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The Importance of Maintaining Confidentiality As A Private Investigator

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All business negotiations in life have some form of confidentiality code in place, whether it is when signing a contract for psychological therapy or buying something from a lingerie store. In most cases, confidentiality is an implicit rule that does not need to be enforced. However, when dealing with sensitive issues such as hospital records or having to hire a private investigator for a personal matter of yours, maintaining confidentiality is extremely important. Here is why it is necessary for PIs to maintain their client’s privacy.

Confidentiality Rules A Private Investigator From OKC Has To Abide

Laws and guidelines that private investigators need to follow differ from state to state. Here are rules pertaining to confidentiality that a private investigator from Oklahoma City must follow:

Private investigators need to protect the client’s confidentiality and can only reveal their findings to the client except in the following circumstances:

  • If a court order is issued which requires you to give up information
  • If it will help stop a crime from being committed
  • If the client says otherwise

It also states that cases may be discussed, however, the names must not be disclosed. The identity of the client must stay strictly hidden. If the client has consented to their information being used then they have to show it in writing.

Private investigators must never hide away from any law enforcement agencies and cooperate with them, depending on the complexity and sensitivity of the case.

How To Judge Whether A Private Detective Maintains Confidentiality

A private detective is not supposed to disclose details of their client’s case to third parties when solving them (unless they have been instructed to do so otherwise). They are supposed to uncover as much information related to their assignment as possible whilst maintaining confidentiality. A good way to know whether a private investigator from OKC is good at maintaining secrecy is by asking them about previous cases they have dealt with that are similar to yours. If they disclose too many details about their case then that means that they may not be the best at maintaining confidentiality.

The Bottom Line

Every case, even seemingly silly ones, have the right to remain confidential. The request made by the client is a personal one pertaining to something related to their life. If word gets out, then they may face serious consequences at the hands of those relevant to the case. Thus, hire only trusted, reliable and highly rated PIs.

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