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Suspect Your Spouse of Committing Digital Infidelity? Hire a Private Investigator

Suspect Your Spouse of Committing Digital InfidelityHire a Private Investigator

Digital infidelity. Yes, it’s a real thing. In this day and age where people can impersonate celebrities and actually successfully catfish unsuspecting naïve victims, almost anything is possible. Many individuals think that digital infidelity is harmless, and realize too late that communicating with someone privately about intimate things can have severe emotional impact on their partner.

Is Cheating Online Still Cheating?

The advent of the internet, especially social media platforms, has really made it quite easy to connect with old flames and to easily talk to strangers from all over the world. Digital infidelity is considered quite the grey area when you evaluate cheating as a whole. Meeting up with ex-lovers or strangers behind your spouse’s back would seem like blatant cheating, but would it be the same if messages are exchanged through inboxes? This is when it becomes a sticky situation for the private detective you hire.


Long gone are the old days when cheating or having an affair meant that you were physically involved with someone other than your partner, without their knowledge or permission. The digital age has brought upon more forms of cheating. Digital infidelity can range from harmless flirting, sending inappropriate pictures to people, or emotionally cheating on your partner online. Digitally cheating is just as harmful for a relationship as physical cheating.

Signs That They May Be Cheating

Of course, it is good to respect your partner’s space and privacy. However, if they start acting shady, hiding things from you and avoiding you, then it may be time to call them out. Some people feel like they are going crazy or are just paranoid but their suspicions often turn out to be true, so don’t ignore your feelings. If they have been spending a ridiculous amount of time on their phone, to the point of altering their sleep schedule then they may be committing digital infidelity. If you try confronting them and they keep dodging the question or refuse to listen to your side, maybe hiring a private investigator would be the right time.

The Upside Of Technology

Cheaters might be thinking that their secrets are safe and secure online, but they are very wrong. Nothing online is private. It is all stored and available, no matter how hard you try to hide. All an experienced private investigator from Oklahoma City would have to do is to recover pics, emails, outgoing call records and texts in order to catch your spouse in the act.

The saying, ‘cheaters never win,’ is very true. Hire a private investigator from OKC to uncover the truth about your spouse and their activity online.


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