Hire the Best Process Server in Woodward, Oklahoma



Hire the Best Process Server in Woodward, OK

Woodward is a rural area, and yet even in it the court systems thrive as strongly as ever with the help of dedicated process servers and private investigators from the best private investigation agencies in Woodward. Indeed, they constitute the backbone of our modern-day jurisprudence. Unfortunately, many people do not even know what they are or what they do.

The owners of our private investigation agency have put together a series of FAQs about them. These are intended to help others better understand what they are and what they do. The questions and their accompanying answers to these FAQs questions are listed as following below:

Most frequent questions and answers

He is a person whom the State of Oklahoma licenses to serve court papers and other legal documents to nonprofit organizations, companies, individuals, and governmental agencies. Without them, our judicial system would grind to almost a complete halt.

To hire an agent, you simply need to locate them. You may contact a private detective and process server at our private detective agency in Woodward, Oklahoma today to get started. 😊

If you have found yourself reading this question and its accompanying answer, then you have already been able to locate the best process server. Congrats! If you wish to hire one, then find them from our private investigation agency today. 😊

Our skip trace service provided by our process servers is intended to help our clients locate missing people. Our nationwide skip trace service by them can often find missing people by providing the following information about them:

  1. Current Full Legal Names & Other Legal Names Used
  2. Current & Previous Residential Addresses, Including Dates at Those Locations
  3. Social Security Number
  4. Current & Previous E-mail Addresses
  5. Current & Previous Phone Numbers
  6. Driver’s License Number
  7. Date of Birth
  8. Professional Licenses
  9. Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  10. Gun Permits/Licenses
  11. Liens
  12. Bankruptcies
  13. Judgments
  14. Neighbors, Family, Friends, & Their Contact Information
  15. Global Watchlists
  16. UCC Filings
  17. Marriage Records – California Only
  18. Employment History
  19. Much More! 😊

To obtain the information above, our specialists will need you to provide as much of the following information to us about the person of interest as you have.

  1. Full Legal Names, Including Previous Names & Aliases
  2. Social Security Number or Even the Last 4 Digits
  3. Driver’s License Number
  4. Social Media Profile URL Links
  5. Current & Former Residential & Business Addresses, Including Dates at Those Locations
  6. Current & Former E-mail Addresses
  7. Current & Former Phone Numbers

Each one of our officials fully understands that you may not have all the information requested above, and that is normal.

They have been in this legal profession for many years. As such, each process server have had the opportunity to build up professional legal relationships with other legal professionals in different areas. Because of this, when you hire a private investigator from the best private detective agency, you can also benefit from the special vetted contacts that they have that you can also hire to help you with your case.

Some of our highly qualified specialists include the best criminal defense attorneys, the best bail bondsman that writes bail bonds, and the best personal injury lawyer in OKC. Yes, that is right. When you hire them to serve court papers and other legal documents on your behalf, we will share our contacts with you and help connect you with all other kinds of professionals who can also provide you with the best assistance in just about any matter. 😊

Please give yourself a huge pat on the back! The fact you are reading this already proves you have found great success in your quest to locate a process server near me. That is right! You won the legal lottery! 

Please give us a call at (405) 593-3515 to hire a process server from our best private detective agency. They are standing ready and willing to assist you with serving your legal court papers. 

Women have many advantages with process serving and private investigations that men and non-binary persons do not – GIRL POWER! 😊 Yes, when you give your case to them, you will have female owners overseeing all of them. That way you can rest assured that competent women are handling your legal case and will not jeopardize it like many men can inadvertently do.

Women are also prettier, more discreet, and less likely to draw suspicion when working as a Woodward private investigator. When you hire them, you are also supporting a minority-owned business to help you with all your legal needs. 😊

They can earn substantial incomes, if they own large process-serving companies. The most successful ones can earn salaries of well over $100,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 😊

The average ones often earn about the same salary as a teacher and often do much less work with hateful students, ungrateful parents, crazy racist, transphobic laws, and often unsupportive administrators. This is why many former teachers become process servers and private investigators at private investigation agencies and enjoy equal or better lifestyles for less effort and stress. 😊

The cost to hire one can vary by process server, but fees typically range from $89 for routine serves in larger cities like Oklahoma to a whopping $750 for the tiniest of towns in the city with no process servers where the court papers and other legal documents require rush service of process.

There are also other associated costs which can affect how much it is to hire them. These cost-inducing differentials to hire these specialists include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Whether You Require Rush or Routine Service
  2. The Number of Pages to Print Out
  3. Whether You Need Our Skip Trace Service
  4. The Size/Remoteness of the City the Defendant/Respondent is in
  5. The Number of Addresses Our Process Servers at Our Private Investigation Agency Must go to
  6. Whether You Require Document Filing and/or Retrieval
  7. Whether You Require Waiting/Watching Time for Siege Serves/Evasive Defendants/Respondents
  8. How Many Defendants/Respondents Our Process Server and Private Investigator at Our Private Investigation Agency in Woodward Must Serve
  9. Whether You Require Any Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  10. Whether You Need Any Subpoenas Domesticated
  11. Whether You Require Our agents to Front Witness Fees for Witnesses
  12. Whether You Need Our specialists to Conduct a Forwarding Mail Check to Attempt to Locate a Missing Person’s New Address Associated With Their Mail Forwarding Request
  13. Whether You Require Our Official to Conduct a Post Office Box Check to Verify the Physical Address Associated With a O. Box

Do you see how these things could affect the cost of hiring them? You must consider many factors when our investigators conduct process serving in Oklahoma on your behalf. Thus, please do not be stingy and be sure to pay our officials fairly. 😊

He is allowed to serve court papers and other legal documents to defendants/respondents, plaintiffs, subpoenaed individuals, etc. That is basically what they can do: Follow local, state, and federal laws and serve court papers. 😊

When you need to find a process server to serve court papers and other legal documents on your behalf to serve a subpoena, he must serve the person at least 3 days before the scheduled court date. This is a mandatory law under the State of Oklahoma.

Yes, the State of Oklahoma typically requires process servers and private investigators to include a witness fee of $40 per day plus about $0.60/mile to and from the location where she/he/they will provide testimony on subpoenas for deposition. If they fail to include this amount with the subpoena when serving someone, the person is not legally required to attend the hearing/court date.

When serving subpoenas duces tecum, also known as subpoenas to produce documents, they must also include a nominal fee for the person, business, governmental agency, or nonprofit corporation to print out/produce the needed documentation. For requests that require smaller amounts of printing, they usually suggest including a nominal amount of $10-$25 for the production/printing costs.

When clients choose to hire a private investigator from the best private investigation agency to serve a subpoena in their state that another state court had originally issued, he must first get it domesticated. What does getting subpoena “domesticated” mean, you might ask? Glad you asked, because many law firms and court clerks themselves do not even know what “domestication of a subpoena” means, either.

Domestication of a subpoena is where they take several copies of the subpoena and, if applicable, the notice for deposition, up to the court clerk in the county where the person receiving the subpoena lives. The process server in Woodward, OK, gives all three copies to the court clerk, and the court clerk stamps one copy after filing it in there and keeps it. Then the court clerk stamps the other two copies and gives them back to them. That is the easiest way to explain domestication of a state subpoena. 😊

The Woodward process server then takes one copy and goes and serves it upon the defendant, along with any applicable witness fee. Most clients prefer to have a copy of the domesticated subpoena as proof of its filing, so they often want them to send them a copy by E-mail and/or U.S. Mail as well.

Once they serves the court papers, they will return the original affidavit of process service to the court clerk where they domesticated and should provide the client with a copy of the affidavit of process server via E-mail to the client. That completes the process of domestication of an out of state subpoena from a state court. 😊

A subpoena for deposition is meant to be served upon an individual whom the courts will hear testimony from. Thus, a “subpoena for deposition” is basically a “subpoena to testify” about a particular event, specialized knowledge, etc. These types of subpoenas private investigators in Woodward, OK, are indeed very common court papers for them to serve on a routine basis.

A subpoena duces tecum, also referred to as a subpoena for the production of documents, is where a process server delivers a form to a business, nonprofit organization, governmental agency, etc., whereby the subpoena duces tecum mandates that that company, nonprofit organization, or governmental agency must comply with releasing copies of certain documents or other items to the party in the court case that sent the subpoena. No one is required to testify when given a subpoena duces tecum.

Suppose you need to hire the best person to help you serve a subpoena for deposition and/or a subpoena duces tecum. In that case, you have come to the right place!  You may locate the best agent here today. Find the best process server from our best private investigation agency today! 

Some of them leave notes and/or business cards on the doors of defendants/respondents they are trying to serve court papers and/or other legal documents to. Some swear this tactic is effective and that defendants/respondents often call them back when they leave notes and/or business cards. In most cases, the owners of our private investigation agency tend to disagree.

Many people will try to avoid process servers in Woodward, when they know they are trying to serve them. Thus, our owner thinks it is often a bad idea for them to leave notes and business cards for people they are trying to serve. Indeed, discreetness and the element of surprise are key to their successful service of process in Oklahoma.  

If our specialists are having success with the tactic, however, the owners give them the discretion to keep on doing it. Results are what matter the most in the process serving in Oklahoma. 

They usually do not call people they are trying to serve with court papers or other legal documents before they serve them. The only reasons that they would ever call a defendant/respondent beforehand would be under the following circumstances:

  1. The Defendant/Respondent Wants to Willingly Accept the Court or Other Legal Documents from the Process Server from the Private Investigation Agency in Woodward:


There are some limited instances when defendants/respondents willingly welcome the documents that a process server bring to her/him/them. Yes, this does indeed actually happen, and when it does it is perfectly appropriate for them to call the defendant/respondent up and schedule a date and time to meet up.


  1. The Process Server are Trying to Trick a Defendant/Respondent Into Inadvertently Accepting the Court Papers and/or Other Legal Documents:

Sometimes it becomes necessary for them to try to trick evasive defendants/respondents into meeting up with her/him/them. This can come in the form of disguises, pretending to have a package or food delivery, etc. In these circumstances, it can be very normal for them in to call the defendant/respondent beforehand.


  1. He/She All Out of Ideas and is Calling the Defendant/Respondent as a Last Resort:

Sometimes the court date is almost upon everyone and if the papers are not served right away it will be too late. Unfortunately, the process server has tried everything else and has run completely out of ideas. As a last-ditch effort, he might try to call the defendant/respondent in hopes that she/he/they will simply meet up and accept the documents. Can this tactic really work? Yes, it can work but it is a very rare occasion when it does.


  1. The Woodward Process Server is a Newbie and Does Not Know What She/He/They is/are doing:


Many private investigators at private investigation agencies, especially those who are brand new, often lack experience and make a lot of mistakes. When they call defendants/respondents for reasons other than listed directly above, it often causes non-evasive defendants/respondents to become evasive and even non-evasive defendants/respondents to start becoming more evasive.

This is why our agents always ask our process serving clients to never contact the defendants/respondents ahead of time and tell them they have chosen to hire a process server to serve them court papers and/or other legal documents. It ends up leading to extra evasiveness that makes his job 5000% more difficult. ☹

Prior to 2014, they used to be able to wear process server badges. After all, they are what the State of Oklahoma to be officers of the court. However, since 2014 the State of Oklahoma passed another one of its weird, backwards laws which prohibit them from wearing badges to show that they are official process servers.

The big “concern” about them wearing badges is that someone “might” accidentally mistake them for being members of law enforcement. They unless they have received separate commissions as police officers, are not considered members of law enforcement. Thus, process servers would not wear badges that assert them as such or make other statements alluding to the idea that they are indeed police officers even if they wore process server badges.

Whether you “want” to accept court papers and other legal documents from process servers or not, when they serve you with them you are served – period. There is no disputing it and no chance to deny service. It is a done deal. Thus, if they have served you, just take the documents and do not whine like a baby. 😊

Becoming one in Oklahoma usually costs about $350 for the first year for your process server in Oklahoma license and bond. After the first year, they must then pay about another $350 or so for the next 3 years and every 3 years thereafter. Yes, the cost to become one – especially for the first year – is not inexpensive, and the associated costs often prevent many of them who live in small towns from becoming process servers in the first place. The fees are just too cost-prohibitive. ☹

The rules which govern process serving include any federal and state-specific statutes where the court documents originated, as well as the Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Process servers are expected to know and understand all applicable rules and regulations pertaining to them.

If you need to hire a private investigator from our private investigation agency today. It is so important to find a process server who are well-versed in the laws and regulations and who pledge to follow them closely. 😊

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