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Tinsley Keefe’s Guide to Marrying a Private Detective

Private Detective in Oklahoma City: Keefe Private Investigations

Private Detective in Oklahoma City: Keefe Private InvestigationsYou might have already read Tinsley Keefe’s guide on hooking up with a private detective, but there is a very big difference between hooking up with a private detective and marrying one. Lucky for you, Tinsley’s experience working as a private detective in Oklahoma City has given her the opportunity to help others in trying to land the private detective of their dreams. First and foremost, you cannot marry a private detective without knowing them first. At the very least, you can try and propose, but chances are if they do not know you, they will not say yes.

Even more, in addition to knowing you, they should also be comfortable around you . . . and preferably, they should also already your significant other. This is exactly why you should consider consulting with a wedding officiant before proposing to your beloved private detective. Tinsley Keefe also works as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma; giving her advice the added advantage of twice the experience and therefore twice the success. This is why Tinsley’s next area of advice lies in how you pop the question.

If you are going to try and keep the proposal a secret, you are going to be in for quite the challenge. It is in a private detective’s nature to investigate the things around them, and this includes any unusual behavior by friends, family, and obviously, you. So, in order to keep the proposal under the rug, you will want to follow a few basic guidelines. First of all, tell as few people as you possibly can. The less people that know about the plan, the less likely your beloved private detective is to find out before the big moment. This is yet another reason why a wedding officiant might come in handy. As a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, Tinsley often handles almost everything.

In addition to that, without a wedding officiant, you will have to keep all notes and details about the plan – any physical signs of organization – at a place where the private eye does not frequent. This means if you live together, do not keep any details of the plans at your home. They will find them and they will ruin the entire surprise with their snooping. According to Tinsley Keefe’s experience working as a private detective and wedding officiant in OKC, the next step in marrying a private detective is the best (and most fun) part.

The next step in marrying a private detective is, of course, the proposal itself. If you want to not only win their heart but propose in an environment that will completely woo them, you will need to play to your strengths. Moreover, you will need to play to their strengths. Consider incorporating the world of private investigations into the proposal. For example, Tinsley suggests proposing to your private detective in the form of an actual investigation.

You could create a scavenger hunt of sorts, complete with clues and cute mysteries that need solving. At the end of the investigation, you will have the opportunity to propose to them in a way they will never forget. If you think outside of the box, you cannot go wrong. You will be marrying your luscious private detective in no time at all.

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