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Why Perfect Murders Are Nearly Impossible | Experts Explain


Hello, people and Welcome back to Sneaky Cat Private Investigations & Process Serving, here, we bring you the best kind of content. I’m Makayla and today, serial killer private detectives will be explaining why committing the “perfect murder” is so difficult. Do not touch the dial and keep on watching. Don’t forget that, for top-notch private investigation services in Oklahoma which you cannot get elsewhere, call (405) 407 – 2891 and you will not regret it.

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Introduction to the case

Serial killer private detectives will be explaining why committing the “perfect murder” is so difficult. People are often intrigued by the concept of a “perfect murder”. Filmmakers try to portray this, true crime enthusiasts talk about this on their podcasts and shows, and novelists write about it. People are captivated by the idea of committing a murder that does not leave any trace, suspect, or evidence behind. As a serial killer private detective who has carried out investigative duties for years, it is proven that carrying out this perfect murder is difficult if not impossible. I will be talking about my reasons for my assertion shortly”

The Imperfections of Human Nature

The first reason why the perfect murder is impossible is that as a human being, murderers are prone to making mistakes. A Serial killer may carefully plan and execute their murders, but one day they get caught. Why? The reason is that flaws are inherent in human nature. Unseen circumstances, variables, miscalculations, and emotions while the murder was committed can make a murderer commit a mistake leading to them getting caught.

Forensic Science and Technology

Before forensic science and technology were introduced into murder investigations, most murders could get away scot-free because evidence could not be gotten to punish them for their crimes. But, with the advancement of forensic science and technology like fingerprint matching, DNA analysis, digital evidence collection, etc, it makes it easier for serial killer private detectives to carry out their investigations. The slightest oversight or miscalculation of the murderer can lead to detection of their crime.

Investigative Techniques

Serial killer private detectives in Oklahoma have harnessed several investigative techniques to ensure that murderers cannot carry out the perfect murder. Private detectives and law enforcement agencies make use of psychological manipulation forensic analysis like fingerprints, DNA, and other physical evidence to find killers. criminal profiling and behavioral analysis are also used to fish out murderers. They also carefully examine criminal scenes to ensure that crucial evidence is not missed. Seemingly unrelated evidences are pieced together. Leads are followed that will help them uncover murders and murderers. Sometimes, serial killer private detectives go undercover to get evidence. They do not neglect to find out motives that may lead to a suspect committing murder. If there are similar crimes or criminal trends in murder cases happening within a time frame, they will conduct in-depth research to uncover the murderer. With these techniques and many more being deployed by detectives, committing the perfect murder is difficult if not almost impossible.

Unpredictable Variable

In the course of my work as a serial killer private investigator working with a private investigation agency, I have discovered that the perfect murder is impossible because of several unpredictable variables. The murderer may have calculated and come up with scenarios on how to get away with their crime. But, an unnoticed witness may come up, a surveillance camera was not dismantled, or unexpected people at the crime scene can make the perfect murder impossible.

The Psychological Toll

Murders take psychological tolls on the murderers. During the act or after committing the murder, the perpetrator may be faced with so much anxiety, guilt, or paranoia. For these reasons, they commit mistakes or oversights during the murder. After the murder, it may make them slip their innocent facade leading to their crime being uncovered.


Committing the perfect murder is impossible. As explained by our serial killer’s private detectives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma human imperfections, investigative techniques of serial killers’ private detectives, and other factors make it impossible for serial killers to commit their crimes. So, do not commit any crime because the law will catch up with you, and justice will be served. At Sneaky Cat Private Investigations & Process Serving we know you want justice and we can help you obtain it. To understand our services and get the best private detectives who will carry out private investigations for you, visit us at or Like, share, and subscribe for more informative content.”

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