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How to Handle a Corporate Investigation

Many corporations whether multi-nationals or startups have their own share of corporate espionage that includes data theft and compromising sensitive company secrets. Many companies hire a private investigator to get to the bottom of everything that’s going on within the company. Usually a private detective will help a company identify:

  1. Strange unexplained payments
  2. Missing money
  3. Missing classified documents
  4. Shrinking inventory
  5. Any traces of corporate wrong doing
  6. Data theft

Here are some of the ways that a private investigator in OKC will rely on to connect the dots in a massive corporate investigation.

Identifying Data Breach

Data theft and data breach are the first things that would be a part of an ongoing corporate investigation. The private detective will look for any signs of hacking on the corporate network. He/she might hire an IT expert to carry out a thorough search of all the networks and identify potential security breach. Usually a disgruntled employee is the culprit behind such attacks.

Check For Any Missing Classified Paperwork

While investigating a corporate espionage, a private investigator in Oklahoma City will use all his/her skills to look for any missing classified documents to prove data theft and espionage. The investigator will look at the conduct of each employee. The investigator will look for signs of any suspicious activities leading to the document theft.


The private investigator in OKC will look into allegations of corruptions against some employees. To investigate the corruption allegations, the investigator will look back at the events and find out if they employee in question has faced any discrimination by their superior officers. An investigator will look for any links of corruptions within the organization. Any improper conduct by any employee will come under scrutiny as they will help locate improper payments that were not a part of daily corporate transactions. Sometimes the detective might need to hire a forensic accountant to help with the ongoing investigation.

Collecting Evidence and Interviewing Employees

Evidence collection is a crucial step in corporate investigation process. Private investigator will collect evidence that proves misconduct, corruption and espionage against the alleged culprits. Employees and other stakeholders will be interviewed to collect information about the routine activities of the company. These interviews will assist the investigator in reaching to the core of the issue and possibly get a confession out of an individual who was guilty of data theft, corruption or any other misconduct within the organization.

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