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From Survivor to Detective: Her Mission to Catch Child Predators

Survivor to Detective: Her Mission to Catch Child Predators

Hello, people and Welcome back to Sneaky Cat Private Investigations & Process Serving, here, we bring you stories that you want to hear. I’m Makayla and today, a rape private investigator will describe how her own experience with sexual assault made her want to conduct child predator investigations. Do not touch the dial and keep on watching. Don’t forget that, for top-notch private investigation services in Oklahoma which you cannot get elsewhere, call (405) 407 – 2891 and you will not regret it.”

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Introduction to the case

Rape is something that no human being should ever have to go through because of how devastating it is and the trauma that oftentimes follows as a result of it. As a rape private investigator in Tulsa, OK, who specializes in child predator cases, the sexual assault she experienced was what drove this rape private detective in OKC into this field. Her story has been the driving force she did not even know she needed to help her get justice for other rape victims and to also apprehend rapist.”

Her story

The rape private investigator members how young and vulnerable she was when she was assaulted. No matter how she tried to prevent her rapist from having their way with her, they succeeded. The aftermath was that she felt as though it was her fault. For a long time, she felt guilty and powerless. Not wanting the pain to take over her life after being assaulted, she underwent therapy. She decided to become a rap private investigator in Moore, Oklahoma as a way of channeling her pain and also because of the help she received from a private detective who handled her rape case.  She became focused on learning all that she could about investigation techniques, psychology, and the tactics predators use to groom and manipulate she joined a private investigation agency in Midwest City, OK, and worked alongside trained rape private detectives who helped hone her skill and get the necessary contacts from organizations and law enforcement agencies who help with her child predator investigations till date. The rape private detective in Bethany shares that though her own experience with sexual assault has played a pivotal role in helping her conduct private investigations, there are other reasons she does what she does.”

Justice for Survivors

Rape victims, sexual assault victims, and sexual abuse victims deserve to get justice for what they went through. Although nothing can be enough punishment for the pain and helplessness these victims felt at the hands of their abuser, it lessens their pain a bit knowing that their predator or abuser is prosecuted and convicted for their action. When these predators and abusers are held accountable for the harm they cause, it makes room and gives courage to other survivors to share their experiences and also get justice. It makes the survivors feel heard and acknowledges the pain and helplessness that they experience. To an extent, it helps curtail future rapes or abuse because when these rapists see that they can be punished, it puts them in check. Most importantly for the rape victims, they get a sense of closure when they know their abuser has been published, which makes it easier for them to heal well.”

Prevents Future Assaults

There are some sexual predators and abusers who are serial offenders, so according to the rape private detective in Bixby, Oklahoma, carrying out these investigations helps to stop these serial offenders from carrying on their harmful activities. It helps private detectives in Guthrie notice patterns of behaviors in these sexual predators so that rape and abuse can be prevented.  Holding these sexual assaulters accountable disrupts their operations and makes it impossible for them to continue to wreak havoc on innocent victims.”

Support For Survivors

The rape private detective in The Village, Oklahoma working at the best private investigation agency in Oklahoma City says that one of the things that helped her in her healing process was that not only was her predator punished but the private detectives in Norman working on her case made her feel heard and that her experiences and pain were valid. This is what she tries to give other victims of rape and abuse. In her investigation process, she ensures that the case is handled with the sensitivity it deserves. She also gives resources to the survivors and refers them to counseling and medical care so that they can heal properly. She also keeps the survivors informed of the developments in the sexual assault or rape investigations so that they are carried along. She acknowledges their strength in seeking up while also allowing them to make decisions regarding their case. Doing these ensures that the victims feel confident to share their experiences, feel connected, supported in their healing process and in control of their experience.”


According to the rape private investigator she carries out these sexual assault investigations because it helps to deter people from committing such crimes. The reason is that when sexual assaults are held accountable for their actions, other people will rethink their decision to sexually assault or rape other people. When the conviction of this perpetrator is publicized, the wider community will be warned and they will know what punishment awaits them if they still decide to assault someone, this can lead to a cultural shift that does not tolerate rape or sexual assault of any kind. Additionally, perpetrators who are investigated and convicted will be deterred from reoffending.”


As explained by the rape private detective in Nichols Hills, there are so many reasons why she and other people must continually carry out child predator investigations and investigations into sexual abuse or assault of any kind. These investigations can lead to systemic changes like policy reforms, and improved laws, make it easier for survivors to speak up, and help victims get the support and resources they need like counseling and medical help. So, if you know anyone who is a victim of sexual assault of any kind, encourage them to report it and get the necessary help. At Sneaky Cat Private Investigations & Process Serving we know you want justice and we can help you obtain it. To understand our services, visit us at or Like, share, and subscribe for more informative content.”

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