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Things PIs Have Learned By Working On Infidelity Cases

Any private investigator from Oklahoma City can tell you that cheating takes place even within the unlikeliest of couples. More than half of marriages in the US end in divorce and infidelity is most often the reason for that. Here are a few things that PIs have learned by working on infidelity cases.

Photo Evidence Is The Most Convincing

Showing your cheating spouse a picture or video of them cheating will put them right in their place. Words and speculations, in this day and age, is sadly not enough. Most spouses never own up to their infidelity in the first place. You won’t need to use any words when showing them photos or footage of them getting up and close up with someone else. A private detective can help you get such evidence.

The Workplace Should Be The First Place To Look

A study by Health Research Funding states that more than 60% of adultery cases start at the workplace. Of course, affairs can bloom from other places, however, any private investigator from OKC would know that the workplace should be the first place to look. Either way, they may get gossip they need the cheating spouse’s co-workers.

Phone Records Are Gold Mines

Getting a hold of a complete phone record is like striking gold. A certified private investigator will definitely tell the spouse to check their suspect’s most recent phone records to know if they are cheating. Even if they have changed the name of the person they are having an affair with, just the length of phone calls and messaging history can indicate who they have been getting a bit too cozy with. A trained private investigator knows how to decipher phone records and transcripts.

Getting A Hold Of Witnesses

It may be hard to get someone to say that they witnessed someone’s spouse cheating on them. However, with the right amount of pressure and incentive, they can get some key information from witnesses. The suspecting spouse should ask the cheater’s friends or siblings as they may know the truth. However, that may not be simple for the spouse to do, so the private investigator from Oklahoma can do it covertly for them. They know how to ask questions in a way that they get the information they need. Getting cooperation from key witnesses may be all the evidence a spouse needs.

Suspecting spouses should follow these rules and call upon the services of a PI to help them catch the cheater in the act.

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