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Private Investigator Can Help Fight Oklahoma’s Bigoted Transgender Sports Ban

Can Help Fight Oklahoma's Bigoted Transgender

The government has passed a bill that bans transgender athletes from taking part in women’s sports. Many raised concerns at the instigation of this bigoted sports ban for transgenders. This ban does no good, but only perpetuate a hateful picture towards the transgender community. Hateful policies such these can be indicative of the state being acceptable towards transphobia. Excluding them from sports competitions goes to show that the officials are yet to accept the LGBTQ+ community as a normal part of society.

This ban sends out a message to all the homophobe perpetrators and borderline hate criminals which can encourage them to carry out acts of violence towards transgender people.  A private Investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma knows about the extreme hostility that transgender communities will often face, since they are exposed to it firsthand.

Escalating Violence Against the Transgender Community

Any private investigator will tell how the growing concerns of transgender violence in this country because they are often working to prevent it. Fear about deadly attacks against transgender Americans, specifically Transwomen of color have been spiraling out of control in the country. This is because of the series of murders that have occurred in different cities, which is unveiling a pattern of violence.

This pattern is one that specifically targets transgenders, and makes life dangerous for transgender women of color. Not only do transgender people face violent attacks but also advocates of the transgender community. Edmond is not new to this type of violent occurring and if you talk to any private investigator in Oklahoma, they will tell you that hate crimes against the LGBTQ community are more common than you may think.

The specifics and reasons for the murders can vary, but when you start evaluating hate crimes and misdemeanor, it becomes clear that the cause of crime is due to pure hatred towards transgender people. For the past several years, these crimes have been consistent, and the policy makers need to be aware of this. Putting out bans on transgender athletes will not help these violent crimes to get better, and can potentially make the current crime situation worse.

Community members are constantly under threat and facing different kinds of hate violence in the society. In this instance, people need to step up and come together to prevent it from happening. People such as private investigators can be key players in fight against bigoted laws such as these. This is because they can raise their voice against violence and provide their experiences as proof of the current situation surrounding the transgender violence.

Overview on Ban

These latest bans on Trans athletes come after a dozen similar laws in states that are mainly controlled by republicans. The biggest reason for this ban revolves around the issues of fairness. Advocates in support of this ban claim that transgender men competing in the women’s division have an unfair advantage. It seems as though the state legislators are racing to see who has the least tolerance for the transgender and LGBTQ+ community.

These new state laws are completely in violation of the federal laws since they are against the non-discrimination policy that protects the diversity of this nation. Private investigators in Edmond, Oklahoma know how discrimination looks like and if they gather enough support, they can make officials realize that transgender community has the right to participate in sports like any other person of any other gender.

Overall, having an unfair advantage is reason that does not have foundational grounds. These laws can be detrimental to the mental health of the transgender community. Many of the community members that have been suffering from this policy have also considered committing suicide according to a survey.

Sports are about camaraderie, participation, and being enjoyable. Depriving the transgender community from these pleasures can have a major impact on their progress. Moreover, private investigators in Edmond Oklahoma will also tell you how troubled the transgender communities are due to the violence they face on a frequent basis.

This is because they conduct counseling sessions with them on a confidential basis. Therefore, they are very aware of the discriminatory harassments against the LGBTQ+ community. Bans on transgender athletes from participating in college level and state level sports will only worsen their mental health, and can potentially spike the suicide rate within the community.

They already face risks of violence, mental stress, unemployment and more. For some transgender people, participating and competing sports made them overcome the harsh realities of being a transgender person in this unwelcoming world. Allowing them to compete in sports was a way to accept them as a part of a bigger group. It was instrumental for the kid’s mental health as it provided a sense of belonging to them.

Advocating Against Oklahoma’s Ban

Legislators have been shameless when instigating this ban as they have dehumanized transgender identities. They are responsible for the repercussions that can follow in the form of discriminatory and racial acts against the community. Consequences on the discrimination against LGBTQ+ need to be aligned. Human rights advocates must launch a campaign condemning this law in Oklahoma and making lives easier for the Transgender people.

The governing bodies in Oklahoma need to realize that passing legislations such as these can be harmful for the LGBTQ+ community and their families. The personal impact faced by the Trans youth and athletes will follow a long time. Sports have played a pivotal role for the transgender community, helping them gain skills, and plenty of fun memories. This is why taking this critical aspect away from their lives will only do more harm than good.

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