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How A Private Investigator Can Help You Get Your Child Support

People may fight tirelessly to earn their right to get child support, but it does not always mean it will be enforced. Even though all states have an agency that is supposed to enforce the child support orders and make sure to collect payment, these agencies are often understaffed and underfunded. Thus, they cannot go the extra mile to make sure the parent in question is meeting their financial obligations. That is why hiring a private investigator to locate the parents who need to pay their child support but aren’t doing so can be beneficial. Here is how a private detective can help you get your child support.

What Would A Child Support Collection Investigation Entail?

This type of investigation was entail a private investigator from Oklahoma City using their resources, skill and knowledge to find out as much information about the concerned parent as possible. The information usually includes:

  • Phone number, home address, email addresses, social media accounts etc.
  • Information regarding their place of employment
  • Properties they may own, alongside other assets
  • Who they are currently involved with

The information can be shared by the private investigator to the child support enforcement and collection agency or directly to their client. The client can use their newfound information to take legal action. Most of the time, custodial parents who are seeking payment or their attorney is the one who contacts a private investigator to solve the case. In some cases, relatives and friends of the custodial parent may recruit an investigator to help seek out the parent who is supposed to be paying child support.

How Will The Investigation Process Go?

It is important to note that a private investigator from OKC will never break the law in order to get you the information you seek. This is how the investigation process usually goes:

  1. The PI will be called upon for help, and then you will have a consultation with them.
  2. During the consultation, the PI will probably ask you questions such as;
  • How are you related to the subject?
  • Do you possess a court order or divorce decree that has awarded you child support payment?
  • Is the subject a US citizen?
  • Do you think they are still in the country or not?
  • Do you want to change the amount of child support?

And they will ask you about other details pertaining to the subject that you may know.

  1. They will then try to locate the parent by all legal means necessary. Usually they do comprehensive background research and search through special databases and public records. They may also utilize surveillance methods and covertly observe to find the subject.

Thus, if you are someone who isn’t being paid the amount of child support that was stated in the court order and you cannot locate the other parent, it can be beneficial to hire a private detective.

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