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Body Language and Actions a Process Server in Oklahoma

Body Language and Actions a Process Server in Oklahoma Should Look for in People Who are About to Harm the Process Server in OKC

Process serving in Oklahoma can be risky if dealing with a difficult and violent defendant. It is necessary for a process server in Oklahoma to ensure he’s well protected and adhere to necessary safety tips and tricks when on duty. For many reasons, defendants may take out anger and frustration on the process server in Oklahoma, which may cause varying degrees of harm.

Apart from applying the necessary precautions and safety tips, a process server in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, can protect himself by being vigilant. The process server OKC should be cautious of anything odd about defendants, that may indicate they’re about to cause harm.

Below, we review some of a defendant’s body language and actions that can indicate he’s most likely to harm the process server Luton Oklahoma.

Body Language and Actions in People that Indicates Potential Harm for A Process Server in Oklahoma City

Individuals react differently to the same news or occurrence. Thus, a process server in Oklahoma shouldn’t make the mistake of generalizing everyone’s reaction. The process servers in Edmond, Oklahoma, must inquire from their clients about the nature of any defendant they’re about to serve to know and prepare for what to expect.

Nevertheless, whether the process server Oklahoma has prior knowledge about the defendant’s nature or not, Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) believe certain signs can warn you of looming harm or danger. They include:

Angry Countenance

No one receives a court summons and genuinely smiles or laughs. Most defendants either wear a gloomy face or give a cocky smile. However, if the defendants suddenly have a furious countenance with attempts to get closer, the process server Oklahoma should be alerted of intending harm. Anger isn’t a pleasant emotion. It expresses dissatisfaction and can be hard to control, especially for individuals with temperament. Hence when a defendant visibly shows this emotion with intent, the process server OKC should be alerted to take the appropriate counter-measure.

Raised Voice Tone

One of the basic safety rules for any process Server Oklahoma City on duty is to avoid heated arguments with a defendant. Every argument should be avoided, and persistent questions wade off with pleasant replies.

This can help you calm your nerves and avoid possible arguments that may bring about raised voices. When the voice is getting louder, it may be the best time to take your leave to avoid being a victim of assault or bodily injury.

Verbal Threat

Verbal threat is an action that a process server in OKC shouldn’t take lightly. It is an offense under the law, and the process server Oklahoma must take it up seriously if such ever occurs. While some people make threats out of anger, others ensure they carry out their threats. The process server must inform appropriate authorities to ensure a threat remains a mere threat and nothing more.


A push or shove indicates that a defendant is violent and is ready to harm the process server in Oklahoma. The process server in Oklahoma  shouldn’t second-guess such action. It’s a pure display of violence. A process server in OKC must take the appropriate counter-measure if such a thing occurs. This can help prevent it from turning into something more intense.

Suspicious Looks to Ensure You’re in Seclusion

This is one of the commonest indicators of potential danger. Once the defendant looks around to ensure he’s covered from prying eyes, his following actions may not be pleasant. They can be harmful to the process server in Oklahoma. One effective way of preventing this is to ensure you deliver legal papers in public places only. Do not enter a defendant’s house even when invited. Serve your legal papers at the door or in a public space.

Flashing Harmful Weapon

Some defendants are very notorious and dangerous. They make process serving in Oklahoma riskier than it should be. Such defendants may wield harmful weapons like knives, guns, etc., that may cause harm to the process server in OKC. Flashing the weapons is like a deterrent and warning of impending harm to the process server Oklahoma. This action may leave the process server in Oklahoma terrified, and the best response is to leave the scenes as soon as possible without further provocation.

Best Counter-measures a Process Server in OKC Can Take When They Notice Signs of Potential Harm

If a process server in Oklahoma is vigilant enough to notice body language or actions that signify potential harm quicker, there are certain counter-measures he can take to either prevent the harm, mitigate it, or avoid it. Knowing the best approach to the situation lies at the discretion of the processes server OKC, but here are possible measures to take:

Be Ready to Protect Yourself

Process server OKC should have basic self-defense training and tactics. It comes in handy if the process server in Enid, Oklahoma, notices any possibility of being assaulted. Such a process server in OKC can stand up for himself if he feels he’s capable of doing that or if it’s the best decision in that scenario.

Seek Help

Seeking help is another counter-measure for a process server Oklahoma City. Calling law enforcement officers can help the process server in Luton, Oklahoma, keep the defendant in check and protect himself from assault. Public cry for help (in dire situations) could also attract passersby and neighbors, preventing any attempt to harm the process server due to seclusion.

Leave ASAP

Leaving the defendant’s place is another way a process server in Oklahoma City can avoid potential harm. Once the process server starts noticing an angered countenance, raised voice, or violent intent, it’s advisable to leave immediately, provided any of the two counter-measures above doesn’t help.


Difficult defendants are making process serving in Oklahoma riskier. However, by being vigilant to notice any body language and actions highlighted above, the process server Oklahoma City can take appropriate counter-measures to prevent harm and use proven safety tips and tricks to reduce safety concerns.

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