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What Can and Can’t a Private Investigator Do

Most people when hiring a private detective think that when they hire a private investigator, they will be able to do what will be illegal for a common man. However, that is not always the case.

Let’s get into the details of what a private investigator from OKC can and cannot do.

1.   Can They Break the Law?

The answer is NO! When it comes down to following the law, no profession is different. A Private Investigator from Oklahoma City is no different from a teacher, nurse, or businessperson. Some techniques may seem suspicious, however the private investigator is working within the set law.

Private investigators do not have the right to impersonate law enforcement. There is a common misconception that they can. If a prospective client requests them to do an unlawful act such as impersonation of a law enforcement officer, the private investigator from OKC will simply refuse the case.

2.   Can They Follow Someone?

Yes, if the client asks the investigator to follow someone, the investigator can do so. The right term used for this job is “surveillance”. Most investigators say that 90% of their cases pertain to infidelity. The client want to know if their spouse is cheating on them. Surveillance is legal, provided the investigator is working within the law. They can only carry out the investigation on public property.

3.   Can They Hack Into a Computer, Phone, Email Account, Etc.?

That is a solid No! Most clients assume that when they hire a private detective, they will have the right to ask the investigator to hack into their spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, perhaps even a business associate’s phone. This is one reason found as to why most people hire a private investigator. So they can see for sure if the suspect is involved in any unfaithful activities.

Hacking a computer, phone is illegal, regardless of the fact that the investigator knows how to do so. It can only be legal when you have the consent of the owner.

4.   Can They Get Bank Records?

There is no way a private investigator from Oklahoma City is legalized to access the public records of the suspect. The investigator is not authorized to get their hands on the suspect’s bank account statements or details, or balances. There may be some cases where there is an exception to this law. If the investigator is directly working with an attorney, they may be able to legally get access to such details.

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