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How Skip Tracers in Oklahoma Track Down Cold Case File Murderers

Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing will guide you through the process of cold case murder tracing and how they can make it possible for you too.

Skip Tracing Service

Tracking down an uncooperative debtor is called skip tracing. A skip tracing in OKC service is required to recover delinquent accounts receivable. To avoid paying back outstanding payments, those who try to hide their whereabouts may benefit from the skip tracing methods described in this article.

Track Down Cold Case File Murderers

Skip tracing in Oklahoma City services is similar to those private investigators offer when locating individuals. For example, some of the services offered are:

  • Debt collection, child support, or a court ruling can all be traced to a specific individual.
  • Locate a person who has absconded from a court appearance. Bail bond enforcement, or bounty hunting, is a type of this. When a witness or expert witness is needed to testify in court, the practice of bounty hunting is frequently employed. To find a long-lost love, friend, or family member is also used to locate a person of interest.
  • Almost every aspect of an inquiry that necessitates getting in touch with a target can be included in nationwide skip tracing by Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations.


The following is a list of private investigators’ skip tracing resources. Some of the following resources provide you access to national databases that allow free skip trace searches using internet tools.

  • Locating software such as Accurint®, a LexisNexis product, is utilized by government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and businesses alike. Use it to find friends, family members, and associates who may or may not be related to you. As a non-directory help tool, it can also access more than 50,000,000 mobile phone numbers.
  • Accessible worldwide databases that search for bail agents, bail bonds, bail bondsmen and private investigators are provided by Bail bonding, bail bonds, bail bondsman and private investigators may be found here. This site is a great way to find a bail bondsman to issue a bail bond for any of the jails as mentioned above or courts (circuit or county) or to appeal a case that has been filed in one of these jurisdictions (state or federal),
  • Been Verified’s background check report enables you to search billions of public data online in a matter of minutes. Search for criminal histories, arrest records, bankruptcies, and other relevant information.
  • In addition, you may use address, phone, and email lookups to find people. To do a background check, Been Verified provides a simple and economical option. Immediately conduct an Internet search.
  • There are “humane” reasons why the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may send a letter to a taxpayer. Notifying someone of a life-threatening sickness, the impending death of a loved one, or medical research to discover and correct medical problems are just a few examples. Another is informing someone who cannot be found that they are entitled to specific assets.
  • A letter from a lawyer, executor, or another person with direct responsibility for the assets will be forwarded to the IRS.
  • The IRS Handbook, commonly found under Other Information Available to the Public, has further information and clarity on what may constitute “humane” causes. Place a letter addressed to the person in a blank envelope if you’d like the IRS to assist you in tracking them down. Don’t seal the letter, but include first-class postage and mail it. Put the unsealed letter in an envelope and address it as such: Washington, DC 20224, United States Internal Revenue Service Office of Disclosure Operations 1111 Constitution Avenue NW.
  • You may use Skip Smasher to identify hard-to-find individuals like private investigators and collection firms, as well as judgment enforcement experts and repossession organizations and bail bond agencies. But It is not available to the general public.
  • Overseas Citizens Services of the United States State Department, if you’re worried about the well-being of your loved ones who are abroad or need to alert them to a situation back home, this service can help you find them. Skip tracers and use the information with Overseas Citizens Services to track down the murders. 202/647-5225 is the phone number for the Overseas Citizens Services in the United States to enquire on the well-being or whereabouts of American citizens overseas. This is an important resource for skip tracers.
  • You may use Zaba Search to conduct a free person-search and obtain public data.

Example of a Cold Murder Case Through Skip Tracing

An 11-year-old girl O’Keefe was murdered on 6 July 1973. She went to school but never came back home. The case has remained unsolved for about 45 Years. But suddenly, one day, they arrested her murderer named James Neal.

A sample of Neal’s DNA was collected through monitoring, and it was found to match a sample retrieved from O’Keefe’s remains in 1973. Her corpse was discovered and a sample of DNA taken, which was then uploaded to an online database, although it never matched any other samples.

After 45 years, investigators were able to identify Neal as a suspect because of a “pointer notification through genealogical DNA,” according to Spitzer, who refused to expand on how they were able to hunt him down and identify him as a suspect. In January, Spitzer says, he received a DNA “hit.” According to the officer, a DNA sample taken from Neal was enough for authorities to arrest.

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