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Locate a Process Server in El Reno, Oklahoma FAQs

Process servers in El Reno, Oklahoma and private investigators in El Reno from private investigation agencies in El Reno, OK are so often unappreciated for the work they do. But what exactly do process servers near me and private detectives near me from private investigation agencies in El Reno, Oklahoma do and where can you locate a process server and locate a private investigator and find a private investigation agency? You might be surprised at just how many people ask these types of questions.

To help others learn more about process serving and private investigations, the owners of our private investigation agency in El Reno have put together a series of FAQs about process servers in El Reno, OK and private eyes in El Reno, OK from a private detective agency in El Reno. These questions and answers also address common questions and concerns many people express that they have about how to hire a process server in El Reno and how to hire a private investigator in El Reno as they locate a private investigation agency in El Reno. These questions and answers about private eyes and process servers near me are thus listed below as follow:

Most frequent questions and answers

They can make a very praiseworthy salary. Indeed, they me can earn a 6-figure salary or higher, if the process server in El Reno, Oklahoma own her/his/their own private detective agency and knows how to run it well. 😊

Skip tracing and skip tracing services are a process whereby skip tracers and private eyes from private detective agencies take some information about a person of interest (POI), and our skip tracer and process server will enter it into their special nationwide skip trace service and system. This information often includes as much of the following as our clients can provide:

  • Full Legal Name of the POI
  • Date of Birth, or Year of Birth or Age Range
  • Social Security Number
  • Former & Current E-mail Addresses
  • Former & Current Phone Numbers
  • Former & Current Home Addresses
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Social Security Number or Last 4 Digits of Her/His/Their SS#
  • Links to the POI’s Social Media Websites

The more of information above that a skip tracer has about a POI, the better the chances that he will have success with their skip tracing services. It is also very possible that they will also be able to locate much of the otherwise private information about POIs through their nationwide skip trace service, even if the clients do not have all of it.

So, what information can it provide clients who hire a specialist? Typically, our officials can often find information about persons of interest that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Full Legal Name of the POI
  • Date of Birth, or Year of Birth or Age Range
  • Social Security Number
  • Former & Current E-mail Addresses
  • Former & Current Phone Numbers
  • Former & Current Home Addresses
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Social Security Number or Last 4 Digits of Her/His/Their SS#
  • IP Addresses
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Professional Licenses
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Colleges & Universities Attended
  • Titled Property Assets
  • Bank Account Information
  • Names & Contact Information of Relatives, Family Members, & Friends
  • Global Watch Lists
  • UCC Filings
  • Much More! 😊

See how much useful information our these services can help you obtain, when you locate a private investigator to perform a skip trace service and a nationwide skip trace service for you. 😊

Under Oklahoma’s laws, any commissioned sheriff or sheriff’s deputy may serve court papers and other legal documents within their county of jurisdiction. When you hire a sheriff’s deputy for this job, their price is usually $50 or less per person, company, or governmental agency. However, your choice to find a sheriff’s deputy near me to serve court papers for you comes with numerous drawbacks.

Sheriffs’ deputies also go in uniform which scares a lot of defendants/respondents away, and most sheriffs’ deputies typically only make 1-2 attempts, and if they happen to be friends with the person you are trying to serve may even prevent service of process from happening at all. ☹ So, cheaper is not always better. 😉

An expert with a statewide Oklahoma process server license may serve court papers and other legal documents anywhere in the State of Oklahoma. They have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves to help get people served, including their disguises, skip tracing services, wait and watch siege tactics, and more.

Though it may cost a bit extra to hire a process server and a private investigator at a private investigation agency in El Reno, OK than it would cost to hire a sheriff’s deputy to serve court papers and other legal documents, most clients find the increase in cost well worth it because they end up with better service quality and more reliable results. Indeed, our agents hear tons of complaints from clients who first sought to hire a sheriff’s deputy to serve court papers but simply had poor results.

United States Postal Service employees, also commonly referred to as mail carriers, technically serve court papers every time they deliver certified mail with a return receipt that contains a set of court documents to a defendant/respondent, witness, etc. Yes, service of process via certified mail with a return receipt is perfectly valid, inexpensive way to do this. The only problem is that most people refuse to sign for such documents, and thus service of process by mail is mostly a big waste of time and money.

The best way to stop him is to simply take the court papers and/or other legal documents like a mature, responsible human being. That way he will have no reason to keep trying to serve you and will simply go home. So, if you want to stop him from bothering you, this is the best way. 😉

If he is unable to serve an individual with court papers and other legal documents, then he will have to find another way to locate the missing person to serve her/him/them with court papers and/or other legal documents. Some of the tactics that they use to serve difficult defendants/respondents include, but are not limited to, the following:

Skip Trace Service:

When you find one for this job, sometimes they will tell you that the defendant/respondent moved to another location. When this happens, he gather some information about the person and runs it through their special system in what is called skip tracing. He can often help locate individuals quickly and inexpensively via their nationwide skip trace service.


License Plate Check:

They can also run license plate checks to help find missing persons quickly. Thus, when they see a vehicle they think may belong to the defendant/respondent but are not quite sure, then they may run the tags to determine who the owner of the vehicle is and what that person’s or company’s address is. 😊

Post Office Box Check:

They can also conduct P.O. box checks to help locate missing persons. By filling out a special form and submitting it to a mail carrier at the US Post Office, he can learn what individual or company name and physical address are associated with a particular post office box. 😊

This information can come in particularly useful, when a person tries to avoid service of process via a process server by listing a post office box instead of a physical address where she/he/they live(s). It is a common practice for people avoiding it to try to be sneaky and divert agents away from her/his/their residence.

Fortunately, each one is smarter and craftier than this and knows how to handle such wayward individuals. If you need to hire one by conducting a post office box search for you, then you have come to the right place. You can locate them to help you serve court papers and conduct private investigations in El Reno, OK. 😊


Forwarding Mail Checks:

Much like post office box checks, a forwarding mail check helps a private detective ascertain where a person had her/his/their mail forwarded to once moved. Whether moving from a residence or office location, many people file such a request with the post office to have their mail forwarded to their new residence or office location.

By filling out a special form, our officials can find out the new address that the person or business had their mail forwarded to. That way they can help locate missing people to serve them with court papers and other legal documents. 😊


Waiting and Watching:

Another excellent tactic to serve someone who does not want to be served is to hire one to wait and watch outside a respondent’s/defendant’s home or office location to enter or leave it. Though not inexpensive, this siege tactic by them can often yield praiseworthy results on individuals who are otherwise too difficult to get good service of process completed on.


Setting Up the Defendant/Respondent With a Ruse:

Sometimes he will use a ruse to get the defendant/respondent to come to her/him/them and thus get served. Whether via a disguise as we will discuss a bit later below or through a ruse, when you hire one to conduct private investigations in El Reno, OK and serve court papers and other documents, you should always ask what her/his/their plan of action is.

Apart from disguises that we will discuss later, one viable method to serve tricky defendants/respondents is to trick her/him/them into coming to you voluntarily. Thus, if the person works as a realtor, business owner, or other service provider, then he can pretend to be a potential customer who wants to hire the defendant/respondent. You would be surprised at how even the savviest of individuals often fall for this ruse, but they use this trick quite often, and while not 100% successful it often works like a charm. 😊

Use of Process Server Disguises:

One tactic that many of them use when doing their job is to utilize a disguise. A disguise is meant to draw attention away from the fact that they are there to serve you with court papers or other legal documents, and to instead trick the defendant/respondent into thinking the person is there for a different reason. Some of the most common disguises that they use to trick evasive defendants include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pizza Delivery Person
  • Door Dash/Uber Eats Food/Groceries Delivery Driver
  • UPS/FedEX Office Package Delivery Driver
  • Evangelist/Missionary
  • Person Looking for Her/His/Their Lost Dog/Cat

As you can see, there are many different disguises that they use to trick people into getting served. Some defendants/respondents are just so difficult to get this job done must be extra sneaky and deceptive to get the job done right.

To obtain a license and work at a private investigation agency, each candidate must fill out an application to work as a process server. To qualify to obtain a license in Oklahoma, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must be eligible to legally work in the United States, either through birth rights, naturalization, or via a work visa.
  • All of them must not have any felonies, violent misdemeanors, or crimes of “moral turpitude” – whatever that weird definition is. Also, no one may have any pending felony or misdemeanor charges.
  • Each must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Every individual me must have been a current resident of the State of Oklahoma for the past 6 months or a resident of the county in which she/he/they is/are apply(ies) for the past thirty (30) days.
  • No one may have ever been required to register as a sex offender.
  • He/She/They may not have had her/his/their process server revoked one time in the past five (5) years or more than once under any circumstance.
  • All applicants must also fill out the process server license application and pay the associated fee.
  • Each person must also file a notice of their application in a legal paper, such as The Journal Record.
  • Every person must obtain two (2) passport photos.
  • All must also obtain a process server in Oklahoma surety bond from a reputable insurance company like Sherman Humes.

Once applicants wishing to become process servers in Oklahoma have met the requirements and have satisfied the application requirements, they can find employment as one. 😊

Technically speaking, yes, a United States Postal Worker can “serve” someone via certified mail with a return receipt. While a postal employee is not a process server or sheriff’s deputy, if the defendant/respondent personally signs for the item it does count as valid personal service. Unfortunately, most times defendants/respondents ignore such an attempt to serve them, and thus it mostly wastes time and money.


According to each process server at our private detective agency in El Reno, you must hire one to serve a subpoena to an individual at least three (3) days before the court date. 😊

Under most circumstances, he will not contact a defendant or respondent prior to trying to serve them. This is because each one needs to be discreet and maintain the element of surprise. If they call defendants/respondents beforehand, even if they call from blocked numbers, it blows their cover and usually makes the defendants/respondents start to avoid service of process.

One instance when he might call a defendant/respondent before attempting service of process or perhaps after several unsuccessful attempts, is when they are trying to trick a defendant/respondent into getting served. It is a risky tactic but calling a defendant to get her/his/their cooperation to “receive” a “package” can sometimes yield beneficial results.

When employing this sneaky tactic, an expert will not want to call from a blocked number, because it will make the defendant/respondent more suspicious. Thus, if they are trying to claim to be an employee of UPS or FedEx office with package delivery for them, then it would help if they went to a UPS Store or a FedEx Office location and asked to use their phone for a minute. 😊 That way the defendant/respondent is more likely to fall for the trick and think that they really are calling to help deliver a package for them. 😉

Another circumstance when he might contact a defendant/respondent beforehand, is when he wants to secure the cooperation of the defendant/respondent and thus just honestly and forthrightly tell the person why she/he/they is/are calling. They usually only attempt this tactic when they are desperate and out of time or when the defendant/respondent is known to be cooperative.

He would rarely make a call in this circumstance from a blocked number If he made these calls from blocked numbers, they will make the defendants/respondents suspicious of their true intentions and are less likely to secure their cooperation.

The time when our private investigation agency receives the most calls about “process servers” calling from blocked numbers, is when a debt collection agency calls them pretending to be one. These debt collection agencies make vague references to being with the “Oklahoma County Process Server Division” or some other vague, generic term. They often call from 1-800 or 1-855 numbers, which further adds to their confusion. Then these people do a Google search for “process servers” and call the first company name which pops up, which is usually ours, and explain what happened to them. It is annoying to say the least, especially when these people keep calling us over and over.

His life can be exciting and new each day, full of the “thrill of the catch” and with much possible danger from murderous defendants/respondents. Most individual/non-business service of process takes place in the evening when most people tend to be home and servable. They serve business and governmental agencies whenever they are open.

Between the service of process times, he might engage in the following matters:

  • Conducting Skip Trace Services
  • Notary Public Services & Mobile Notary Services
  • Performing Document Retrieval Services,
  • Filling out Affidavits of Process Server,
  • Answering Phone Calls
  • Meeting With Clients
  • Drinking Coffee/Tea
  • Visiting Their World’s Extra Best Daughters At Their Schools
  • Waking Up Late In The Morning
  • Taking Payments
  • Conducting Private Investigations As a Private Eye Near Me From a Private Investigation Agency Near Me
  • Playing With Their Cats – Meow! 😊
  • Just relaxing For a Bit Before Doing More Work.

Process servers and private investigators lead exciting, adventurous, dangerous lives, but the pay can be great if you do it right, and by being able to set your own hours and be your own boss, the benefits are amazing! 😊 Thus, if you want to become one, please just give us a call at (405) 593-3515 for more information about some truly exciting work! 😊

If you fail to respond to court papers that a process server has served upon you, then you will likely lose your case if the other party shows up for court. This is why all our experts always urge everyone who receives court papers to respond to them as quickly as possible to avoid complications and judicial losses.

When a court issues a default judgment against a defendant/respondent, it means that the defendant/respondent loses the judicial case against her/him/them, note our specialists that conduct private investigations in El Reno. Choosing to hire an attorney to represent you in court or at least showing up so you know what is going on is the more praiseworthy choice.

At this point, the defendant/respondent may file a motion to vacate the default judgment, or the defendant/respondent against whom the judge granted a default judgment will suffer whatever consequences of that default judgment are. If the judge ordered the defendant/respondent to pay money or do an action like stay away from a person or not spend certain assets and the defendant/respondent does so anyway, then the defendant/respondent will surely draw the judge’s ire and will face consequences like an indirect contempt citation or other legal sanction.

Our process servers and private eyes at our private investigation agency note that a victim protection order (VPO) in Oklahoma is usually valid for a period of 1-5 years. However, they point out that a judge can renew a victim protection order for longer periods or can even grant it for indefinite periods of time.

If you need help serving a VPO, then you need to hire a professional for your job, then you have surely come to the right place! 😊 You can find the best process server right here with us, today, now! 😊

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