Find a Sexual Assault Private Investigator Near Me



Find a Sexual Assault Private Investigator Near Me

Have you become the victim of sexual assault, rape, forcible oral sodomy, child pornography, or some other sex crime? Has the government accused you of rape, sexual assault, or some other sexual offense? If so, then you need to hire the best sexual assault private investigator or rape private investigator from the best private investigation agency to conduct sexual assault private investigations and rape private investigations on your behalf.

But where do you start? Whom do you call? How do you locate the best one that can solve such a case? Fortunately, the owners of our private investigation agency have put together some questions and answers to make it much easier to find the best detective to help you conduct investigations on your behalf. 😊

These questions and answers about those that these inquiries are listed below as follow:

Most frequent questions and answers

Criminal private investigators and law enforcement alike both have ways in which they investigate rape and other sexual assault cases. This procedure typically includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:

  1. Initial Crime Scene Investigation – This is often conducted by crime scene investigators (CSI) and other law enforcement personnel. They can also potentially conduct crime scene investigations, on occasion.
  2. Evidence Management – Law enforcement/police officers and sexual assault private detectives from the best private detective agencies alike are able to help manage evidence. When working on behalf of alleged sexual assault victims, sex trafficking and human trafficking private detectives that conduct sex crimes investigations are more likely to work together with police, district attorneys, nonprofit organizations whose aim is helping victims of sexual assault, and the families of the alleged victim(s).

When working on behalf of the alleged perpetrators of sexual crimes, they inquire about the case and often work in tandem with the best criminal defense attorneys near me and the best bail bondsman in Oklahoma City to help secure the accused defendant’s release. In these circumstances, it is the responsibility of the criminal defense attorney and the sexual assault private investigator to maintain and share evidence with each other that can assist in this pursuit.

  1. Crime Analysis – Law enforcement, criminal defense attorneys, and these special agents that investigate these cases will also need to analyze or hire independent experts with specialties and subspecialties to fully analyze all available evidence.
  2. Interviews With Victims, Witnesses, Suspects – Law enforcement/police, criminal defense attorneys, and sex crimes private investigators must also take the time needed to interview alleged victims of sexual assault, witnesses to the incident, and possible suspects/perpetrators of the rape or other sex crime.
  3. Appealing to the Public for Assistance – Law enforcement will also often appeal to the public via television, billboards, online news stories, etc., to see if anyone else has any other information about a case. This can also prove helpful to law enforcement’s case, because sometimes there will be other unknown alleged victims by the same alleged perpetrator(s) who might also come forward to the police to report their case(s) as well.

Likewise, in some circumstances such detectives with large budgets might also take to using the Internet/social media, television and radio ads, billboards, handing out flyers, etc., to secure assistance from the public and anyone else who might have knowledge of the incident.

A lady by the name of Dorothy Edwards put together a special program in 2006 known as the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program. This helps inform people who happen to be nearby a sexual assault or rape as what to do to help intervene and stop it from happening. The 3 P’s of sexual assault are thus listed as follows:

  1. Direct – The first step to stopping a sexual assault is for an individual to intervene in the situation by interacting those involved in the sexual assault/rape. The bystander needs to tell the rapist that what she/he/they is/are doing is not okay and to ask the victim how she/he/they can help.
  2. Distract – The bystander can also intervene in the situation by asking the victim for help looking for her/his/their keys or even by “accidentally” spilling water onto the perpetrator to distract her/him/them from committing this crime.
  3. Delegate – Whenever a bystander to a sexual assault in progress also has other options to be of assistance to the victim of this violence. Depending upon the severity of the situation, the bystander can phone a friend or family member, report the matter to campus security/resident advisor/professor/older student, or if it is very serious can scream for help or can call 911.

Sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence such as forcible oral sodomy, child molestation, child pornography, etc., are all preventable. Our agents assert that everyone should do her/his/their part to help prevent, intervene, and report sexual violence in any form when it occurs.

According to our professionals here are many levels of sexual assault cases. These can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Attempted Rape Cases
  2. Incidents Involving Fondling and/or Touching of the Victim That is Not Wanted, Including But Not Limited to, Child Molestation
  3. Making the Sexual Assault Victim Perform Sexual Acts, Such as Forcible Oral Sodomy, and/or Forcing the Sexual Assault Victim to Penetrate the Perpetrator’s Body
  4. Raping the Victim (Anal, Oral, Rape by Instrumentation)
  5. Child Pornography

If you or someone you know needs to locate the best rape private investigator, then you have come to the right place. You can find the best sex crimes private investigator as you find the best private investigation agency near me today . . . with us

There are only two types of reported outcomes that come across in such cases: restricted and unrestricted. Whenever an alleged victim of sexual assault makes a restricted report, it means she/he/they do(es) not want it investigated. Instead, he/she just wants to make the law enforcement agency or other organization aware of what happened. This may especially happen whenever they do not want to press charges, is worried that no evidence exists to support her/his/their claims, etc., or is under the impression that a sexual assault investigation will not end with any noteworthy results.

On the other hand, when an alleged sexual assault victim wants the police department to formally investigate her/his/their claims of sexual assault, rape, child molestation, etc., then the person files an unrestricted report. When this happens, the police, university, and/or other law enforcement personnel take action to thoroughly investigate the allegations of rape and/or other sexual misconduct. The investigation itself does not guarantee an outcome one way or the other for the alleged sexual assault victim.

If you need to hire a specialist to conduct confidential sexual assault investigations on your behalf, then you can locate the best agent when you locate the best private investigation agency near me . . . ours! 😊

According to our reputable staff, there are only 1% percent of total sexual assault cases that ever end in a conviction. This may sound frustrating for victims of sexual assault and rape and relieving for accused perpetrators of sexual assault.  Of course, our agents also have some more specific statistics on the conviction rates for those accused of such crimes.

Whenever someone reports a rape or other sex crime, there is a 50.8% chance that law enforcement will act on it and make an arrest. Of course, as said earlier, a huge number of rapes and other forms of sexual violence are matters that many victims do not report for several reasons. When they do report this, there is only a 1 in 2 chance that anything will happen thereafter.

If indeed police arrest the suspect, the good news for rape victims is that about 80% of reported cases end with the district attorneys filing charges against the suspect. However, once again only about 58% of those criminal suspects the district attorneys choose to prosecute ever result in a conviction. The other 42% of criminal defendants accused of sex crimes end up securing an acquittal, getting the judge to dismiss the charges before trial, or with the district attorney choosing to withdraw the charges against the defendant, etc.

According to our forcible oral sodomy private investigators at our private investigation agency, the average prison sentence for those convicted of rape is about 16 years.

These special agents help do what law enforcement, universities, departments of human services, and the Roman Catholic Church and other so-called “holy” places will not or cannot do: Investigate allegations of sexual assault, child pornography, rape, child molestation, etc. Perhaps these agencies lack the personnel, have no interest, or maybe they believe that no sexual assault, rape, etc., ever occurred, made a ton of mistakes during their investigation, or even accidentally came to the wrong conclusion.

Whatever the reason, for the right price you can hire the best agent to conduct sex crimes investigations on your behalf or on behalf of someone you know and love. When you find a specialist, you can rest assured you have hired an independent private eye to fully investigate any criminal or civil matter you need investigating. 😊

According to our trained staff, there are many factors that influence the length of prison sentences that criminal defendants receive when convicted of rape and other sexual assault crimes. They state that the factors which influence the length of these prison sentences for sexual assault are listed below as follow:

  1. The Age of the Defendant
  2. The Age of the Victim(s)
  3. The Number of Offences Against the Victim(s)
  4. The Type(s) & Degree(s) of Sexual Assault
  5. The State/Jurisdiction in Which the Sexual Assault(s) Occurred
  6. Whether or Not the Defendant(s) Show(s) Remorse
  7. The Strength or Weaknesses of the Criminal Case Against the Defendant
  8. Whether Mandatory Minimums & Federal Sentencing Guidelines Come Into Play
  9. The Accused Defendant’s Prior Criminal History
  10. The Results of the Pre-Sentencing Investigation Report (PSI)
  11. The Luck of the Draw on the Jury/Judge

The Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry is a statewide registry of persons convicted of sexual offenses. Sadly, some who are on the list were only taking a quick pee behind a tree or bush and were not doing anything immoral or wrong. Other persons in this State, however, have committed very violent sexual offenses against other people. Some of the victims of persons on this registry were children and babies. ☹

The Nationwide Sex Offender Registry, on the other hand, is a nationwide list of persons on the various state-level sex offender registries throughout the United States of America. This way there is one place a person can go to see if a person of interest (POI) is listed anywhere throughout the USA as a registered sex offender. Many people contend that having a list such as this makes it even easier and faster for persons needing to check the criminal backgrounds of persons who might serve in positions of authority with children, babies, women, and others who are more vulnerable to sexual assault.

Some people contend that these state-level and national sex offender registries are helpful and beneficial to society, because they alert the public to them – well, aside from the persons just needing to pee. According to our sexual assault private investigators who conduct private investigations, these sex offender registries can prove useful at helping alert families with young kids and other vulnerable individuals about the potentially dangerous people who are living close by. Of course, others have starkly different views about the “benefits” of the presence of statewide and national sex offender registries.

Our detectives also denote that these types of “sex offender registries” also come with several drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks, according to our agents also contend that these so-called “lists” unfairly target people who have already paid their debts to society. These registries can lead to ostracization by the communities in which these individuals live, as well as outright violence against them by would-be vigilantes seeking a perverted revenge-style “justice”.

Our rape detectives assert that there are a plethora of reasons why many victims of sexual assault and rape do not report the crimes. These reasons include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Retaliation by the Rapist and/or Her/His/Their Family – Our agents are quick to point out that many victims of violent sexual assault victims are worried about the potential for retaliation by the abuser and/or her/his/their family and friends. Indeed, this is all too common, and retaliation and/or the fear of it keeps a large number of sexual assault victims silenced.
  2. Victim Blaming – Many times when a sexual damage victim speaks out, her/his/their friends, family, the rapist, the rapist’s family and friends, and even the community as a whole often end up turning on the alleged victim as the real “If you had not dressed like a ______ or a ______, then this would not have happened,” victim blamers people say. Our professionals note that this is indeed a sad occurrence. ☹
  3. Feelings of Self-Blame, and/or Shame by the Sexual Assault Victim – According to them, many victims of sexual assault and forcible oral sodomy end up blaming themselves for what happened. “I should have known better than to go _______ or to trust ________. I should not have worn ______ outfit or been born so physically attractive.” By blaming themselves instead of the person or individuals who abused them, the victims of rape and other forms of this violence justify their self-imposed silence as no more than they “deserved”.
  4. The Rape Victim May be Afraid of Getting the Rapist in Trouble or of Getting in Trouble Herself/Himself/Themselves – Many rape victims and child molestation victims know their rapists. The person may be a parent, sibling, uncle, aunt, cousin, teacher, minister, or other person of authority they trust. Indeed, our private investigators at our private investigation agency often do not want the perpetrators to get into trouble.

The rapist herself/himself/themselves might have even warned their victims that if they tell anyone, the police will come and take their attacker away. They would not want that, would they? In doing so, the victim might very well feel shame and guilt about reporting the crime. See the predicament here? Our specialists still do!

When you locate the best rape detective, you are harnessing many years of experience, numerous degrees, and contacts they have built up over the many years of providing professional legal services.  How can this help you? Well, you should find the best agent and ask! 😊

When working on behalf of the victims of child pornography, rape, sex crimes, and other sexual assault, you can hire the best one who will utilize her/his/their contacts with police departments, nonprofit organizations aimed at helping sexual assault victims, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and more!

Our special agent will also work equally hard when conducting child molestation private investigations on behalf of criminal defendants the government has charged with rape and other sex crimes. Indeed, once you hire one, they will help you hire the best criminal defense attorney in OKC and assist you as you hire the best bail bondsman in Oklahoma City to write bail bonds on your behalf. These other two previously vetted members will serve as a crucial part of your criminal defense dream team.

Likewise, unlike how when  victim chooses to hire the best detective on their behalf, when an accused criminal defendant does so there is absolutely no collaboration with the police, district attorneys, or other nonprofit agencies that are attempting to help secure a felony conviction. Thus, when you locate the best sex crimes private detective to conduct sex crimes investigations, you can rest assured that he will do everything they legally can to work against the securing of a criminal conviction against you.

This is a particularly good question, and our sex trafficking private investigators have just the answer. Indeed, some factors do influence whether someone is more vulnerable to it, and these factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. People Who Are Housing/Food Insecure
  2. Persons Who Are Autistic
  3. Individuals Involved in Sex Work
  4. People Whom Someone Has Previously Raped or Sexually Assaulted
  5. Members of the LGBTQIA+ Community, Especially Persons Who Are Transgender
  6. Individuals Who Are Younger in Age
  7. Person With Autism
  8. Females, Gender Fluid People, & Non-Binary Persons
  9. Individuals Who Have Multiple Sex Partners and/or Partake in Risky Sex Acts
  10. People Who Are in/Were Formerly in Jail/Prison/Mental Hospitals
  11. Persons With Intellectual/Emotional/Psychological Disabilities
  12. Individuals, Especially Girls & Females, Who Are Seeking to Become Educated & Economically Independent – Especially in Repressive Countries
  13. Minors Without Supervision

As noted by our officials, the factors above are some of the many factors which can increase the likelihood that someone will experience sexual violence, rape, and other sex crimes. If you or someone you know needs to find the best person for the job, then please contact us today for more information. 😊


While there are many distinct types of evidence that can prove to be very useful in such investigations, the detectives at our agency can assure you that nothing is as helpful as DNA evidence. While many experts claim it is “junk science”, many police officers, judges, and district attorneys would disagree. DNA evidence may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Saliva
  2. Semen
  3. Blood
  4. Skin cells
  5. Hair
  6. Clothing
  7. Fibers
  8. More!

Of course, there are other types of helpful evidence in these cases that can also help prove helpful to us. These other variations of DNA evidence include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Video Camera Recording of the Rape/Sexual Assault
  2. Eyewitness Testimony
  3. Marks on the Rape/Sexual Assault Victim/Alleged Perpetrator from the Attack
  4. Weapon Used in the Rape/Sexual Assault
  5. Discrepancies in the Defendant’s Details
  6. Lack of Defendant’s Alibi
  7. Defendant’s Confession
  8. Much More!

If you or someone you love and care about has become the unfortunate victim of a rape or other sexual assault or if the government has accused you of child molestation or sexual assault, then you need to hire the best sex crimes private investigator to conduct investigations on your behalf.

As any decent investigator can assert, instead of immediately opting for the prison option through the legal system, some colleges, universities, and even district attorneys instead pursue the option of restorative justice for victims of sexual violence and other related crimes. In doing so, instead of direct criminal proceedings and jail, the accused offender sits down for a conference with their victim. During this meeting, the victim is permitted to tell the offender how her/his/their actions hurt their victim, and then she/he/they take(s) responsibility for her/his/their actions and makes a plan of action to atone for her/his/their actions and to help prevent her/him/them from hurting anyone else.

Many people, including our trained staff, believe that restorative justice procedures can be more beneficial for both criminal defendants and their victims, as well as helping to prevent mass incarceration, helps prevent recidivism, and keeps people from becoming hardened criminals while incarcerated.   

According to our professionals, on live victims, it is usually a doctor or nurse who specializes in their examinations who collects DNA like hair, semen, vaginal fluid, skin under the fingernails/fingernail scrapings, and other evidence from a victim’s body. These doctors and nurses also address issues of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), pregnancies, etc.

Our agents also denote that when a such crime is subsequently accompanied by death or in the case of necrophilia is preceded by death, crime scene investigators (CSIs), coroners, etc., are more likely to be the individuals who collect the evidence and make those determinations. Either way, DNS evidence can prove crucial to investigations both by law enforcement and sex trafficking private investigators.

Yes, all such cases are confidential. Whether working on behalf of the victims or alleged perpetrators, by law all of our private investigators at our private investigation agency in Crescent, Oklahoma only disclose the information about the investigations directly to the client and/or her/his/their attorney of record, if desired.

The cost to hire the best specialist is not inexpensive. Indeed, because these fields are so highly specialized, they require only the highest-trained, most dedicated private investigators. Rape and other forms of sexual assault are highly serious matters, so if you want to hire the best person for this job on your behalf you can expect to spend thousands of dollars for professional legal assistance.

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