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A Private Investigator in Oklahoma’s Guide to Retrieving One’s Cat from a Neighborhood  Kid(cat)napper

Private Investigator in Oklahoma's Guide to Retrieving One's Cat

Pets are an essential part of the family, and it’s only right to make efforts to ensure their safety and well-being. One of such efforts is trying to retrieve your cat from a neighborhood cat thief with the help of a private investigator in Oklahoma city.

Cat theft or kidnapping is one of the cases a private investigator in Oklahoma can help you handle seamlessly. The punishment for this crime is usually about 7 years jail term, but most times, it ends with a fine or community service.

Private investigators in OKC believe money is the primary motivation behind cat thefts or kidnappings.

Here are some of the possible means Oklahoma private detectives believes cat thieves can make money:

  • Ransom — They believe you consider your cat a part of you and your family. Hence you should be willing to part ways with some cash to have it back.

Private investigators Oklahoma city usually frown against giving in to such demand. Rather, the private investigator OKC help devise solid plans to save your cat and bring perpetrators to book.

  • Resale — Reselling kidnapped/stolen cats is another income source for the cat thieves. They usually sell the cats to areas farther than where you are to unsuspecting buyers.

Top private investigation agencies Oklahoma opines that it’s also important for buyers to only buy their cats from reputable places, check necessary animal history, and ask questions before completing the transaction.

  • Breeding — Your cat may be used for indiscriminate breeding by the kidnapper, and they’ll make money from kitten sales. The animal welfare investigators of most private investigator agencies in Oklahoma city believe most kidnapped cats are bred under unsuitable conditions.
  • Pet Shows — Private investigators Oklahoma believes adorable cats are always stolen for pet shows. Adorable cats are those having special features that make them popular in the neighborhood. They are usually stolen/kidnapped for pet shows in farther cities or towns. The cadnapper uses the cat to make money from such shows.

Private investigators in Norman, Oklahoma, usually advise cat owners to take certain preventive measures to prevent their cats from being kidnapped. These measures include:

  • Spay or Neuter Cats — One of the preventive measures private investigators Edmond Oklahoma recommends is spaying or neutering your cats. Spayed cats can’t give birth, so they become less of a target for cat thieves looking to make money through breeding.

A spayed male cat usually has no cause to leave home if food is being provided at the right time. Thus, doing this also helps you keep your cat home and prevents the risk of getting kidnapped.

  • Put a microchip on your cat — Private investigator Oklahoma also recommend having your cat carry a tracking device around to aid easy reconnection if it strays. This may be your only saving grace in case of kidnap or cat theft.
  • Put a Comfortable Collar on the Cat: Collars are useful in attaching identity tags to your cat. This tag may contain vital information like contact information (in case if the cat strays), the neuter state (whether or not it has been neutered), and other necessary information which may eventually aid the private detective investigation.

This can help you reconnect with your cat easily if it goes missing. Private investigators Oklahoma city also opine that using a fancy reflective collar often makes it easy to find cats in the dark. However, ensure the collar is conformable to prevent common accidents.

  • Adequate Training: Effectively training your cat to always come in at night irrespective of where it might be is another measure private investigator agencies Oklahoma believes can help you prevent your cat from missing. This training may take weeks before the cat adapts, and you may need to condition them to a certain sound or food at that particular time.

It’s not right to restrict the movement of a cat that wants to roam freely. Hence, private investigators in Edmond, Oklahoma, believe locking your cats indoors isn’t the best preventive approach.

Guide to Retrieving Your Cat from Neighborhood Kid(cat)nappers

 Here are guides Keefe Private Investigators urge cat owners to follow when trying to retrieve their cats from a thief in Oklahoma:

  • Ascertain whether your cat is missing or stolen: Before you conclude that your cat is missing or stolen, private investigator agencies Oklahoma city suggest that ensure you search every nook and cranny thoroughly. Check every corner of your home, shed, garden, neighbors’ homes, and its frequented places in the neighborhood. Employ a trick that usually makes the cat come home, ask around the neighborhood, and if all these prove futile, look for clues that can point towards it missing or being stolen.
  • Put up attention-grabbing posters — Strategic places in your neighborhood and beyond should contain posters with the picture and details of your missing cat. This is a more effective means than a door-to-door search. You can also share pictures of the cat with essential details on social media. The more awareness you create, the more difficult it is for a kidnapper to hold on to your cat for long, and the easier finding your cat will be for a private investigator in OKC.
  • Contact local vets & rescue centers or private investigator agency OKC — Leveraging the experience and expertise of these bodies or an animal welfare private investigator can help you locate your cat and rescue it quicker.

Private investigators in Oklahoma have the necessary tools and techniques to carry out Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations to find your missing cat.

With a robust intelligence network, persistent neighbor stakeout, surveillance, and frequent neighborhood visitation for questioning, a PI should get a solid lead on your cat quickly.

  • Check surveillance cam — If you’ve got a surveillance camera (CCTV) outside your home or neighborhood, you can always check them for clues and leads pointing towards your cat’s location. It could come in handy if your cat was kidnapped within the camera range. It’s usually one of the first points a private investigator Oklahoma helping with your case checks.
  • Activate tracker — If you’ve got a tracker on your cat, you can activate it to determine its location. This gives you a lead on where it is being held and who’s holding it. You can then use the help of a private investigator Oklahoma city to get the perpetrator and rescue your cat.

Checking shelters nearby and beyond is another way. However, any shelter will call you if the information on your cat ID tag is valid.


Your cat’s safety is equally important as that of the other family members. Hence, implement any preventive measures mentioned above and follow the guides to retrieve your cat safely. Seeking the help of a private investigator OKC can also save stress, and reduces your search duration.

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