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Tinsley Keefe Shares Her 3 Secrets to Cheating Spouse Cases

Tinsley Keefe Shares Her 3 Secrets to Cheating Spouse Cases

As a private investigator, you will find yourself solving a lot of marital affair cases. While you might experience some happy endings, the outcome is almost always the same: heartbreaking disaster. Oklahoma City wedding officiant, Tinsley Keefe, cannot even remember the amount of cheating spouses she has busted throughout her career.

Tinsley Keefe Shares Her 3 Secrets to Cheating Spouse CasesTinsley also notes the sad part – even when the suspect ends up being innocent, the relationship is almost always ruined as their spouse usually lets on that they hired a private investigator. The guilt can eat away at a person until they have no choice but to come clean. This is why, as a private detective, you need to have your walls up and your mind prepared for the worst possible outcome.

Lucky for you, Tinsley Keefe has shared her three secrets to martial affair cases.

1 – Tact 

As cliché as it sounds, the biggest thing that Tinsley stresses as an Oklahoma-based private investigator is the use of tact. You should be tactful in any situation with a client; no matter the case. This is even more apparent for martial affair cases.

When you are telling your client of your findings, try to use a comforting tone. You should also try to provide the information in a idealistic manner. For example, stress to your client that while your findings might confirm their suspicions, they now have the opportunity to rest easy and begin the challenge of moving on.

2 – Specifics 

You are a private detective. That might not make you invincible, but at the very least it needs to make you resourceful and specific. While acting as a private detective in OKC, Tinsley Keefe always double checks her findings and she always digs deeper. There is no room for speculation.

The private detective world is a world of truth. Your client is expecting the cold hard facts, and it is your duty to make sure they are the facts. This means you need to be thorough. For example, if you are monitoring the suspect and they are at a shady motel with an unknown person, do not instantly assume they are having an affair.

Wait that shit out and make sure it is not a shady under the table business deal or a drug exchange.

3 – Verify 

Verify with your client that this is what they really want. Once a private investigator is hired for a possible martial affair, there is no going back. Tinsley Keefe always asks her clients if they have considered discussing the situation directly with their significant other.

Most of the time, the answer is the same. They have tried talking about it with no luck or they simply do not want to. Regardless, it is better to move forward with their direct consent and acknowledgement to the situation and possible outcome than jumping in when their heart is only half in it.

Overall, if you follow Tinsley’s 3 secrets, your future martial affair cases might be a little bit easier.

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