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What a skip tracer should do if client ask him to do something illegal

Skip tracing

The term skip tracing is the process of locating a person’s whereabouts, and the skip tracer is the person who does this process of skip tracing.

Skip tracing process may include the following activities,

  • Debt collection
  • Process server
  • Bail bondsman

What a skip tracer usually does if the client ask him to do something illegal:

If a skip tracer ask to do something illegal for his client, then skip tracer should follow the following instructions:

Educate the client

A skip tracer should try to educate his client about that illegal act because, mostly clients don’t know that the task they request is illegal or not. So, there is need to educate clients regarding that illegal act and also educate them about its penalties of illegal act . This educational path has been adopted by many skip tracers.

Repeat the Request 

It is also the best way to respond when your client asks to do something illegal. Share with your client what you think about this task and tell him about the pros and cons of the task. Make him believe that you are 100% agree with the task but basically, it’s an illegal act according to country law and how could he put him into an inappropriate task.

Investigate with question

If a skip tracer find himself in such an awkward situation, one of the best way is that ask questions related to problem and if there is any legal act educate your reader with the best possible ways how we can avoid such illegal acts.

Offer an alternate solution

When a client as skip tracer to do illegal task, skip tracer try to give him suggestion about how to   do this  doing an alternate solution of this task . Skip tracer should make some efforts to convince the client that we can solve this problem in  other ways too.

Finding out what the client needs

Here, a skip tracer needs to know about actual need of client. Basically, tracer needs to figure out what actually client wants. Maybe there is a misconception of request.  Clarity is an important thing for skip tracer. Being a skip tracer it will be our first step towards our job

Misconception and effects on industry

There is a possibility of misconception of needs to client. Client may be not known what actually he wants is. So, skip tracer should educate the client about how this task effects badly on the industry. In this way, that client may be forced to change his request and understand that this request can harm the industry. Skip tracers should first carefully understand the need of the client and if there is any misconception he must try to clear the mind of client about it.

Warn Your client

if the client still try to force you for doing something illegal for the sake of his interest, a skip tracer should warn his client that certain illegal act can get him imprisonment. A tracer should educate his client that he can complaint against him if he does not let this illegality go. 

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