & Teens, Whether as Youth Leaders, Friends, Etc.

As our experienced officials, one of the above characteristics by themselves absolutely point to someone as a sex offender or child molester. If someone displays multiple characteristics above, it does increase the likelihood that she/he/they is/are rapists or sex offenders, but even displaying multiple characteristics does not guarantee an their status.

If you need to investigate someone for sex trafficking or human trafficking or if the government has charged you or someone you know and love with sex crimes, then you need to hire a criminal private investigator to conduct criminal investigations on your behalf. To get more peace of mind, please find them here today. 😊

If the government charges you with sex crimes, you will face as little as 1 year in prison for less serious sex offenses, such as a first offense simple sexual battery of an adult, and up to life without parole for serious offenses like aggravated rape and sexual battery of a child. Either way, the consequences are very severe, and all sex offenses can include registration on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry. Likewise, our forcible oral sodomy private investigations assert that people who have any kind of conviction of a sex offense, especially if they must register on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry, potentially face all the following consequences:

  • Inability to Secure Employment
  • Inability to Secure Housing – Even an Apartment – Especially Around Schools, Parks, Etc.
  • Inability to Serve as a Volunteer With Charitable Organizations
  • Social Reputation Damage/Public Shaming
  • Inability to Date/Hold a Romantic Relationship, Due to Public Shunning
  • Loss of Voting Rights
  • Loss of Gun Rights
  • Inability to Secure Professional Licenses
  • Loss of Income/Employment
  • Loss of Custodial Custody of Your Children

See why it is so important to hire them on your behalf? If the government has charged you or someone you love with sex crimes of any kind, please contact our agents for your job today!

The Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry first came into law  on November 1, 1989, a full five years before the federal government passed a nationwide law entitled the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children Registration Act that mandated that all 50 states have a similar sex offender registration list. Persons convicted of sex crimes must register on the sex offender registry list. Every time these individuals move, get new phone numbers, E-mail addresses, etc., they must notify law enforcement within a certain number of days. Likewise, they may not live close to schools, parks/playgrounds, etc.

Whether you are the family, friends, or family of victims or a criminal defendant the government has accused of rape and/or other sex crimes, the decision to get a professional to conduct rape investigations will not be inexpensive. Indeed, this decision requires only the most experienced, dedicated, professionally trained private investigators.

Just think of the cost of choosing not to hire them on your behalf. Are you willing to risk never being able to locate a missing person, such as your family and friends? Do you not care if they suffer at the hands of sex traffickers or rapists? And likewise, if the government has accused you of sex trafficking, rape, child molestation, forcible oral sodomy, etc., how do you feel about spending the rest of your life in jail and the “fun” requirements of everyone labeling you as a sex offender for the rest of your days?

Still think the cost to hire them is too expensive to afford? Really? If so, think again! ☹

Their hiring cost, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars. The more complex the case, the more expensive it will be. Factors that may complicate rape private investigations can include but are by no means limited to, such factors as the number of alleged victims and perpetrators, the distance from investigators, and so on.


Experienced investigators who are the primary owners of the best private investigation agencies can potentially earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Granted, there are also expenses associated with owning and operating the best private detective agencies that sex crimes private investigators and sexual assault private detectives that conduct and sexual abuse private investigations must ultimately pay for. This is true for every business, of course. Nevertheless, that they are business savvy and do their job very well can earn significant incomes. 😊

When criminal defendants the government has accused of committing sexual assault and rape make the best decision to locate a rape private detective that conduct and sex crimes investigations, it is one of the best possible legal decisions that they can possibly make to help themselves stay out of prison. Indeed, by choosing to hire them on your behalf, you will reduce your chances of getting sent to jail.

So, how can our specialist help you try to stay out of prison and possibly win a dismissal or acquittal? Glad you asked! 😊 He will happily tell you. One of the best things you obtain by choosing to hire an agent are our private investigation agency’s access to the best criminal defense lawyers in OKC and the best bail bondsman in Oklahoma City that write bail bonds in OK. Any decent detective can tell you that you need 3 components to a top criminal defense team.

You must first hire the best one on your behalf. The second component dictates that you must also hire the best criminal defense attorney in OKC to help fight your criminal charges. The third element of a decent legal defense dream team is to hire the best bail bondsman in Oklahoma City to write bail bonds to keep you out of jail while your case proceeds.

Our special agents also have special knowledge of and contacts with the best criminal defense attorneys and the best bail bondsman that writes bail bonds. There are so many terrible criminal defense attorneys and bail bondsman in OKC. However, when you decide to get this job done by our specilaist on your behalf, you also get access to those referrals so you can hire the other two officials with our help.

Indeed, when you truly want to mount the best possible legal defense against criminal charges for sex crimes cases, you really do want to have the three best possible components to that team: the best sex crimes detective, criminal defense lawyer near me, and bail bondsman near me. Without making the right decision to hire all three components of a sound legal defense team, you have your best chances of avoiding prison and possibly getting your criminal charges dismissed or securing and acquittal.

So, how exactly can they assist you, once they help connect you with the two other vital components of a legal defense dream team? Glad you asked! 😊 

When you make this decision to get his help with your criminal defense team, they can perform many functions. Indeed, some of the many things you can them to do to help you with your case investigations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Nationwide Skip Tracing – One important thing that you can hire a skip tracer, a process server, and a rape detective from the best private detective agency that conducts criminal investigations to do is for them to locate missing people. Yes, often in criminal cases, witnesses and victims go missing and need to be found. Our agents are very skilled and adept at locating missing persons and finding missing people with their skip trace service.
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks – You can hire a private investigator to also run nationwide criminal background checks on your behalf. Indeed, nationwide civil background checks and criminal background checks on individuals can be crucial in discrediting witnesses and alleged victims. Our private investigation agency’s nationwide criminal background investigations are inexpensive and take place very quickly.
  • Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches – Social media scans and deep Internet searches can often pull up public posts that persons of interest (POI’s) such as witnesses and alleged victims have made and about whom others have made, as well as public news stories about the POI. In addition, social media scans/deep Internet searches can also pull up certain social media profile links about the POIs as well. Since social media scans/deep Internet searches make such a wonderful complement to nationwide skip tracing, nationwide criminal background checks, and nationwide civil background checks, this is why you should hire a child abuse private detective to conduct social media scans/deep Internet searches on your behalf. 
  • Vehicle License Plate Checks – Sometimes sex crimes private investigations end up with unknown vehicles of persons of interest (POIs). When these criminal cases necessitate knowing which people own these vehicles and where they live, it is imperative that you hire an investigator by running the license plates of unknown vehicles.
  • Interviewing Witnesses, Alleged Victims, Etc. – One of the biggest and most important duties of these professionals is to interview alleged victims and witnesses to criminal activity to see what they know and to find out what happened during the alleged criminal activity. They will turn these recorded interviews over to the best criminal defense attorney that is representing the criminal defendant to help her/him/them in the legal case.
  • Courtroom Testimony – They also routinely testify in courtroom proceedings over criminal cases. Because of their special licenses, judges and juries take the testimony given by our detectives very seriously.
  • Helping to Review Evidence – Given their extensive legal experience and different perspectives, when you hire one on your behalf, they can also testify about what they found out during the course of their human trafficking private investigations. 
  • Written Private Investigation Reports – Whenever you hire our forcible oral sodomy private detectives and child abuse private investigators from our private investigation agencies to conduct child abuse investigations and sexual assault investigations on your behalf, they usually come with a written report at the end of them that they give to you and/or your attorney. These confidential private investigation reports summarize all the private investigators’ findings.

The actions above are just some of the many ways that your choice to hire a private investigator and to hire a rape private investigator at the best private investigation agency that conduct criminal private investigations and sex trafficking private investigations can help you solve your sex trafficking private investigations and sexual assault private investigations. If you need to hire sex trafficking private investigators or need to hire sexual assault private detectives from the best private detective agencies to conduct human trafficking private investigations and forcible oral sodomy private investigations on your behalf, please contact our private investigation agency today. 

Our agents can tell you that about 1 our of every 6 women has become the victim of sexual assault, while that number is about 1 out of every 33 for men. There are no generalized statistics for non-binary persons and gender fluid individuals.

Our forcible oral sodomy detectives that conduct sex crimes investigations also note that teen girls ages 16-19 have four timers the chance of getting raped as anyone else, while women in college are three times more likely to experience rape than the rest of the population. Indeed, for females their greatest chance of getting sexually assaulted happens at about age 14. 15% of male, female, and non-binary victims are under eighteen years of age. Why are these statistics the way they are? Glad you asked!

When you hire them to conduct forcible oral sodomy private investigations on your behalf, they can tell you that there are many reasons for the statistics on rape as they pertain to females as noted above. The reasons that so many females at the ages listed above are the most common are as follow:

  • Females who fall within the age ranges above are more likely to be more vulnerable.
  • Girls at the ages above tend to be less experienced/naïve about meeting up with guys alone, date rape drugs, etc.
  • Women and teens who are the ages above tend to be at what society often considers to be their most physically attractive/beautiful. The more physically attractive women and teens are, the more likely it is that others will notice them and desire them, stalk them, etc.
  • Teens and women in this age range who date men are more likely to be going to parties, going on dates, etc., where more men have access to them. These younger males tend to have the highest levels of testosterone, which makes them horny and less likely to think with their brains.
  • Teens and young women are often more vulnerable financially, less experienced online, and have less relationship experience. It is easier for many perpetrators of rape and other sex crimes to intimidate, threaten, and coerce these young teens and women into silence.

If you or someone you know has become the victim of rape or other sexual assault or fi the government has accused you of committing sex crimes, then you need to hire one from the best private investigation agency to conduct rape private investigations on your behalf. Our investigators can collaborate closely with police officers and other law enforcement when working on behalf of victims of sexual violence, and they can likewise offer references to the best criminal defense attorneys and bail bondsman that write bail bonds when working on behalf of alleged perpetrators of rape and other sex crimes.

According to the sexual assault detectives, very few perpetrators ever go to jail. Indeed, if a rapist receives a felony conviction, there is about a 69% chance that they will face jail time. However, because only 39% of rsexual assault victims report the sex offenses against them to law enforcement, there is only a 16.3% chance that people who rape others will ever spend time in a prison. Thus, when you consider all the rapes that never get reported to police, rapists only face about a 6% chance, on average, of ever spending any time in prison.

According to our forcible oral sodomy investigators, any rapists and other sex offenders select their victims based upon how close in proximity they are, how easily accessible their future victim is, and if their intended victim is available to be raped. Thus, many choose victims who are known to them, because they have an easier time meeting these requirements necessary to rape. ☹

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