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Steps to Locate Your Missing Child from a Private Investigator


Hello, people and Welcome back to Keefe Private Investigations, here, we bring you the most informative stories that you cannot just get elsewhere. I’m Makayla and today, you do not want to miss out on what we have for you. A missing persons private investigator will share step-by-step actions you can take to locate your missing child if they ever go missing. You do not want to scroll past this knowledge. Don’t forget that, for excellent private investigations services and to locate your missing child, family member, or loved one, call Keefe at (405) 435-8355 and you will not regret it.

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Introduction to the case

No one ever wants to hear that their child has gone missing and they cannot find them. The feeling is gut-wrenching especially when you reach out to family members or friends you think your missing child could be with, or you visit places you think your child may have gone to and not see them. In the unfortunate circumstance that a child has gone missing, it is important to act quickly so that the child can be found. A missing persons private investigator in Del City, Oklahoma who has been in the private investigation industry for years shares some things that can be done

Search the Immediate Area

According to a missing persons private detective in Mustang, Oklahoma, the first thing a parent should do when a child goes missing is to search the immediate area. Some people are lucky enough to find the missing child within the area or vicinity. This could include your home, the neighborhood, yard, school, or church depending on where the child was last seen. While doing this, the private detective suggests that friends and family members should be contacted. They may have picked them up. Neighbors should also be asked when last they saw the missing child. Besides looking at the immediate areas, also check places you normally go with your child like the park, library, or playground

Contact Authorities

The next step is contacting the law enforcement agencies like the police department to report that your child is missing. Dail 911 on your phone and lay the complaint. If you can, head down to the precinct to make your report because it will make them attend to your case more quickly. While laying your report, you should ensure that you give a detailed description of your missing child like their name, age, complexion, what they were wearing, where they were last seen, height, hair color, weight, etc. It will help the law enforcement agents do their job easier. If it is necessary to disclose medical conditions, you can do so. Alternatively, reach out to a private investigation agency in Yukon, Oklahoma to hire the services of a private detective in Norman. These private investigators will handle your case swiftly and with utmost priority. Additionally, contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) their hotline is (1-800-THE-LOST). They will offer guidance and support. You can also register your child in the NCMEC database.”

Provide a Recent Photo

When you file your missing person’s report with the law enforcement agencies or you have a private detective working on your case, do well to give them a recent photo. The photo should be one that if they see your child they can easily identify your missing child. They do not need a photograph that will make them confused while carrying out their search”

Search Social Media and Online

The fourth step which should be ongoing till your missing child is found is to update on social media platforms that your child is missing. Add your missing child’s picture. Include hashtags that will reach and ask people to share and repost to spread the news. Make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the news across

Organize a Search Party

After following the previous steps, the next thing you can do if you are strong enough is to organize a search party. Your friends, family members, and neighbors may be willing to help you look for your child. If there is an area your child was last seen, volunteers should be divided into groups to search the area. Continue searching and following up with authorities till you find your missing child


The steps shared here, if followed well will increase the chances of your missing child returning to you safe and sound. Finding a missing child should be handled swiftly and with care. So, follow these steps and seek support from people who can help return your child to you safely. At Keefe Private Investigations, we have been helping people carry out private investigations to help them locate their missing child, family member, or loved one. We know that timeliness and expertise are needed to handle delicate cases such as this. Hence, we have trained private detectives in Norman, Oklahoma City to help you. For more insights or our services, visit us at or Like, share, and subscribe for more informative content. Until next time, please stay alert and if you see a story you want us to feature, send us a message”

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